Science Behind the DockAtot

Hey, everyone!

This is Kensie with The Baby Cubby!

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about a product called the DockAtot.

So, first off, I am a big believer that baby products should be versatile.

And if their not I kind of question if they are worth it or not.

The nice thing about the DockATot it was originally created for co-sleeping, but its also great

for snuggles, and tummy time, and you can also use it under a play gym.

Its also great for travel.

It makes a really great portable bed.

You can use it for anything where you feel like you would need your infant to be comfortable

and size.

Next, lets talk sizing.

Dockatots come in two sizes: the Deluxe, which can be used to 0-8 months and the Grand which

can be used 9 months to about 3 years.

When you get your Dockatot there are a few things you should do before using it.

The first would be to remove the cardboard.

The cardboards included in the base for shipping purposes just so it doesn’t get bent in


And that's just located at the bottom here.

This tag reminds you to remove it.

And just remove it like so.

Because DockAtot creates their docks from materials that are air permeable, which we’ll

talk about in a minute.

They have zero waterproofing abilities.

Which means if water gets into your DockAtot and isnt given any time to dry, that can create

mold and mildue.

After you remove the cardboard from the inside all you have to do is check that the buckle

is working properly, and then you’re good to go.

Easiest setup ever!

Now lets talk about the science behind the DockAtot and that air permeability that I

mentioned before.One of the biggest concerns with co-sleeping is the risk of SIDS.

When it comes to SIDS the biggest concern is overheating and lack of fresh air.

DockAtot solved that problem by engineering materials that allow 12 liters of air per

minute through, which is the rate at which a baby breaths.

That means your child will have cool, fresh air circulating around them all night, and

if your baby snuggles up to the wall they won't have a lack of fresh air!

Finally, let's talk about cleaning this little piece of heaven.

If your baby spits up, has blowouts, or throws up, which let's be honest which baby doesn’t.

You will inevitably have to clean this at some point.

And lucky for you everything about the DockAtot is machine washable, with the exception of

the mattress pad.

Which is just inside this zipper here.

For this you’ll have to hand wash it with a gentle detergent, then lay it flat to dry.

To clean the cover, place it in a wash bag on cold with like colors and lay it flat to


Because the DockAtot is made of natural fibers, there will be some shrinking that occurs – in

fact, DockAtot says that it may shrink 2.5-3%.So just be sure to expect it.

But if you tumble dry it, wash it on hot, or lay it on a hot surface, that shrinkage

might increase.

For the tube, it should be noted that you shouldn’t need to wash it very often.

However, for those times that you do need to wash it,just put it in a wash bag on cold.

And then while it’s still wet, let it dry on LOW or MEDIUM (never on high heat) and

then shake it and fluff it out and allow it to regain its shape.

If it’s still not completely dry go ahead and lay it flat to dry completely before reshaping


But if you do want to protect the DockAtot from spit up or other bodily fluids,all you

have to do is use a muslin swaddle, like this one from Little Unicorn.

Lay it over the DockAtot and then place your baby inside.

This will still allow the air to pass through as well as protecting the DockAtot.

Last but not least, lets talk about some safety steps to use while using your dockAtot:

I can’t wait to see all you mamas with these DockAtots and your babe!

You can shop them online at, or learn more at our Cubby Community Blog!

See you soon!