Is it Okay To Miss a Day Or Two of My Blood Pressure Medications?

I occasionally forget to take my blood

pressure medication for a day or two

that's not really that big of a deal is

it well actually it is a big deal when

you don't take your blood pressure

medication on schedule your body can't

get in rhythm with your blood pressure

jumping all around in response to

erratic levels of medication your heart

and kidneys have to work much harder and

your blood vessels can't remain relaxed

incredibly a recent study found that

only half the people who have a high

blood pressure take their medication

properly personally I think it's because

people don't really understand what the

medications are for I'm sure that you

know that the medication helps bring

your blood pressure down but do you know

how it's really working within your body

how long you're gonna be on it and what

you can do to make that medication more

effective if you feel connected to what

it's actually doing then taking the

medication seems more natural let me

offer you some ways to help you stay on

schedule try posting a note on the back

of your bathroom or bedroom door get a

pill box use an alarm on your watch or

your phone I keep my medication with my

toothbrush I see the bottle every

morning and every night it's hard to

forget when the bottle staring me right

in the face

start by educating yourself the more you

understand your medication the more

likely you are to make sure you take it

as prescribed from Harvard I wish you

good health