hi everyone it's shana welcome back to

my channel i really hope you are well

in today's video i'm going to be

reviewing the sleepy head

deluxe sleeping pod

i'm not sure if the camera's picking it

up but the sleepy head that i currently

have is a little bit discolored now

just because i have had lots of views

out of it and my baby obviously being a

baby of ethnicity

wears a lot of hair oil and had a lot of

hair oil in his hair especially in the

early days

so i believe that it's discolored

because of the olive oil that used to

have in his hair

a stain that i am struggling to get out

to this day

but we move so what is the sleepy head

well the sleepy head basically

is a kind of like a sleeping pod slash

newborn nest however you want to word it

and it basically is designed

to let the baby sleep in here and rest

in here when they are

quite young and it just keeps them a bit

more cocooned

and gives them a feeling of a bit more

security because you've got to imagine

the baby has been

in the womb for nine months obviously

during the later stages of pregnancy

they are

very much curled up and confined and

then for them to be thrust into the real


and for them to be in open space it can

be a little bit

um traumatizing obviously for the baby

um and

swaddling them and keeping them

obviously close to you and then when

they can't be on you all the time

it's nice for them to feel a bit more

secure so this is basically what this

is designed for just to keep them more


and feel comfortable when they are

directly away from the mum

so this particular one um i believe

there is actually another one called the

sleepy sleepyhead deluxe

plus but they're all the same to be

honest i don't see the difference

between the original the deluxe and the

deluxe plus so i don't think it matters

which one you get

this one currently is still retailing

for 130 pounds which is

absolutely extortionate in my opinion

um and also it only this

is all that it comes with this is just

the sleepy head on its own

and this is a removable cover which i'll

show you how to take off

later on in this video and but the

covers that come separately to this

um vary between 55 and 65 pound

so this is not something that you need

to purchase

especially if you are a new parent on a

budget but if you want to splash out or

don't mind

then i would say that it's an okay

thing to have but it's definitely not an

essential so this is from

birth to six months so in the grand

scheme of the time period of your baby's

life it

is not a very long period of time that a

baby is going to use something that's so


from having used this from birth to

about seven months my son was about

seven months when i actually stopped

using that with him

um basically when he could comfortably

roll over on his own

and i wouldn't really recommend having a

baby older than seven months in one of

these whether you get the larger one or

not so in terms of practicality i really

enjoyed using it i like the fact that

you could put it in the next to me crib

which we had for six months when the

baby was in our room

um i also liked the fact that you could

take it downstairs you could sit next to

the baby and the baby doesn't have to be

on you directly or being held it can

just lie in the sleepy head next to you

on the sofa and

of course don't put them on the sofa if

they are able to roll or move in any way

this mainly is the safest for the baby

when the baby is stationary i will also


that if you mention the sleepy head to

your health visitor or your midwife

you'll probably get a funny look and you

will probably get

in it's a no from me vote um so

you go by your own motherly instinct and

your discretion it's totally up to you

personally from being a mum who has used

it i do recommend them but i don't

recommend the branded one

because there are lots of these baby

nests out there now which are a lot


so for those of you who just found this

video and don't know anything about me

uh i have a son whose name is crew and

he's 13 months old

crew wasn't a difficult sleeper when he

was a newborn but obviously being a

breastfeeding mum

and obviously your sleep is a lot more

disturbed when

you are constantly having to feed the

baby at night time as well

um we gave it about two to three weeks

and then we thought we would try the

baby with the sleepy head

very kindly and conveniently we were

gifted this sleepy head from a friend

who um had previously bought it for her

baby and her baby had only used it a few


so she very kindly gave it to us free of

charge which was really really nice of


again i have to express that 130 pounds

is exceptionally

expensive for something that doesn't

actually do anything apart from keep

your baby

still but i have to say that for me


and for my baby it did help him to sleep

and feel a bit more cocooned

we did try the swaddling for a few weeks

when crew was

very very teeny tiny when he was just

born um up until he was about seven

weeks old

and crew didn't like the swaddle at all

he liked to have his

legs and his arms free but he liked to

be wrapped in blankets but i think he

just like the fact that he had the

freedom to move his arms and legs as

and when he wanted to whereas the

swaddle literally is like a straight

jacket so some babies really like that

but crew didn't

so we thought we'd then try with the

sleepy head to see if that affected his

sleeping in any way

from our personal experience it did make

crews sleep for longer periods of time

but of course a newborn is not really on

average going to sleep for eight hours a

day until they are at least

three to four months old you can try all

the tricks in the book but if a baby is

awake a baby's awake and there's nothing

you could do about it

i would highly recommend you wait until

your baby is born so you can get to know

them get to know their pattern a little

bit more

and see if they like to be swaddled if

they don't if they prefer to sleep

um in their cot or if like there's loads

of different trials and errors that

you're going to go through in the first

10 weeks of being a new parent

so see how your baby is in terms of

sleep first and what they like and what

they don't like

and then if you are struggling to get

the baby to settle for more than an hour

a night

at a time then i would recommend getting

some kind of baby nest

for you to try to help them to sleep a

bit longer so the positive thing about

the sleepy head of course is that you


remove the um the cover so

you can unzip the cover all the way

around and you can

hand wash the padded base which is the

part in the middle

and you can also hand wash the cover i

believe you can wash it at 40 degrees

you can also

use different stain removers um to


freshen up the sleepy head please bear

in mind that your baby

will throw up on it and your baby will

put on it at some point

i would highly recommend using a muslin

square when your baby is in the sleepy

head just to

stop it from getting dirty and it also

stops you from having to constantly take

the cover on and off to wash it

i have to say that the cover is very

irritating to get on and off um

and it's just very fiddly and

time-consuming and when you've got a new

baby it's not something that you need to

be wasting time on

so i definitely recommend wrapping the

sleepy head up in one or two muslin


just to protect the sleepy head from

getting dirty there are lots of mixed

reviews with the sleepy head or any type

of baby nest

of course you do your research and see

if it works for you

crew really enjoyed resting in here and

playing in here when he was younger

and it just gave me peace of mind that

if he was in his car and i needed to

putter around the room doing things that


he was going to be safe in here and he

wasn't going to roll um

too quickly and fall out of the car

basically of course like i previously

mentioned it is important to make sure

that you have your baby as

close as possible to you when the baby

is in here just as a safety aspect

and make sure you don't leave the baby

alone at any time in the sleepy head

even when they are of a young age

the sleepy head are the bottom clips

together um just to

make the sleepy head a little bit

smaller and then of course when the baby

starts to grow a bit longer when they

hit about four to five months old

you can unclip the sleepy head to give

them more space to kick their legs


so overall do i believe the sleepyhead

works yes in terms of helping your baby

feel a little bit more secure and but of


all babies are different and just

because one mom says that their baby

slept through the night in a sleepy head

doesn't mean that yours will either is

it value for money

absolutely not it is very expensive and

the covers are very expensive as well so

is it worth the investment of 135 pounds

absolutely not i wouldn't recommend

buying this at all in terms of the price

um if you go on etsy if you go on lots

of different

um baby websites there are loads of


baby nests that are a fraction of the

price so do your research

they all pretty much do the same thing i

really hope this short review was

helpful in some way

if you have any questions of anything

that i haven't touched upon on this


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thank you so much for watching this

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