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hi guys chances are you're looking for a

video about when to stop feeding your

fish now it's coming to the end of

September early October and you can see

the fish aren't that keen on coming up

for food normally when I sit here in the

summer they write up going where now

they're sort of like they're half

interested then they're there telling me

that they don't want a lot so basically

what you can do is if if there's a lot

of fish in the pond there's gonna be a

lot less natural food in there so if

there's a lot of mouths and there's not

that much natural food in the pond they

might be starving so they might need a

little bit of food in this pond it's

balanced as you can see that it's lots

of plants lots of algae lots of snails

and crustaceans insects there's a whole

balanced ecosystem so we've only got a

few fish in there so they're not that

hungry they've been basically eating or

grazing all day long cold blooded fish

they've got an intestine rather than a

stomach sort of that means that they're

grazing all the time rather than having

a stomach and taking on one big meal at

one time and then digesting it they've

got an intestine which is basically like

a hose pipe they only can take a certain

amount of food on at any one time they

can't sit there like a catfish or an eel

or something that's got a stomach so

it's basically one big meal and then

they digest it it's an intestine so most

of these freshwater fish goldfish or

bumpkins koi they've all got an

intestine so it's basically what they do

is they digest the food over a period of

time so what you don't want to do is you

don't want to over feed the fish you'll

feed the fish too late into the year so

it sits inside their intestine and rock

so then they get bacterial infections

inside their gut so don't feed the fish

unless they ask for it you can see these

fish aren't asking for it today so I'm

not going to feed them when it gets

cooler you want to start giving them a

wheat germ food but as you can see these

guys aren't even asking for food so I'm

not even gonna feed them the wheat germ

pellet my name is Mark I'm the managing

director of any pond limited if you've

got any pond problems compain you know

how to contact me see in the next video