DockAtot REVIEW | Is it worth the hype+ PROS & CONS


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I'm going to be doing the docket aa

review if you guys are new to my channel

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so let's just get into this video so

basically I was not gonna get the docket

I uh just because just because I felt

like it was an unnecessary item to buy I

feel like it was more like a luxury

items it's super expensive so I didn't

think that it was something that I

needed or like keep it one well

obviously like you've seen on social

media but it's one of those things like

it's not something I will live without

it I'll be fine

um so I didn't really put too much like

thought into it and then once I bought

Lucas home I realized that he likes to

be like cuddled up and every time I put

him in his crib he has a mini crib it

just because III was really bad with

Yvonne I just wanted to really close to

me and I don't want to be like him being

in the bed because Ivana likes coming to

our that in the middle a night and

that's just dangerous for me but I

wanted him to be close to me and I

wanted something else moveable so we got

the portable mini crib down below and it

is it's been amazing for us but I feel

like he'll be he'll feel really fitting

in that area and because we didn't get

the best necklace we had a mini crib um

we didn't like think like happy would

like being in the crib like and all that

to me notice that he didn't like being

alone he wanted to feel cooped up even

though we will swallow him he'll wanted

his arms out up so swaddling was never

like working um so what ended up

happening is we did by the doctor taught

and guys I've been seeing these

I'm like oh people are just sponsored

they're getting paid to say these things

how could I don't the cuff like almost

two hundred dollars the and a like

how can how can this be like necessary

just like the like the mama Roo how is

it necessary why did your kid doesn't

like the suit you know but I'm like you

know why I'm not getting any sleep um

you know he feels alone I'm not gonna go

sleep with him that it's gonna be too

dangerous for me so I'm just going to

buy and you know see what happens so you

got it and y'all I thought people were

just bullshitting me when they said they

was like a godsend because it really is

it is a lounger I could take him

anywhere with me I like literally have

to go to the bathroom I'll bring the

doctor shot put him in the floor or the

kitchen um also if he's taking a nap and

just took a nap on the bed next to me I

could move him to the crib like it's

something like I don't have to wake him

up it has like the little pulling things

so I think it's amazing obviously this

is in the first video that you guys have

seen talking about the docket ah you

guys have probably heard amazing things

or bad things so I'm just gonna get to

the point and talk about the pros and

the cons for me

so definitely a pro will be that it's

amazing for co-sleeping um it's a you

don't have any other kids and you want

to have your baby close to you in the

bed it is amazing this item for you and

your partner and so have your baby and

be refreshed to new stuff it's a lot

easier are using that they're like a

bassinet I would say now one of the con

is definitely the price it is very very

very pricey I always say are you doing

annoys my daughters playing with like

the cart thing 20 okay with him anyway

it's really really expensive so

obviously is it ends up not working go

saying um if it ends up not working then

it's a lot of money just wasted for no

reason um so I always say that if you

can buy it secondhand

giving it for you for free take it if

you are seeing it sold online y'all it's

a cover it could be washed it's just

like trying to save money I think

because honestly it's a great product to

me and there's nothing wrong about

buying it second and there's really not

so I think it'll be amazing if you think

like it's way too much money buy it that

way increase I really do think that this

product is great and there's a lot of

other products just like this like I

forgot the name is also like the UM the

snuggle me but I I don't want to get

that one cuz it's gonna live in


um and I also wasn't like like port like

you couldn't move it like you would have

to get it from the bottom and I don't

want to wake him up so having the two

little things to move it I'm gonna show

you the video so you guys know what I'm

talking about

um it's a lot easier to move them from

one place to another so that's

definitely one of the reasons why I

chose the docket ah and not the other

one um so that's another Pro because it

has some little things for you too

because it's very like moveable very

easy to move and the con would be really


um what I would say is another con I

wouldn't do these other videos if they

never talked about how dirty is that

cost retailers you have to watch it

um but meaning what I mean by that is

like for example no born babies even

like maybe after 3-4 months they draw a

lot it's a cover if you're not doing

something behind the baby's head and the

thing is you really can't put anything

around the baby's face due to like the

other phases and stuff I was always very

scared to do that but if you don't do

that then they're constantly drooling

then the cover will get dirty and it

would turn like yeah oh yeah I would

have to constantly I'm constantly

watching it like every two days so

that's something definitely to look at I

would say to buy more than one cover so

once washing you have another cover to

sit on and it goes back to the con of it

being expended that's really just up to

you to decide whether that's something

that you'll be able to do

um so but that you know that that would

be a con um but another probe that I

would say is that they have like just

because okay so they have the doctor

type which is a deluxe they also have

the grand so it couldn't grow with your

kids so if he let's say I think I'm

around six months they outgrow it

you can belong to the dilutes and it's a

help transition your kid to sleep in the

toddler bed

you know like mine is so difficult with

Ivana to transition her to heard them

her own bed if I would have known about

this product three years ago that I

would have definitely gotten it because

it's been a lot easier that I just

didn't oh my god you never learned okay

so back and I forgot what I was saying

oh yeah so yeah if I would have known

that they had the grant or like a baby

talk is that even existed

I woulda got it for my daughter's cuz

it's been horrible transitioning her to

a toddler bed at around like a year no

but yeah whoa like 16 months of

transition her so if they would have had

that that would have been amazing but

yeah I am I would have definitely gone

into a deluxe went you know we know

about it so little kinky oh hi I'm gonna

have is one month update um after this

uh you think after this video so um

that's definitely further Pro that's

often the pros and cons of the docket ah

I really hope this video was informative

for you guys I tried my best

to like put like my outmost um my

opinion this is definitely one of those

controversial things where a lot of moms

don't feel like this it's something that

you need the other moms are saying that

it's something you definitely need

because it will make your baby sleep

longer and honestly if you do it it's

what you would like want like do what

you think is best

um I know that there's a lot of other

like um product similar to this one and

a lot cheaper and I think they've you're

not looking for something like like like

the moving thing is to move from side to

side and you definitely just want like a

co-sleeper or something like in the

curve for them to feel like very coddled

top then I'll definitely say that you do

not need like this docket I um you could

definitely get another one um to do what

it's best for yourself and your family

and when you would think that your baby

would need it won't be easy freedom and

that's just my opinion on the matter so

yeah that's pretty much ends a video if

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