FAQ: Do I stop taking my blood pressure or diabetes medications after weight loss surgery?

everybody it's a doctor method with TLC

surgery hope everybody's staying safe

out there during this whole Cove in

nineteen pandemic we're still seeing

questions come in from you guys so

that's good to see

hope we can answer one of those now and

that is a commonly asked question which

is will I be able to get off my blood

pressure medication and my diabetes

medication after surgery well that's a

very good question and very common

question so a lot of our patients do

suffer from hypertension and diabetes

and majority of those patients will see

improvement in both sugar control and

blood pressure and that's almost

universal across the board what

determines whether you'll be able to

actually get off your medications is a

little bit more complex that has to do

more with your genetics the chronicity

of the disease how long you've had the

disease perhaps your age and other core

morbidities that are associated with

obesity I will say that majority of

patients will get off those medications

and the remainder usually see a lower

dose in those medications but more

importantly your sugar control and blood

pressure is better controlled so that

the complications of those disease are

much less for example with diabetes you

may see a neuropathies and visual

problems we see those less as the sugars

better controlled and so that's really

why we do the the operations to help

reduce those what we call core

morbidities of obesity and in doing so

we hope to make you live longer have a

longer lifespan and that's really why we

do the operations I hope that answered

your questions please keep them coming

we're still here and hoping to answer

all your questions ok y'all take care

and be safe during this whole pandemic

and continue practicing that social

distancing okay take care bye