How To Lose Weight For Your Wedding, Wedding Diet & Exercise, My Wedding Diet

hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new here hi hi hello my name is

Lauren I'm so excited to have you guys

here with me today we are going to be

talking about my wedding again and what

I'm doing to prepare for it so today I'm

going to be focusing on my wedding diet

and what I'm doing - currently lose

weight you guys I am so excited to be

talking about this because I have been

for eight weeks now working on my weight

loss and diet and exercise what is

really exciting about this is I've

already lost 11 pounds I am so excited

it's so proud of myself honestly for the

hard work that I've done and put in

these past eight weeks it has been hard

and tough but it is going to be so worth

it and I'm just really excited to look

and feel my best on my wedding day if

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below if you guys don't know I am going

to be getting married this year

yay hear this money love leg ring I'm

getting married to my lovely fiancee

clay and I'm really really excited about

it we're getting married in October so I

do have some months until we get there

which is why I wanted to get a head

start on my weight loss journey just a

little backstory I have never been I've

never felt like I was overweight or

obese or even did like really felt like

I never had that much fat I'm or felt

like I just had curves and I know like

when you look at me like I don't hold a

lot my fat in my face and like up on top

but it all is always in my hips and my

thighs and my foot and it's always been

a problem for me and something I've been

really insecure about and something that

I've just been not been really happy

with lately and I have put on quite a

bit of weight in the past few years

roughly about 50 pounds in the past five

ish five-and-a-half ish years

and I've just kind of decided that it's

time for some change it's time to get

back to looking and feeling my best and

what better time and then right now to

get ready for my wedding this year is

going to be a big year with lots and

lots of exciting stuff looking forward

to obviously my wedding being the

biggest one clay and I are getting

married in October and then we have a

beautiful honeymoon planned out for the

week afterwards and a lovely tropical

location that I will talk about in

another video hopefully but also I'm

going to be taking my bachelorette trip

in August which we're gonna be going to

Miami so I'm really excited about that

too but I've got like that and then one

of my friends is gonna be livin down the

beach all summer so I'm gonna be

visiting her some and I just got all

these different things and opportunities

this year that I want to look good for

not to mention my actual wedding dress

is going to be done being made and here

in person in real life like me my dress

in May and I am so pumped about it but I

want to go in and have to get it rial

turd because I lost so much weight and

like I just have this great vision for

myself and I'm really motivated right

now and I just wanted to share with you

all my wedding diet prep plan and what

I'm doing to lose this weight finally

this is the best motivation I've ever

had I've never felt more motivated I've

never felt like this is more of a

routine and a lifestyle change and

something that I could stick to it's

like finally I found something that work

and something that motivated me so I'm

gonna share with you guys everything

I've got all my points down here my

little notebooks I don't forget to tell

you guys anything

so some points to touch on about my

whole weight loss plan is I am working

on losing about 2 pounds per week that

is a healthy meal you say they say you

can lose 1 to 2 pounds per week I think

that's totally doable and I will go into

more metrics on like how I got those

numbers and all that kind of stuff too

for you guys but just know that I am

working on losing 1 to 2 pounds per week

so let's jump into my diet and what I've

been doing there because this was the

first thing that I focused on when I


I wanted to lose weight I started my

journey on January 3rd because January

1st on January 2nd I was feeling really

gross and really sick but January 3rd

anyway thought it was the day that I

started and decided that I was going to

lose weight it has officially been eight

weeks as of this past Thursday and it's

Saturday when I'm filming so I'm really

proud of myself for as far as I've

gotten now like I said I've lost 11

pounds and I've taken my measurement and

I'm gonna be taking some more in a few

days but I've already lost like inches

off of everywhere which feels amazing

because I didn't even realize it

oh it's just so good it like makes you

feel so good about yourself and you're

like know that your plans working and it

it just makes me excited okay

as far as diet goes this is the first

thing that I wanted to focus on and by

focusing on it I have been using my

fitness pal which is an app on your

phone I think you can even get it on

your iPad if you want to use mine on my

phone use it pretty much every single

day except for on the weekends on the

weekends I'm not as strict Monday

through Friday I take in basically and

you can put in every single food that

you eat and it tells you how many

calories are in it it tells you like

fats carbs and protein so if you want to

do like your whole macro thing you can

do that too I'm not a macro person but I

am definitely a calorie person cuz for

me it makes sense in my head and it's

easy if you've never used my fitness

towel before basically whenever you sign

into the app you can put in your

information so you put in things like

your age your weight your high your

gender all that kind of stuff and it

tells you and then you say whether or

not you're like lightly active non

active moderately or like highly active

person I'm like I would say now I'm a

lightly active person I don't know maybe

more highly active because I worked out

a lot this week you put in all this

information and then you tell it what

your goals are so if you're looking to

gain weight you can tell you how much

you should be eating calorie wise to

gain weight and then you if you're

losing weight you can put in how many

pounds you would like to lose a week so

you can do like half a pound a pound two

pounds one and a half pounds like that

kind of thing it won't let you do more

than two pounds I

basically it tells you it gives you a

number as far as calories as what you

should be eating daily if you want to

lose that weight or lose like two pounds

per week so that is the one that I did

because I wanted to see the results

faster because like I said my dress is

coming in in May and I really want to

feel good and feel and look good for it

so I wanted to make sure that I was

working really hard on these goals and

making sure that this is like a priority

in my life at the moment it is done in a

very healthy way and one of the best

ways to lose weight as far as what I've

read and heard from people is by eating

in a calorie deficit so this is making

sure that you are burning more calories

than you are consuming and so whenever

you put everything into your app it'll

tell you how many calories you'd have

like a day for food and you can eat that

much and like just do that and not work

out and you'll still see results and

that's what I did for like the first

month or month and a half and I saw

results but I kind of hit like a little

plateau and then I made some changes

it's very easy to kind of keep track up

it's kind of like a fun game to like see

what things and for me I'm like a

planner person I like to see visually

how I'm going to be doing certain things

and like getting to these goals and so

for me that was like what I needed to do

then I started to realize that I hit

that plateau that guy mentioned where

basically I felt like I wasn't seeing

results anymore I was like just about at

my ten pound goal I have lost like nine

pounds I was kind of stuck for like two

weeks where I wasn't really making any


wasn't really seeing any results so I

was like okay some stuff needs to change

so at first I was being really relaxed

on the weekends so I would be really

good about my eating and calorie deficit

Monday through Friday and then Saturday

and Sunday even Friday night sometimes I

would basically just blow my diet like I

would eat whatever I wanted I would go

out and drink with my friends and like

just drink whatever I wanted to drink I

wasn't drinking as much water on the

weekends I

eating out for like a meal pretty much

eating candy and don't get me wrong I

still do like to treat myself I

literally treated myself to some

chocolate today because I wanted some

okay and that's life I realized that I

couldn't do that on the weekends anymore

I realized that that I needed to start

being a little bit more strict on the

weekends and starting to use my things

I've been doing Monday through Friday to

keep my goals I mean if I wanted to

reach my goals I had to actually do them

on the weekend too or else I wasn't

going to see them work anymore I started

eating a little bit healthier on the

weekend and that was like working a tiny

bit and then I also decided that hey I

can eat more food if I go to the gym so

I started realized that I can eat more

stuff that I want and I can fit in more

things that I love if I just go to the

gym at the end of the day burn some

calories up so I started kind of upping

my actual calorie intake to about 14 or

1500 which is like pretty normal and

going to the gym like a couple times a

week is what I've been doing now I feel

like and that worked a ton oh my gosh I

literally like saw the pounds shed off

this week because of that and I was just

amazed so that has been a big big thing

also water has been a big one I have

been chugging water like it is my job I

will drink literally this water bottle

this is just one of them I will drink

like seven eight nine of these tea and

ten of these a day and I just so much

water all the time I was thirsty anyways

but definitely drinking water I feel

like that kind of kept me from being

bloated and kept like literally took all

the water way out of my body which is

great like the first week first two

couple weeks maybe like something like

that I lost like a good chunk good

doesn't wait and I think it was just a

lot of like water weight coming off but

it definitely made me feel good and it

kept me motivated to keep going like I

mentioned I started going to the gym

about a week and a half ago I started

adding that into my routine because like

I said if I go to the gym I can eat more

food and I'm a big foodie and I like to

eat so I wanted to start going legit not

to mention as I started losing weight I

also want to be toning up so that I'm

not like a skinny fat once I've lost all

the weight as far as exercise goes I am

aiming to go three to five times a week

and I mainly focus on cardio with a

little bit of strength training and when

I say strength training I'm not exactly

using weights at the moment I am more

focused on my own bodyweight movements

so things like squats donkey kicks ab

routines like those kinds of things and

if you guys want to see like a workout

video I can do one just let me know down

below in the comments I am mainly

focused right now on cardio so things

that I do to burn cardio I literally I

don't have my watch on right now cuz I

took it off to take a bath earlier but I

will put on my little Apple watch

because it tracks how many calories you

burn in your workout and that's what I

use to kind of keep me motivated and on

track during my workout I can keep track

of my heartrate

realize when I'm not working hard enough

or when I'm working like maybe a little

too hard and they took it back a notch

but I have been doing things like we

have a cycle little room in our

apartment complex it's just a bunch of

bicycles like the indoor cycles and I

love cycling so I will pop in my

headphones and pretend like I'm in a

cycle class and I'll like stand up and

sit down and do the arm movements I'm

like dance in my little head and enjoy

myself and it's fun for me like I like

doing that I find it exciting so when

I'm doing a workout that I love I'm more

looking forward to it the next time I

want to go back and do it I don't like

despise going there's been times this

week where I've been like I don't really

feel like working out but I know that I

should and it means that I can eat more

food and it means that I will see

results faster so I do it on top of

cycling there are a couple other

different things I like to do as well

for cardio that burn off fat pretty fast

and burn a lot of calories and

other one is YouTube videos y'all I do

like dancing videos I do like hip-hop

calorie burning calories crashing hit

workouts like whatever they got on

YouTube I can do them all right here in

my living room

and it is fantastic because you don't

have to go anywhere I don't even have to

walk downstairs to go to the gym I don't

have to get in my car and go anywhere I

can do it all right here in my living

room and there's no way you can convince

yourself to not do that because it's

literally so close there's just no

excuse for it so I will sit here at home

and like crank up some tunes on the

Alexa over here and put the best tunes

on and get in a good workout and I will

burn between three and five hundred

calories and a workout three to 500

extra calories today is awesome

like it allows you room to eat things

you truly enjoy like chicken alfredo I

love chicken alfredo for dinner to be

honest it doesn't quite fit into

Ellering every calorie deficit meal

unless you want to like starve herself

all day long during the day and I don't

do that I can't do that I like to eat

for my strength training just like a

little more details on that as far as

things I do for it I focus a lot on ABS

right now so every time I work out I do

an ab routine at the end it is 30

regular crunches 30 crunches on my left

side 30 crunches on my right side I'll

do 30 seconds of Russian twist I do that

twice and then I will do 25 crunches

with my legs flat out it's kind of all I

do for ABS and then for legs I have been

trying pretty much every time their

workouts and really want to tone up my

legs I will do 15 donkey kicks on each

leg and then I will do 15 hydrant like

fire hydrant one cylinder you lift your

leg up to the side I will do 15 of those

on each side and then I also like to do

squats I like to do like when I stand up

I lift my leg to the side I do 15 of

those they're just like a bunch of small

leg workout so I try to incorporate like

each time I workout because the

those are two areas that I want to tone

up the most so right now I'm not doing

anything crazy as far as strength

training wise but I do focus on those

areas because they're the areas I'm most

concerned about now I'm gonna share with

you guys kind of my diet and how I'm

eating in a calorie deficit and how I'm

going to the gym those are the two main

ways that I have been losing weight it's

really simple like eating in a calorie

deficit is great because technically you

can eat whatever you want as long as

it's in your calorie limit I don't

suggest that I suggest feeling yourself

with fruits and veggies and good

proteins and healthy carbs and stuff

like that

because you're gonna go a lot longer and

you're gonna have more energy and not

feel bloated and gross and yeah I can

definitely say that I have started to

notice changes when it comes to food and

how it makes me feel because I will

literally eat healthy Monday through

Friday and then on the weekend I will

eat something really junky and it just

makes my stomach so upset that it I mean

I can literally notice the difference

now and I forced myself to eat

vegetables now I know you guys should be

so proud of me because I honestly could

not tell you the last time any

vegetables willingly before I started

losing weight so I'm really trying to

make myself like vegetables I love fruit

already so fruits not a problem and I'm

just trying to cut back on carbs so

that's how food is going it's pretty

simple for for gonna say I'm not taking

like BCAAs in protein shakes since all

these silly vitamins and extra

supplements and stuff like that I'm not

like a crazy Jim buff or anything with a

set routine every single day with the

split workout and compa and movements or

whatever they talk about I do very

simple stuff is healthy as I can

I eat in a calorie deficit and I go to

the gym as often as I can

simple as that and I focus on cardio

cardio cardio now talking about how I'm

staying motivated obviously my big

motivating factor for me is having dates

and things to look forward to like my

wedding I mean that is literally going

to be one of the biggest and most

memorable day of my

so I want to look and feel my best for

that day and that is my big main source

of motivation right now if you don't

have a large event like that I suggest

maybe setting a cool vacation somewhere

tropical or someone fun or like the

beach or somewhere you're gonna feel

you're gonna want to feel good about


make that your goal like set it out to

like you have something to work towards

I also keep a weight loss board in my

bathroom and all of our friends that

come over and I've seen it are like oh

my god I love that or they're like

that's really cool and like you are

right it is really cool I like it it's

so motivating because I see it every day

so it helps me to not forget about my

goals and what I'm working on it

basically has a countdown of my weight

on the left side so that I can mark off

every time I've lost a pound and it's

really exciting and just feels really

good to cross it off and then I bubbled

around every five pounds because every

five pounds I have a new reward for

myself and so my rewards are all listed

on the right side of my board and so for

every five pounds I reward myself with

something I have everything from like I

bought a Lululemon scrunchie and like my

new reward that I need to order is like

a hydro flask water bottle really

excited about just can't figure out what

color I want and then it just goes on

down the list for all my different

rewards so that I have things to look

forward to when it comes to each loss of

five pounds and then down at the bottom

I also have my measurements so I took my

measurements for like my arms and I bust

my waist my hips my butt my thigh and I

have them all the stuff there and I have

my starting measurements I can see where

I started and I had my current

measurements and I'm only going to be

taking my measurements every month so I

have not taken them for the new month of


yet because it's that time of the month

that I know I'm bloated so I'm going to

wait until after that's done and then

I'm going to take my measurements for

March so that will have my current

measurements down there

but this is so that I can literally see

the progress and improvement I have made

every single day because every day I'm

going into the bathroom here in our

apartment and I see that board and it

reminds me what I'm working towards it

of how far I've already gotten and it

just shows me that I can do this if I

keep going and then I just have down at

the bottom right hand side take it day

by day because when you think about

trying to lose weight and like the fact

that it may take you months on end to

lose it that gets pretty overwhelming

but when I say okay my goal is to lose a

pound this week let's focus on Monday

Monday today what can I do to move me

one step closer to my goal is be eating

a bunch of candy and going out to eat

going to get me that much closer or is

it gonna keep me back another day and

I'm gonna have to work harder tomorrow

you know every single day I'm asking

myself questions and trying to keep

myself motivated granted there are

plenty of days where I have just

completely given up there are days that

I do not care a single bit about what

I'm eating and there are days that I eat

perfect and I go to the gym and I feel

like I'm on top of it

I mean it's honestly about balance and

it's about creating healthy habits and a

lifestyle change that's gonna last with

me after this whole weight loss journey

is done you know it's got to be

something that I can maintain down the

road and I feel like that's definitely

something that I've kind of found the

balance in because I still enjoy life I

still go out and have drinks and my

friends I still have wine nights here in

our apartment with my fiance clay you

know I still go to CVS and pick up our

favorite candy and sit on the couch and

watch movies and do whatever I want you

know there are days when I do that I

still enjoy Mexican food like I love

Mexican food and cased oh I still enjoy

it while still losing weight and that's

okay because that's life and you want to

find that healthy balance like clay and

I are always trying to say it's all

about hash tag balance all righty guys I

know this video was a long one and super

unorganized and just kind of random this

is what I'm doing as far as my weight

loss journey is going right now and this

is how I'm going to be losing weight for

my wedding I hope you guys found this

helpful or motivating or maybe exciting

to hear in some shape or fashion I'm

just so excited with my

and I'm super motivator right now in my

life to keep going with this journey and

I can only imagine like where it's gonna

go from here if you guys want to see

more updates on this please make sure to

comment down below and tell me because I

would love to do that for you guys if

you think this is interesting this is

basically everything that I have been

doing if you guys have questions about

it please feel free to leave them down

below in the comments because I would

love to answer them for you keep in mind

guys I am NOT a professional I'm not a

dietician I am NOT a fitness coach or

anything like that I did not go to

school and study this this is simply

what I've been doing and is working for

me and so I wanted to share that with

you guys and just talk about it and you

know hopefully this will help one of you

guys get some ideas or try something new

for yourself you know everyone loses

weight in a different way and everyone

has different things that motivate them

so finding your thing that you can stick

to is going to be extremely important

that's gonna bring us to the end of

today's video I really hope that you all

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hope you all enjoyed it and I will see

you guys in my next one bye guys