Stop Feeding Koi

hello again pond lovers one of the

questions I get asked quite often is

when is the correct time to stop feeding

your fish as we go into the fall season

and the temperatures start getting

colder and colder it's really an

important topic because unlike humans

fish your koi and goldfish in your

backyard ponds are cold blooded animals

and as such their metabolism slows down

and they have less of a need for food

for energy and their metabolism since

the fish are cold blooded their internal

temperatures basically drop or fluctuate

with the external air and water

temperatures it's important to

understand that their energy systems

slow down as the temperature declines

therefore they do not need as much food

for energy and growth as they basically

shut down into a hibernation state clay

and goldfish do not have stomachs where

the food can sit and digest instead it

basically goes through their intestines

and breaks down there however once the

temperature starts to drop if they

continue eating they run a higher chance

of the food not properly digesting and

passing through their systems so as the

weather gets cooler it's important to

stop feeding them entirely feeding your

fish are at the summer with a good

quality warm weather food typically two

to three times a day

you really shouldn't feed your fish any

more than they can eat in about three to

five minutes in fact if you still see

food floating around after six minutes

or so I'd recommend scooping it out

otherwise it's just going to add to the

waste product at the bottom of your pond

temperatures should be consistently

between say 64 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit

that's 18 to 31 degrees Celsius for

those of us north of the border in

Canada once the temperatures

consistently drop between 48 and 63

degrees Fahrenheit that's 9 to 17

degrees Celsius you should stop using

your warm weather summer food completely

and switch to a more easily digestible

wheat germ food this is made more for

spring and fall temperatures

it's very important to switch to this

wheat germ diet because the fish that

the regular fish food will become

undigestible as I said by the fish and

it'll actually do more harm than good to

them so the cooler temperature is it's

probably only necessary to feed your koi

once or just twice a day if they're not

really showing an interest in the food

don't feel the need to have to feed them

when temperatures consistently drop

below 48 degrees Fahrenheit or single

digits in Celsius it's time to

completely cut off the food supply to

your fish their metabolism slows down as

their body temperature is reduced in

preparation for possible freezing

temperatures it's advisable to get a

bubbler or a heater to ensure an opening

in the ice surface is always available

for the exchange of gases I hope this

video gives you a better understanding

of what your fish need is the

temperatures start to cool down

generally the fish throughout the winter

will will just be fine under freezing

temperatures as long as you do things

like allow the gas to exchange clean the

water out properly I'll give you a link

down below and up above here to tell you

where I've got one specifically talking

about how to prepare your pond for the

winter cold temperatures as far as

cleaning goes but anyway I hope this

video helps you out guys

fish do provide a great deal of pleasure

and fun to watch and you know one thing

you want to make sure is that they make

it through the winter if you like this

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