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I'm Angela fabulous Scout and mom of

three and this is my buddy Jack and

today we want to talk to you about the

docket at deluxe plus the docket OTT is

a multifunctional lounging playing

chillin snuggling dock that you can take

anywhere and the etat deluxe plus is the

smaller of the two sizes that dock

Atomics so when my son was born he had a

lot of issues early on as an infant his

naps are maybe 10 to 20 minutes long and

the nights were absolutely endless

the whole time I was on maternity leave

the only way I think at him to nap was

upright in a wrap on me so after three

months of snuggling him to sleep laying

flat in a crib was not on his awesome

list of things to do so out of total

desperation we bought a docket at deluxe

laying on a flat surface like a crib can

be hard for some babies and it can even

trigger their startle reflex which is no

fun for anyone the top etat is designed

to provide a snug mole-like environment

that hugs your baby and really makes

them feel secure we primarily use the

dock etat as a way to safely co sleep

with our son between my husband and i in

our bed which was amazing because he

went from sleeping maybe an hour at a

time to four to six hours stretches the

dock atop was a lifesaver for us the

only difference between the docket at

deluxe that we purchased for our son and

the dock tot deluxe plus that you can

purchase now is that they added these

handy little loops to the side of the

dock which is where you can attach their

toy arch that you can purchase

separately the craftsmanship the quality

on these docks is absolutely incredible

it's a Swedish design the fabric is a

breathable 100% cotton but it is so soft

and silky I'm a little bit jealous that

I don't get one for myself

the zippers are really sturdy metal and

this embroidery is just a really nice

luxurious touch oh and it's

hypoallergenic and certified to oeko-tex

standards the material is a non heat


and it creates a really comfortable

microclimate for your baby with amazing

quality comes you guessed it an amazing

price tag the Java tot is a little

expensive but you have to remember you

can use this from birth until about

eight months or so unlike some other

pricey baby gear that only lasts you

four to six months this has a little bit

longer of a lifespan for reference jack

is eight months old about twenty pounds

and he's getting really close to needing

a docket ah upgrade if you have long

babies like I do you can actually unclip

the buckle at the end and extend these

open which gives your baby more room to

grow I also really love how portable it

is we would hold this thing all over the

house we live in South Carolina but all

our friends and family are back in Texas

so when we would go home to visit we

would take the dock with us so even

though we were in kind of a new place

that isn't really familiar to my son he

had his dock and he was super

comfortable and super familiar with that

we also like to take it to our friends

houses in the evenings so we want to

hang out with other sane adults it gives

our my son a place to play lounge nap

and sleep so that we can get a little

adult time in what happens when

accidents happen you know what I'm

talking about

somebody gets sick or diaper leaks the

doc gets dirty what do you do the good

news is is that the cover comes off

really easily and is washable in your

machine on cold water it does need to

air dry though so there's some time

before you can reassemble to use it

again I highly recommend picking up an

extra cover just for things like this

but it does mean an extra pricey

purchase this white cover was my

personal favorite but if it's not your

jam they have several other stylish

covers that you can choose from I also

want to mentioned that the pad inside

and the two are both washable as well

the pad needs to be hand washed in your

drive but the tube can be machine washed

and tumble dry down low so ultimately we

really liked our docket on deluxe plus

it's portable and multifunctional it's

easy to care for babies love it because


Miller and a soft place for them to play

and relax if you can get past the price

tag it's an excellent investment for you

and your growing little one

happy registry