Dockatot Deluxe FAQ Top Five Questions you probably have!


ok today we're talking about the doctor

FAQ frequently asked questions and these

are the questions that come up the most

often so if you are just new the Doggett

ah you probably have all these questions

so the first question that often gets

asked from people who already have the

Doggett odd we hear this constantly this

question is is my baby too big for the

deluxe people will send me pictures of

their formable in the deluxe all cozy

and thinking that the baby has outgrown

it and oh my gosh why did I spend so

much money on this and it doesn't fit my

baby anymore

but the reality is that is actually the

design of the docket our deluxe is it

supposed to be small it's supposed to be

mimicking the baby in the womb it's

supposed to be mimicking that pressure

and the coziness and so your baby

actually probably fits perfectly if

they're under 8 months around 8 months

you're gonna start to look either to

transitioning out of the docs at deluxe

or maybe considering buying a bigger

size which is called the grant but it is

highly unlikely that your baby your

young baby under 8 months old is too big

for the doc etat deluxe the next most

common question is should I just skip

the deluxe and buy the grand when that

just makes so much more sense

financially if I could just not buy two

products and then I just have it be

until they're 2 or 3 years old and then

answer that question really depends on

why you're considering buying the doctor

if you want to have a doc top because

you have a baby that's not sleeping you

let's say you have a three-month-old and

that baby can't sleep I'm not talking

about normal baby waking I'm talking

about a baby that you can never put down

a baby that wants to be held all the

time wants to be in a carrier all the

time will only sleep in the car talking

about those babies and you're looking to

get the doctor taught so that you have


that baby feels comfy and cozy the dr.

Kran is not going to help you the dr.

grant is as big as a standard science

crib and it would be the same thing as

putting your baby in a crib why why

would that help it's not going to help

we hear of people all the time that try

to do this they try to skip over buy

them a deluxe and they end up with the

grand and it is not going to help you if

on the other hand you're thinking you

know your baby sleeps actually pretty

well and you're just looking for a bed

that you can use in different places so

that you have a constant sleep area for

your baby let's say your baby has to go

to daycare

and they're willing to take the duck

attack there or let's say you know

grandma grandpa take the baby overnight

and you want something that's super

portable that you're gonna be able to

take with you or maybe you travel a lot

it's really good for traveling then you

know what it's probably gonna be great

for you you're probably gonna love it

but if you're looking for something to

help your baby sleep which is most of

the time why people are willing to spend

money on the dog time skipping over the

deluxe for a baby that's under 8 months

old is likely not gonna help you the

next most common question we get is what

is the difference between the doc tot

deluxe and the doc etat Deluxe plus the

plus came out in 2017 I believe and

people immediately were like oh what's

this you know what's this Plus being is

something extra crazy it's really not a

big difference the only difference is in

2017 they came out with a torch and you

may be seen it you can attach it on to

the doctor and it turns it into like you

know a cute baby launch or as a toy or

shouldn't there's these little toys that

you can hang off of it if you buy a doc

talked just a regular docket on it won't

have the little holes in the side of the

lounger to put the toy bar if you buy

the plus it has a little holes to put

the lounger that is the only difference

it's not worth extra money unless you

really feel you're gonna use that toy

bar the toy bar is quite expensive

the toys are quite expensive they don't

even come together so that's the only

difference the Plus isn't

different except it comes with the

ability to add the toy bar on it doesn't

even come with a toy bar does that comes

up a lot too especially when you're

buying secondhand one and you see

someone post one and it says dunk a

top-class you think it's coming up with

all this extra stuff it's not it just

has two little holes on the side okay

the next question is what will it fit

inside and the I'm gonna post the

dimensions here as you can see and they

will fit inside a crib playpen many

sidecar loungers so if you have it's

like a crib that you can put on ice cube

it fit inside there and the dimensions

are here so really ultimately you're

gonna need to measure whatever it is

you're hoping to put it in just to

double-check some time I tell you holy

high fits in this you know product

really great but the reality is is maybe

they're splitting it in there more than

you're comfortable so it's really good

to take these measurements measure what

you're wanting to put it in and just see

you know if you feel comfortable that

there's enough space there but most

playpens it fits inside of I've heard

people putting it in the halo bassinet I

feel like it would be a tight tight

squeeze I probably personally wouldn't

do it but again just see how do you feel

about it and the fifth most common

question really it's the number one most

common question is is the doc taught

safe and I will answer that question in

another video because the question and

the answer is so long that it's just its

own video so please find my safety Danka

taught video ticket the answer to that

one thanks for joining us check out all

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