Why I LOATHE the Dock-A-Tot! (Spoiler: IT'S NOT SAFE!!)

I answer a lot of questions on Instagram

QA days and sometimes I get kind of

fired up hello if you are new to little

Z's I'm Becca and I do not like the

doctor talked it's been banned in Canada

it's got way too many issues problems

it's a prop get rid of it right away not

a good thing so I know that probably is

anti everything you've heard about the

precious daca taught but in this video

I'm going to explain why I loathe this


hey I'm Becca of littles they sleep your

pediatric sleep consultant my mission is

to solve your child's exhausting sleep

habits and you might be using the doc

etat as a band-aid to help your child

sleep better the other day I went to

Target to go find a gift for a baby

shower and there on the shelf was a $175

pillow otherwise known as the docket ah

you guys I have super strong feelings

about the Doc Todd I don't think anyone

needs this in fact if you didn't know

it's already been banned in certain

countries so my hypothesis is that

that's gonna come to America really

really soon and to be perfectly honest I

hope so now if you are using the daca

top currently you guys I'm not here to

scare you like go out burn it right away

yes you need to get rid of it yes you

need to have a game plan but there are

reasons why we simply don't need this

and I actually covered this an episode

40 of my podcast so let's go take a

listen the most powerful way to open up

talking about the biggest problem with

the daca taught by simply reading in

case you didn't know reading how docket

aa wants you to use their products so

I'm reading this straight off of the

daca taught website alright so think

about how you've seen the docket up

being used on Instagram yourself and now

let's see what doc etat has to say can

you use the daca tot with a baby on

their tummy the docket at deluxe plus is

meant for babies 0 to 6 months it should

only be used while babies are on their

back as the best evidence suggests

babies should be placed on their backs

until 1 year of age however once a baby

is capable of rolling over from back to

stomach and from stomach to back the

infant can be allowed to remain in the

sleep position he

she assumes can I use my dacha taught in

a crib bassinet or play yard no dacha

taught should not be used in a crib

bassinet or play yard the Consumer

Product Safety Commission has caution

that babies should be placed in a bear

crib without any additional bedding

pillows or blankets furthermore there is

a concern that a young infant who can

scoot or crawl out of the dacha taut

might be entrapped between the side of

the crib bassinet or play yard and the

dock there have been incidents evolving

other products for babies had suffocated

after becoming entrapped between a soft

product and the crib bassinet or play

yard there have also been incidences

where babies have suffocated on soft

bedding like blankets or soft toys this

is why we warn against using a dock état

in a contained area like a crib bassinet

or play yard and we also warn that

blankets and pillows should not be

placed in the dock etat when it comes to

an infant's resting environment there is

best well I cannot agree with that

enough there is best but you know the

problem with this the problem is and

this is my own personal opinion and also

with this the problem is you go on

Instagram you go on Facebook you see

people using their docket at where in

the crib you see their docket ah being

styled with swaddle blankets even

flowers stuffed animals y'all these are

product placements and obviously these

are influencers that dock tot is sending

their product to and then they are

specifically taking pictures against

what dock etat has suggested so my

biggest problem with the dock etat is

that it is a completely false

advertising that is my biggest one is

that they are advocating and they're

appearing and they're reposting pictures

on their Instagram of you using the

docket ah with blankets or with soft

objects around them and then of course I

know because I've been in your home some

of you you're using the docket on in the

crib and most people just don't know

that you're not supposed to use it in

the crib it's only supposed to be used

as Dakota suggests at the very beginning

of their safety guidelines that this is

intended for babies 0 to 8 months to be

used for lounging supervised napping

tummy time co-sleeping changing diapers

cuddling and playing not once do they

want you to use the dock etat for

sleeping in their own crib so in fact

the only

they want your baby to be sleeping in

the dacha taht is if you are watching

them supervised napping or if you are Co

sleeping together Co sleeping I am also

not an advocate for specifically before

the safety concerns they tell you on

their website that the American Academy

of Pediatrics has determined the safest

place for baby is in their crib that's

what I want that's what I want for your

baby let's remember bear is best so not

only is the daka top being poorly

advertised that you could use it in

these ways that influence our posting

about that's just not true

Dhaka Todd is telling you the only way

to use this for sleep is if you're

supervising them while they're napping

whether that's maybe on the floor or in

your bed with no covers no pillows no

nothing are on your bed or if it's

because you are Co sleeping with them

the majority of the families that I am

working with and honestly let's be real

here the people who are attracted to my

podcast are not people who are Co

sleeping with baby between them they're

typically not so if you are using the

daka top for co sleeping then yeah sure

I think that that probably is your

better option if you are going to Co

sleep as in bed share with your child

I'm not talking about the co-sleeper

bassinets I'm talking about literal bed

sharing if you want to bed share with

your baby and you're going to use the

doctor taught well then they have a

whole other set of guidelines which you

can read into they don't want you to

have any blankets any pillows around

them and they want to make sure that

that doctor tab is placed very

specifically so the biggest problem with

the doctor taught I believe is their

false marketing I've really truly get

upset when I see them repost photos with

blankets and stuffed animals with the

doctor taught when they're telling you

not to do that we also see the doctype

being used in the crib again not

supposed to do that

but the other biggest problem this is a

personal problem

this thing is so darn expensive you guys

there is no reason we need to be buying

these Daka Tots for hundreds of dollars

because guess what you can only use the

first one the deluxe one for eight

months and it's $200 and I'm very sorry

but this is not going to solve your

child sleep I also want to dig into the

fact that your child is going to be

rolling around by the like four or five

months old and we don't want to hinder

your babies rolling so I hope that gives

you some clarification now don't go

running screaming - your baby's nursery

and rip the

kitada out of the crib underneath of

them just make a plan for it the next

snap the next bedtime simply remove it

from your entire sleep life nobody needs

this product in fact I'm not really

about the products in my four steps to

solve your child's night weight gains

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overall I'm here to help you make sleep

a thing for your family I don't think we

need any gimmicks or products or any of

those things you can just have sweet

sleep sweet dreams see you next time