Pros & Cons of Using a Baby Nest

good morning my name is Anna I am the

owner of little ink sleep we are

certified sleep consultants who have

here to help your family we're a leader

at today I'm going to give you a couple

of tips about mists myth our sleeping

services or hanging out services for

babies this one has been kindly given to

us by Jesse sewing room so check check

those out there are an affordable option

other options for next that you might

see on the market ones like we commonly

know in Dhaka Todd a lot of people use

these to closely put their babies and I

wanted to just kind of cover and get a

lot of questions about them cover the

pros and cons of inist they're really

great and babies actually really love

them because they're nice and cozy

however they're not recommended for

sleeping and so let's just talk about

why I've borrowed my daughter's lovely

little baby doll here and so we're going

to talk about the pros and the cons so

when you have a newborn they like to be

snuggled they like to be held and so

often we find that babies want to have

something close they want to be the

swaddle is actually the reason why we

swaddle and the reason why babies like

to have something that holds them in

tight it's because as adults we have

partial paralysis and what that means is

that we're in the REM stage of sleep

which is rapid eye movement we actually

are partially paralyzed so we're not

acting out our dreams and we're able to

fully risk but we'll also able to move

if there's an emergency or a baby crying

right with babies they're not born with

this and so even in utero they are

kicking and moving in

and that's actually them dreaming it's

not necessarily that they are weak they

don't develop this partial paralysis

until about two to three months old in

its absence we have the style reflex and

the style reflex is where a baby will

throw one on or a wet leg and go kind of

move around so that is a traditionally

way the swaddle is from I'll do a video

on the best way to swaddle later on

however when that is a big reason of my

babies likeness is because it's a it's

nice and close it it's nice and tight

for them and I'm not feeling like

they've got too much room to move around

when I miss it's appropriate parents

often choose a nest with not co-sleeping

because they'll worried that they're

going to roll on to their baby and so

they want to create a buffer with that


unfortunately nests have actually been

shown in pediatricians stand behind the

fact that you can still roll over the

nest that quite squishy and so it

doesn't necessarily stop a adult rolling

on to the baby who is in a nest

babies are recommended to sleep on a

hottest surface than a nest and so as

for co-sleeping there are coast sleep is

that are available if you're choosing to

Co sleep and then you

also have the baby in the old bassinet

or crib but that is a little big reason

why parents choose so that I'm not

rolling onto them the other piece to the

puzzle is that when a baby is sleeping

they we think that they stay still but

actually they move and wiggle around

quite a bit and so what happens is baby

is in a nest and if we have them roll

and the head goes on to the side PA you

can see that the dolls mouth is actually

is available but isn't actually taking

an oxygen right here what happens is

that they can actually roll onto a side

of something like that and that is why

we have breathable besides on cribs as

well because you can have recycled air

and so then there's not oxygen in that

air and that can actually cause this so

we want to make sure that when a baby is

sleeping overnight somewhere

unsupervised that they're not in a place

that is compromising their breathing

just because we can see them out does

not mean that I'm not getting recycled

air so that is a big risk with nests and

so I don't recommend that you sleep

overnight with something like this

however what I do recommend is they are

great for when your baby is just

chilling out so say I am in the shower

and baby is playing on their back you

can have baby in here in the bathroom so

you're feeling like okay they're not

going to roll anywhere unsafe they are

comfortable and then they're able you're

able to shower in peace or maybe you're

making dinner or something like that as

far as sleep goes they are fantastic for

naps the reason being is that you can

put this on the couch and baby is not

going to roll off the couch see you

later baby is going to stay nice and

safe in the nest the reason why that's

okay for a baby to sleep and then minced

for enough and it's no

overnight is because you are supervising

during a now so you're around they may

be on the couch they may be on the floor

or you may be somewhere nearby and so

you're able to make sure that they're

always safe and that breathing is not an

issue the other nice thing about these

things as they grow the ends Oh open up

and so the baby can grow and the legs

can come out the end when my little

daughter started to take a bottle rather

than breastfeeding she actually really

liked to have her books while in the

mist or sometimes she would take a

bottle and just lay there and really

enjoy it so you can also do some tummy

time there if you have a little one who

needs a bit of propping up during tummy

time you can also put them off so that

they're a little bit over the edge you

obviously want to be really careful of

their neck strength and making sure that

they're okay these are fantastic

everyday pieces especially for it when

you have a newborn and you're worried

about them rolling off places or you

need a safe place to put them or maybe

you just want to watch a movie and they

want to nap it also does help encourage

the independent sleep for those naps so

overall I love miss yes of course I want

to mist when I have my own kids with my

daughter we love nests however what I

encourage you to use them overnight no

we want to make sure that baby has a hot

sleeping surface with breathable edges

and that they're in a sleeping space

that is their own but if you have any

questions feel free to post them below

and I will have

respond to them but as for the mist we

love them and have super fun to relax in

and actually I really love taking a

camping I hope that you guys have a

great day and remember that we have a

free 15-minute call if you need to give

us a call and talk to us about your

child's sleep