Weaning Off the Dock-A-Tot

hi this is a quick video just to address

Cassidy's question about weaning off of

the Dhaka taught a lot of clients now

are using the Dhaka taught with varying

success some families are finding it's

really helpful while others are you know

so-so or it doesn't work but whether

you're using it or not eventually you're

gonna have to wean off of it because

babies once they start rolling and stuff

it's definitely not not going to be safe

so it is true that cold turkey can work

really well for families especially if

you have a good sleep coaching plan

you'll probably find that most likely

going cold turkey into an open space

works there are some steps you can take

that could help so one of the things

always to consider is what does the dock

etat offer to the child what's the

function so is it just that coziness

around the head or around the body is it

just feeling a little bit more snug

these are things that you know we see a

lot of children like and it could just

be an association that they developed

once they go into this place then they

know that sleep is coming so there's

lots of options for taking steps and I'm

going to just try to adjust my camera

here to show you some some thoughts okay

so hopefully that stays up alrighty so I

have my doll here and so when we're

thinking about how to help a child

without the docket ah there's a couple

options that may be helpful first of all

before we even look at positions if you

think that the child likes that cozy

feeling you could put in a Snuggie or

pajamas or two sleepers on your child

just to give a little bit more of a hug

there's also a product called the magic

sleep suit that some families use

and you know sometimes I'll recommend to

families to put those baby like warmers

on their babies just to give them a

little bit more of a cozy feeling now

our colleagues who are occupational

therapists often tell us that if you do

a lot of deep touch during the day then

a child who's seeking deep touch won't

seek it as much so you may have also

heard of the hot dog game a lot of

gentle sleep coaches use that and this

is another activity during the day that

can be used so safety is a concern of

course so if we start rolling up

blankets there is a big safety concern

with that but if the parents are just

trying to get the child to fall asleep

and feel more comfortable in that

position while you're present you can

actually use some rolled up blanket so

sometimes you can put just something up

here because the child is used to

something up there that might be enough

or you know you might tuck a roll right

underneath both sides here and then once

your child's asleep or when you're

leaving the room you can actually remove

it and there's a chance they may stay

asleep a lot of times what we see is we

put children down in the middle of the

bed and then we go and wiggle in wiggle

until they're finally smack up against

the bars now parents often hate it when

their children sleep up against the bars

but you won't cause any damage that way

children are not going to hurt

themselves with that and so in that case

I would suggest well why don't you just

put the child down initially beside the

bars and it gives them kind of cozy

feeling you can put it in the middle or

you can put the baby down so that their

heads not necessarily touching could

just be in proximity babies have this

proximity meter even right from my early

age where we often see that if we put a

baby down and the wall is there they

will automatically turn their head away

from the wall so if you were to put the

baby down on this side there's a chance

that your baby would turn away from the

wall that way so they may just

understand that they're close to

a surface here and so you may not need

to do touching they may however wiggle

until they get to that spot so here we

have two sides covered another option is

to put your baby down on the diagonal

and so we might start here where the

baby's head is either touching or in

proximity to the end of the bed and then

the feet are also touching or in

proximity to the side of the bed so put

in the child down on a diagonal I'm not

sure if you can see that so I'll spin

you around and putting the baby down on

a diagonal can also help now if you are

worried about your child sleeping

against the hard bars and there is

there's nothing wrong with that children

will not they it can be cozy they like

the proximity but if it really bothers

you sometimes parents will use the

breathable bumper it doesn't offer a lot

of padding but if it makes you feel

better that's great and it is a a piece

of fabric that is in between your baby

and the bars the other options are to go

with something that looks like the

Wonder bumper and that wraps fabric

around each individual bar but leaves

big slots of air in the middle so if

that's something that you're more

comfortable with then you can go with

that and you know just trying to

experiment with some of these ideas and

figure out what actually works for your

baby most children who are in the daka

taught will adjust very easily without

it but if you feel like when you put

your child down not in the daka taught

that they're not falling asleep then

think about making the space a little

bit cozier all right well thank you

everybody and I hope you have a great