everyone welcome back to my channel

today I wanted to do a really quick

video with some quick hacks and tips as

to how we got Finn to transition out of

here sleepyhead to look into his normal

cut bed so I'm a big fan of the

sleepyhead I'll link the sleepyhead

review video that I did a couple of

months ago down below it basically saved

a bacon

the first night we got him home and put

him in the next me in the cart and he

was so tiny and he screamed all night

and it was just way too big for Emily

just felt swamped and tried to swaddle

him and it didn't work the second night

we put him in the sleepyhead on top of

the bed in the middle of us and he slept

like a dream and then the third night we

put him in the sleepyhead in the next to

me next to me and in the next next me in

the Chico next to me and he again slept

all night and ever since then he slept

pretty solidly between 8 and 10 hours at

night in solid chunks from day four so

it's been a massive massive help for us

in the beginning it was also great

because for the first eight weeks we

didn't really put into bed we would just

put him in the sleepyhead for naps

downstairs already put in the sleepyhead

for nighttime and keep him downstairs

with us and then once we were going to

bed we just lift him up and take him

with us so it's been absolutely fab but

that said it is meant to become not to

eight months asleep ahead to looks but

Finn is five and two or three quarters

nearly six months and he is well and

truly growing out of it I'll insert some

footage here so you can see I did unclip

and open the bottom to try and give him

a little bit more space but he saw so

started to roll a lot onto his tummy and

I just kind of wasn't comfortable with

him in it anymore so there are a couple

of things that we did before we took the

sleepyhead away the first thing is that

we use little if we had to transition

him from the Chico next to me into his

big bed when he was five months one week

or something like that so the safe sleep

guidelines he'll say six months but I

felt like he was ready and we were all

ready for a little bit of a better sleep

to be honest and we have had better

sleep since so he was in the sleepyhead

in his room for about two weeks before

we decided to take it away which worked

really well and because he came didn't

know any different he was just in the

sleepyhead it's the same as when we go

to moms we take the sleep head with us

and he has it the troubled kind he

doesn't know any difference that was

part of the reason why I wanted to take

this leap ahead away because as well as

I'm growing out of it and we also are

going on holiday to Cyprus and and he

was too big for it and the other reason

is that didn't want to buy the

sleepyhead ground and took a picture of

it here and it's a big investment it's

about two hundred and five pounds at

sleepyhead grand and it but it is from

eight to thirty six months well I didn't

want to do was buy it because we

couldn't take it on holiday with us it's

way too big it's like the size of a boat

and it would fill the entire crib and

it's also not great for transporting to

moms and it's just way too big I mean

the cost sort of defeats the whole

object and then what worried about was

once he was three then we would have to

transition him out of that and there was

no alternative after that so well he's a

little bit unaware and more resilient to

change I kind of wanted to get rid of it

altogether and otherwise it was before

tea and still in some sort of makeshift

bespoke sleepyhead thing so the second

thing we did to ease the transition was

we stopped using it for daytime naps so

during the day Fidan sometimes falls

asleep on his play mat or is in the

house falls asleep asleep ahead

I was actually physically putting him in

the cot and so that he could get used to

just sleeping in the car and a flat

mattress or any any other flat surface

so trying to pick him up and put him in

the cup of maps without the sleepyhead

worked really well so it was kind of

getting used to it and also I was up and

awake so if he did rolled onto his phone

or if he did roll and put his hands

between the bars I was there to sort of

like correct that for him and he wasn't

getting panicked

the main hack that I wanted to include

in this video and is one I found online

and it was real useful for us in the

first couple of days what you can do if

your baby is really little opportunity

to sort of transition out of this levy

head is you can take the sausage bit out

of the outside obviously we had so it

just unzips really easily like you would

take the cover off to clean it and using

the padding from the inside you can put

that would endure Neath the fitted sheet

in the car or in the bed and just

position it in an arch position like it

isn't actually but a slightly wider one

to allow you baby really

your baby's grown out of the sleepyhead

deluxe and then literally just attached

the sheet back under the mattress that

you would normally and place your baby

in the middle now this can obviously

grow with your baby and what you can do

what we did and found really useful was

we just moved it bigger and bigger every

night over the course of the week and

eventually you didn't need it at all and

got used to sleeping on the flat

mattress without it but it just sort of

helps ease that transition slightly if

you haven't got the sleepyhead to begin

with and you want to use something to

sort of cushion your baby and you've got

a newborn and you feeling like a little

bit lost in a big crib you can actually

use rolled-up towels underneath the

fitted sheet in the next to me or in the

car or in the Moses basket and it works

exactly the same way similarly it's a

great travel hat because you can be able

to do this on holiday and not take any

equipment with you the last tip and I

said this would be a short video because

I think if you're looking at this you

probably sleep deprived and you just

need short sharp hacks the last tip I

would say is to avoid your child get in

their arms and legs

not so much there's not a lot you can do

about that but definitely their legs

caught between the bars of the cart is

to put them in a sleeping bag now it's

been absolutely boiling in England at

the moment it's the height of summer

it's been the hottest summer we've ever

had so I have brought a sheet sleeping

bag that I've featured in my Jojo my mom

babe a hole and and it's really thin

cotton sheet completely breathable it's

just like we would use on holiday like

just a really thin sheet but it at least

is something contained in his legs and I

think to put him in just a nappy and

then the flat mattress so having nothing

around him and then also having nothing

sort of computer name was complete step

to valve in so making sure even if it is

boiling hot you put in some sort of

sleeping bag so they are my hacks and

tips the last thing that I would say is

stick with it so about Dave - when he

was a little bit grumpy still and hadn't

figured out the archon to the mattress

hack I've very nearly came and went and

bought the ground but I put it on my

Instagram quality on my stories and 100%

of people like don't do it stick with it

it's not worth it so I would say

sleepyhead is brilliant from her near on

stage but at six months or Eames or

however large babies when it grows out

of it I think it is pretty much time to


out of it and otherwise I think it would

become something they are depended on to

go to sleep these hacks are really

useful for me I hope they're really

useful for you if there's anything that

I've missed that you found useful please

link them down below or comment down

below and include your information so

that we can share it and help other

people if there's more of them I'll make

another video and include them and try

them out and see through it for us thank

you for watching I hope you enjoyed this

and I'll see you very soon bye