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video we are going to talk about the

amazing beneficial effects of napping on

high blood pressure

high blood pressure is a dangerous

condition that affects billions of

people around the world also known as

hypertension high blood pressure is a

very common problem that increases the

risk of heart diseases stroke and kidney


in USA alone about 75 million adults

have high blood pressure that's about

one in every three adults high blood

pressure was a predominant cause of

death for more than four lakh Americans

in 2014 alone that's more than 1,100

deaths each day and that figure has been

rising and rising

for every ten people who are diagnosed

with hypertension a further seven remain

undiagnosed and untreated this is

because high blood pressure really

causes symptoms in the early stages and

remains as a silent disease for a very

long time

what does the blood pressure numbers

mean blood pressure is measured using

two numbers the first number called

systolic blood pressure represents the

pressure in your blood vessels when your

heart beats the second number called the

diastolic blood pressure represents the

pressure in your blood vessels when your

heart rests between the beats blood

pressure is measured in millimeters of

mercury blood pressure less than 120 80

millimeters of mercury is considered

normal a blood pressure of more than 140

90 millimeter mercury is considered too

high or hypertension

blood pressure levels higher than normal

for a long time is a dangerous condition

but the good news is that lifestyle

changes can significantly reduce your

numbers and lower your risk without

requiring medications now most of you

know that good habits like more exercise

good diet and less salt are the

cornerstone habits to reduce blood

pressure however the latest research

shows a lifestyle change that decreases

blood pressure significantly midday naps

a new study shows that taking a short 20

to 40 minute nap during the day

helps in significantly reducing blood

pressure in hypertensive patients midday

sleep appeals to lower blood pressure

levels at the same magnitude as the

other lifestyle changes said dr.

mannerless Callie Stratis a cardiologist

in Greece taking a low blood pressure

drug for example can lower your blood

pressure level an average of five to

seven millimeters of mercury while a

40-minute nap if taken regularly can

reduce overall blood pressure levels an

average of five millimeter mercury the

author study said

in this research 212 people participated

with an average age of 62 and systolic

blood pressure of 130 25% of these

people also had diabetes or smoking as a

risk factor then the researchers divided

the participants into two groups and

asked half of the participants to take

midday naps of about 30 to 50 minutes

per day this went on for a couple of

months and after that the study groups

were called in again for further

examination the observations of the

study showed that those who nabbed had

an average systolic blood pressure lower

than 5 millimeters mercury then those

who didn't nap the findings in the study

are significant and promised to

introduce a new lifestyle modification

which can impact the lives of numerous

people in a better way

we obviously don't want to encourage

people to sleep for hours on the end

during the day but on the other hand

they shouldn't feel guilty if they can

take a short nap given the potential

health benefits Calais Tatas said in an

American College of Cardiology news

release in addition to midday naps your

blood pressure readings are what you eat

reducing your salt intake eating more

fruit and vegetables and keeping alcohol

to a limit will lower your blood

pressure also regular exercise

meditation and regular medical check-ups

are also the things that are essential

to have a normal blood pressure but you

know that already don't you talking

about knowing things did you know that

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