I kind of just woke up from a nap I fed

him and he kind of passed out but today

we are going to do a baby haul we're

gonna do some essentials that we really

love for the first two months and then

we're gonna put him to sleep so we can

get started okay so we're gonna start

with his bath time stuff we started with

baby gimmicks and I really just got this

because it was an organic brand but

reading some of the ingredients I just

thought I wanted to go with something a

little more natural than this so we

switched to this and this is called all

of you and it's from a little shop here

in Wisconsin but you can also buy this

online so this is 850 so yeah 850 and so

far we really like it for ro and he it's

good on his skin we just really like it

and this is just the baby wash also if

you are in Wisconsin and you do happen

to go by this little store it's super

cool because you can put your own

fragrance in it you could put essential

oils or just a fragrance that they have

and they have tons of them or you can

just not go with the fragrance at all

but the fragrance hasn't irritated his

skin or anything like that we've been

using that for about a week now so it's

not bad or anything next I'm gonna go

with his diaper bomb and I know people

really love the Buddha boob a little bit

of Boudreaux Butt Paste and we actually

didn't try that when we did try Destin

but we wanted to go with something a

little more natural again so we got the

earth mama brand and this is just the

diaper organic diaper bomb he doesn't

really get rashes that often every now

and then he will so this has lasted us a

while but it's really nice to be like

this brand I have a bunch of postpartum

things from Earth moment too which I'm

gonna do a video on that later but this

is really nice I really love that also

we use the brand baby

um and it's a coconut bomb and you can

get this at Target for ten dollars I

believe and it all it really is is

coconut oil with some added things into

it and we just use this as an

alternative to lotion we use this on his

belly on his feet and all that kinds of

stuff so we really love that also we

spot spoke to our doctor and they said

that we should be like cleaning his

mouth out after he eats do we have time

to do that not really not a perfect mama

I do not wipe his mouth out 90% of the

time sometimes I remember but when I do

remember I use these little guys these

are called all-natural tooth and gum

wipes and thereby newbie we got them for

three bucks at Ross and they just look

like this and these are all natural as

well or it says they're all natural so

we can use those a few times we just who

really has time to clean your kids comes

out every time they eat it's kind of

hard so we really don't do it all the

time but when we do it do do it we like

it so now I'm going to now I'm going to

show you his stuff that he uses to sleep

in we have we do like three different

sleepers so sometimes we will do it

gowns and I so love these gowns are so

awesome so they have this cinch at the

bottom and they just like kind of tuck

their little feet in and these are super

easy for diaper changes we had I can't

think of someone got this one for us and

it's just a cute little it's got little

animals on it but these are kind of hard

to find you can order them up Amazon I

think Walmart has sound we did get some

that have like little spaceships and

stuff on them from Walmart so those are

really awesome we also use these little

Swaddlers and these are from swaddle me

and they're just I think these I think

these are the pod version like they have

weight different weights you can go by

and I think

these are like 8 to 12 pounds our little

guys 11 pounds so he's almost outgrown

these but they just zip and they keep

them all swallowed up like they're in

the little womb and we really love these

for our little guy it helps them for

when they're sleeping and they kind of

like jump and their sleep instead they

won't jump or they will but it'll keep

their hands and their feet together so

they don't wake themselves up okay also

we love love love these little footed

pajamas we have so many of them you can

get them at Target Walmart I think

they're like anywhere from five to eight

dollars super affordable we have a bunch

of them from Walmart but you can go

pretty much anywhere and then we have

this guy and we really he hasn't gotten

to really use this one just yet but we

bought it because it's super cold here

so if I'm watching him I'll let him wear

this one but it's like a blanket tight

swaddle and I have it all jacked up but

you just put their little body in there

and wrap their little arms he's still a

little too small for this one so he

doesn't use this one unless I'm watching

him because I don't want it to like get

over his face or anything so but we have

this one and we really love this and I

think I got this one at Target for like

probably eight dollars nothing too

expensive just like that okay

trying to keep this all organized so I

can show y'all in different

you know so I also god this is just a

fun little thing that we did I love

giraffes so I got him this cute little

play mat and it looks like this and it

has like a little teaser on it and it

has a mirror oh and I'm just finding my

dog peed on it that's disgusting

um anyways it has a mirror and I'm not

gonna go any further because that's

where he peed up anyways it's a cute

little play mat I got it a TJ Max for

like 12 bucks and had to get it cuz

again I love giraffes so I got that and

I also he's a little scattered so also

we got these little swaddled muslin

blankets and they just look like this

and these are awesome if you breastfeed

they're awesome little covers but when

you're out and about and they're awesome

for burp rags sidenote something I would

not buy a whole lot of is burp rags

I mean maybe you'll use burp rags but we

honestly use the closest cloth next to

us we really don't we're not just like

oh go get a bird brag we use blankets we

use whatever and we just wash them but

normally we just use these little guys

we have tons of these blankets they're

just awesome we have that one and we

also have this one with my little guy's

name on it we had a friend super sweet

friend make this for us and it has

little sailboats on it I just think it's

so cute and we brought this guy to the

hospital with this so we really just

love the blankets are so multi-purpose

you can use them as car seat covers

breastfeeding covers burp rags blanket

literally whatever so these are

multi-purpose I love anything that I can

use for several different things so I

love that also oh I would so recommend

everyone pretty much everyone knows to

get one of these but I just want to like

rave on how awesome they are so the

bobbies you can do you could breastfeed

with them you can

for a little guy up here with them you

can do whatever they're just awesome so

I really like these again I have the

giraffes cuz I'm obsessed I would also

consider getting two of the little

covers and they're super cheap like 15

bucks at Target think you can get them

at Walmart too also sidenote little hack

for you you do not have to pay $40 for

these things at Walmart you can totally

go to Burlington and get them for like

15 $20 off I think it won Mart they're

39.99 I got mine for $23 or $25

something like that either way you're

gonna live with it save 10 to $15 on him

I still would have paid $40 for it

because we just needed it but just a

little side note to help you save money

you could totally go to Burlington and

get it for a lot cheaper so next I

wanted to show you my cute little sheets

I got from this online store I think I

actually got it on Amazon but the

boutique itself is like a little online

store I don't remember the name of it so

I'll put that in the link but I paid $20

for two of them and I have one with

stripes and one with these little sheets

on them and if you can see our little

bassinet over there he sleeps over there

most of the time and honestly I feel

like we just needed to bassinet sheets I

don't feel like we needed any more than

two he does a little he co sleeps along

with sleeps in the bassinet so we just

felt like he only needed two of these

since he was doing partially partially

both so those are really awesome and

then oh this is just a little fun thing

these are little snack bags and I got

them from Target and they're insulated

so you can put like little sandwiches at

home you can put snacks and then you can

really put whatever we use them phrase

fires or just to keep our diaper bag

really organized so these are eight

dollars at Target and I really left

those and we just have one of those

right now but I'll probably end up

getting more also wheat cloth diaper we

just recently started and I think it's

so much cheaper it's more expensive to

start off but in the long run it's so

much cheaper we get 30 cloth diapers not

30 cloth diapers 6 cloth diapers for $30

and the brands we use right now our baby

goal and this is a baby goal one and we

Grieco those are the only two that we

have tried so far but we really love

them we think they work really well for

us so cloth diapers not for everyone

some people just don't have time to do

the extra laundry and that's totally ok

nothing wrong with disposable diapers

these just work really well for us so if

you're looking for a good friend of

cloth diapers baby goal and week Rico is

super awesome and if we're gonna clog

diaper I definitely recommend getting a

wet bag and the wet bag is for the dirty

diapers and you can go like up to a week

without washing them and you just all

you do is throw them in the washer and

that's it and you take them out and use

wash Avery however many diapers you have

wash every other day every two days

whatever every week we do every other

day because we don't have enough cloth

diapers yet because we're still starting

out we only have about 15 but yeah so

there's that also definitely recommend

getting one of these changing mats we

have 2 of them you have a gray one and

then I think one of our friends gave us

this one these are really awesome for

out and about I don't know how much they

are cuz we didn't pay for this one I

think the other one came with our diaper

bag but you probably most of them will

come with your diaper bag or I know

Planet Wise has a lot of them as well

there's that

let's see what okay so for my Texas

friends you probably don't really need

this but for anyone that lives in a more

wintry state definitely recommend this

cozy cover this is a car seat cover and

it's got fleece on the inside and it's

got little zippers and the zips your

little guy up and it just keeps them

warm it keeps them from getting wet from

the snow or wet from the rain and it

just goes in your little car seat and

you can get them on Amazon for like 40

bucks but I got mine from Walmart for 15

and we really like it so there's that

also wanted to show you my wraps

I have two that I use one was gifted to

me in one we bought let me find the

little brand logo so you can see it here

is okay so this is the Kea baby's brand

and it's just some people don't like the

wrap style that you have to take time to

wrap but honestly I did a total of like

three times and I was able to do it

really quickly and get him in there I

will say though it is kind of hard to do

the wraps if you're by yourself my

husband works a lot of nights he's only

home like two days a week so 2 to 4 days

a week so it's kind of hard to put him

in this so sometimes I'll just use a car

seat and I'll just carry a minute and

put him in the buggy but especially when

he was like 2 or 3 days old and I had to

go grocery shopping I used these so yeah

but it's kind of hard to put them in

there by yourself without I mean I don't

know if they're just new when they're

fragile under little and you just want

to be careful so next I have this one

and this is the bee boa brand and I

think this guy was $40 or so and it's

again just a little wrap I also have one

that's not a wrap but he's not at the

weight limit is

I think for him to sit in it so we

haven't used that one just yet but we

really do love the rats when I have

someone to help me use it okay

oh so going back to bath time and more

giraffes I know this is a little towel

and this one's a blanket material but we

use these to dry him off with instead of

our big towels this I think my mom got

this far as that toys-r-us our babies

are as before they shut down but I

really love all the little towels and

then this is just some little fun items

for your two month old one month old

really don't play with anything that

much they just kind of look around but

we got these little rattles for his arms

and his ankles and he thinks these are

super cute he looks at them and they're

colorful and so we got these for sensory

just to help him develop a little bit

and then I thought this was super cute

so I had to get it it's a little moose

and his booty has like beans or like

beads in it or something and you heat

him up in the microwave and he gets

super warm and so sometimes when he's

sleeping I'll put this near him

with while I'm watching him I don't just

let him sleep a stuffed animals um and I

put like little essentials on him as

well see he's supposed to smell like

vanilla but he doesn't but I got him at

t.j.maxx for $12 so I love him and then

last thing we got a doc etat I

definitely think you can find some

cheaper versions on Amazon this is just

the one we got because we were in a

hurry and we were at Target and I was

falling asleep with my brand-new baby in

bed so co-sleeping wasn't really on our

radar but now we do and I'm so glad that

we do it because I love it he will sleep

in this thing and it looks like this he

will sleep in here right next to me on

on the bed and it really works for us

co-sleeping may not be for you but we

love it so we do it and yeah but I will

say one thing about the doc etat is

it's stains really easily and the covers

are pretty expensive to get another one

so we use the baby draught spot cleaner

and I just bought clean it if he pees

through his outfit or whatever and if it

gets on the docket ah I just clean it

that way and I mix it with water and I

let it dry or if I'm in a hurry to use

it I'll blow dry it but we love it I use

it for when I'm doing chores then I just

need them to lay down for a minute

sometimes I'll be in this swing but we

really love this and it worked well for

us so yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed

this video and I will probably be doing

a postpartum mixed with a what am I

trying to say

with a a hospital but I can with the

hospital bag essentials I really wanted

to know what worked for other people and

I found there was lots of things I

brought that were really unnecessary to

bring but that's okay it's better to

have more than have less so I'm going to

do a video on that later so yeah I hope

you guys had fun watching and I hope it

was helpful and have a good day y'all he

just slept this whole time while I did

my video he never sleeps like long

enough to let me do anything

so mom when