Best Times To Trade Binary Options and Forex!

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all right everyone

so for this purposes of course I'm gonna

have to use the chart in order to answer

this question and you probably already

saw in the title which is what are the

best times to trade binary options in

forex and this is including software's

manual trading signal providers

everybody if you provide signals not

only if you're a single provider from

our signals for which by the way I give

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comm in order to be part of the biggest

community of signals in binary options

and a Forex now I'm gonna use the charts

in order to show you exactly why there

are better times to trade than others I

usually trade around 16 GMT and 20 GMT

or between those windows is fine but the

best times are from 16 GMT to 17 GMT

let's say and 20 to 22 GMT now there are

some limitations when it comes to

actually pairs availability at a certain

schedules mostly a var 22 GMT or 20 GMT

time zones but if you have the

possibility to trade with those pairs

absolutely awesome now in a future video

I'm gonna answer what are the pairs that

are the best ones to trade with so you

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right now we're in euro GBP let me

switch to euro USD which is the pair

that I use the most

now right now we are looking and let me

see what timezone is in here 14 GMT okay

this isn't GMT awesome so right now if

we still haven't gotten to the 16 GMT

let me go ahead and change it to 30


okay so we're looking over here at and

let me also move the support line yeah

there's another one I think there you go

and this is just to give you as a

reference right I think they're

supporting this right here I'm just

doing this like fast for purposes is not

supported resistance and fights right so

I just found some good levels so right

now we're gonna go to 20 GMT which is

around this area take a look at 22:00

GMT 20 this is 20 and hopefully you can

see that the small numbering here 20 you

see in this at the bottom it says 20 GMT

notice the fact that the support and

resistance in this specific time frame

twenty twenty thirty twenty one twenty

one thirty and even you can bring the

support line a little bit up all the way

to 24 GMT even one thirty and all the

way to 3 again GMT he broke the

resistance and do you know why because

the market is way more stable at 20 GMT

from 2019 GMT noticed that the last time

the resistant was actually broken was at

15 GMT then it was of the way to 17 GMT

and indenter in a way that the support

line when the resistance word was going

to be supported within the next few

hours take a look at the 15-minute

candles in the same area because I want

to check the same area 14 where is it

where man King a lost it though hold on

hold on oh shoot no all right

15 minutes and we're gonna be looking at

area yeah here it is take a look at the

15 minute candles over here from let's

see 19:00 GMT 19 GMT is a good time as

well there you go 19:00 GMT this is

where 19 GMT starts take a look at one

put you enter around this area put four

binary options and if you enter 4 for X

take a look at all the entire drop but

binary options you can win one two maybe

three four five six seven eight nine ten

eleven signals you can win eleven

signals as put for 50-minute rates let's

take a look at the cause after nineteen

GMT which is this area it dropped all

the way here and you can win one too if

you enter for the next one three four

four traits plus xi traits that's

fifteen trades win with 15-minute trades

that's the reason why 20 GMT night from

19 to 22 GMT it's amazing it's an

amazing time to actually trade at least

with this pair now let's take a look at

16 GMT where it should be

that's number 12 let me see

16 GMT is around this area right here

let me just go ahead how can I add an

arrow here oh there we go yeah around

here it starts around here let me go

ahead and draw support resistance lines

now notice the difference notice the

difference and let me draw second one

because I don't want to lose one there

you go here's one and here's another one

alright this is a G this is C 16 GMT

and this is 19 to 23 GMT right probably

this one is not at 216 like 418 GMT do

you notice the volatility within 19 GMT

or 16 GMT do you notice the volatility

is crazy right now

28 19 to 23 GMT is the most stable

market in the world alright for at least

for the most common pairs which is euro


eur/gbp GBP USD as well and if you

notice around 16 GMT the volatility is a

little bit higher which means that for

example here there was a cool support

right here but if you notice it got

broken many times one and then another

one and then another one then another

one then another one then another one so

if you notice this so there are support

lines that are being a broken a lot here

there's another support line that who

was broken here there's another support

line that was broken and so on I can

continue back I think you see my point

the best times is 16 in not 19 to 23 GMT

what happens there look around like what

is it like around 4:00 GMT or something

like that take a look at the trends and

this is where many people take advantage

of drops and jumps this is mostly for

forex traders take a look at this take a

look at this you see take a look at this

why because the market is way too

volatile or not way too volatile but

it's not really that stable but like

around 19 to 23 GMT or around

sixteen GMT if we don't have any other

option you can see the stability of the

market so this is the reason why when

you ask ask me what are the best times

to trade I say 16 GMT or 20 GMT thank

you very much for watching this video I

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