DockATot Review | Worth The Hype???


hi everyone so today I'm going to be

doing a review of the docket ah now if

you have been on YouTube the internet

Instagram searching for new baby


chances are you have seen the docket ah

when I had my baby Liam I was online

that was searching you know for new baby

products and I kept seeing this doctor

top pop up and I was like what is that

I've never heard of that I've had a baby

like when I had her I did not know

anything about this and when I looked it

up I was like oh this pillow is a

hundred and sixty five dollars a hundred

and sixty five dollars like let that

sink in and I was like but then I saw

the reviews and the reviews were like

four and a half stars in above on every

single website that I checked like

people just all the reviews I was

looking at people were just raving like

this is a miracle worker

this pillow like you have to have this

pillow if you're gonna have a baby now

you don't have to have it because my I

might with my first I didn't have it and

everything turned out just fine

you know you get suckered in because of

YouTube and Instagram people do all

these really cool posts and you're like

but I need to have this pillow and

that's how I was in the beginning and my

husband was like no he's like we are not

spending $200 on a pillow then after we

brought our baby home all he did was cry

he just cried all night my first I just

put her in a crib she was fine she would

sleep not with my other one he just

cried all the time and finally I was

like babe we need to get this pillow

because I'm the one who's getting up

with him because he has to work in the

morning and I was like I'm getting no

sleep and the only way we were able to

get it it's because I had $100 gift

cards at Target because this is sold on

target too so we weren't spending as

much money on it in this video I'm going

to give you my review since I've had it

and I've had it for about four months

I'm gonna give you the pros and cons and

if it

worth the hype and if it should be a

good fit for you because I know if you

look at reviews online everyone's saying

like get it get it get it it's worth the

money but I definitely don't think it's

a product like you have to have to have

like it's not like you're not your

baby's not gonna be able to function if

you don't have this pillow but there are

definitely a lot of pros to this product

but there are I've experienced cons with

this product so before I get into the

review I want to just give a little

history about the company that I've got

in from off the website just a little

background information so if I'm looking

over here it's because I'm looking at my

notes that I've gotten right off the

website company was founded by Lisa

Berlin Berlin Berlin I don't know if I'm

pronouncing that right and she basically

lives in a town that had a seaside and

docks were known to be safe and that's

how she got the name Dockett ah I love

the name like I'm not gonna lie

half of the reason why I got it was

because of the name like it's just

catchy like oh I got my docket ah like

here it is I got my docket ah like Oh

have you seen my docket ah it's so cool

like I love the name like I think it's

so cute it's so catchy and I just think

it's cute her mission was create a

multifunctional like pillow that was

stylish it was luxury and parents can

use this and they can feel at ease

knowing their baby is feeling they're

safe they're comfortable and the idea is

that the docket ah is supposed to

represent the mother's womb the material

is breathable its non-toxic it's been

tested rigorously but I quote the

website rigorously it's compliant with

the federal law of the US Consumer

Product Safety Commission product

standards which I guess that means it's

been tested after we got it I think the

main thing I don't know I had this

impression that when I was going to get

this product it was going to be a

miracle-worker it was going to shut my

baby up and I was going to be able to

sleep eight hours a night that did not

happen for me

as soon as I put my baby in the socket

ah he just screamed and cried and wanted

me to pick him up like that's what

happened my husband gave me that look

like oh I thought this was supposed to

be a miracle worker and I was just kind

of like uh so if you're getting it

because you just want your baby to not

cry anymore then no you know that's not

gonna happen um but I will say that

night when he finally did fall asleep

like I got him to fall asleep he slept

longer like I'm not going to lie he

slept probably two hours more than what

he would and at that time I was like

I'll take it I will take it like if I

can get two hours more sleep good for me

pros why I think it's worth the money so

if you are going to Co sleep with your

baby yes get this product go online

order it now it's amazing for Co

sleeping we have a king-size bed and for

like about two months he slept right

between us in the dock etat his head is

positioned the doctor tot is positioned

where our pillows are so the blankets

won't go overhead it's amazing for that

especially if you're breastfeeding you

can just pick them up you don't have to

get a crib or a bassinet or anything so

it is worth the money I think in that

case and I do think it's save now on the


it says do not put this in a crib or a

bassinet or anything or a play play mat

or anything like that I don't know why

it doesn't explain why but I'm going to

be honest with you I put it in the crib

right now that's how he sleeps he sleeps

with it in the crib and it works just

fine I don't really see the difference I

don't know you're going to Co sleep that

I that I think is worth the money

another good reason why I think it's

worth the money is if you're traveling

so if you're a person who travels a lot

this is really good because it's good

for the baby because they have that same

comfort and they know that that's how

they sleep so that's another good I

don't travel I've never taken it

traveling I know on the website they

have like a bag you can take to travel

and guess what that's a lot of money too

another good thing is it has a really

good reviews like if you have time to

look at the reviews like that's what

suckered me into buying it is cuz of all

the amazing reviews so I think if a

product has really good reviews then you

know it's worth checking it out these

are the cons that I experienced with it

these are just my opinions you know I

don't know if I'm gonna get backlash for

this because people really love this

product but these are just things that I

experienced weather that I don't like

fun is I hate washing this thing I hate

it so this is what it looks like right

this when you take this off the zipper

it's huge

so getting this back in is a pain so the

cloth is all connected and there's two

parts of it you take this part out this

part out you wash it by itself and you

dry it with no heat it's a pain because

my baby spits up all the time and if

every time they spent I would be washing

it every single day I have to put a

blanket under it otherwise I would just

be watching you all the time now you can

buy another cover but I am NOT spending

eighty five to ninety five dollars on

another cover I just won't do it one

thing is it is not a it is not a miracle

worker at least for my baby it was not a

miracle worker if you're getting this

thinking you're every time you put your

baby in it to knock and he's just not

gonna cry he or she is not gonna cry

that's not going to happen I mean it

might happen for you

and if it does that's also huge con is

the money I do think you're paying for

the name of the doc etat like it I

definitely think it should be like less

than $100 you know maybe like $80 or

something I would definitely think it

was worth the money but one hundred and

sixty five dollars and I just have the

basic one there's ones that are like one

hundred and ninety five dollars ordered

mine off target you get free shipping

you can get it off the website they have

ten dollars for shipping but you can

also if you sign up for their email you

can get $10 off it and they have little

things you can put on the docket ah like

little um mobile thing everything you

get for this is going to be a lot of

money I think that's like 60 or

something dollars to put on there con I

think is they say that this is supposed

to go for your baby for

months I would give my baby another

month my baby he's over four months I

would give it another month maybe two he

will not be able to fit in anymore I'm

going to insert a little video that I

took of him in it now

and I'll also insert a clip of a picture

I have of when he was first in the when

he he I first put him in the Dockers hot

I have a big baby mind you he is big he

is like chubby he's got a big head and

he's really long but I do not think my

baby will be in this until he is eight

months that's just my opinion

I know it I know he won't so that you're

paying a lot of money for something

you're not really gonna use that long

now they do have a grand bigger size but

that's also like that's almost $300 I

will not be purchasing that just because

it's just a lot of money and I just

don't have it to spend one thing I did

forget to say that I did think was

really cool that I saw somebody someone

post on Instagram as they brought this

to the hospital with them before they

had the baby and I thought that was such

a good idea like they put it and you

know when they take the baby out in that

little crib thing they put it in there

and I thought that was such a cool idea

you know if I had a baby again I would

do that I would take this to the

hospital I think that was really so you

kind of some of you it may not be worth

of it may not be worth it and some of

you it may be worth it thing I was going

to say was a cheaper ultimate to it I

got the fisher-price Auto rock and play

which is what he's sleeping in right now

and that was like 50 bucks with the

byebye baby 20% off coupon and honestly

if I had to choose between the docket ah

and that I would choose that this thing

is I love this thing like it is amazing

so if you're you just don't have the

money to spend on the docket ah I would

definitely go check out the fisher-price

Auto definitely get the Auto one the one

that rocks so you don't to do it


rock and play and that's supposed to go

with them until they're four months

I mean he's over four months and he's

still in it and I'm not going to lie

like I've noticed he sleeps better in

the rock and play than he does the

docket ah

you have to think every baby's different

so just kind of take this video and see

what you think would work best if you're

you know if you're pregnant and you

haven't had the baby yet I would just

wait a few weeks you know because you

can get like two days shipping on target

just wait a few weeks and kind of see

how your baby is it's definitely an

investment it is a lot of money it's a

spend but so that is everything for you

guys I hope you guys enjoyed this review

and I hope you guys liked it so please

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