Simple Method To Make $100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency As A Beginner | Tutorial Guide

what's up guys and welcome back to

another video now boy oh boy do we have

a bit of a bloodbath right now I mean

12% Bitcoin theory him down 11% ripple

down 11% be cash who cares like coin 165

dollars Wow Neal 84 dollars Monaro 256

that is absolutely ridiculous on the USD

chart of fact I'm gonna take a look at

mine err on the BTC Oh 8% it's pretty

tasty to be honest Monroe's not bad

right now so in today's video guys I'm

gonna be teaching you how to make money

from trading if you are a complete

beginner now it's a very very simple

method an easy thing to do and all you

need is really a bit tricks or a buy

Nance or BitFenix account something like

that and then you can use a platform

called trading view which is here you do

not have to use that though although it

can help but in in essence all you

really need is coin market cap which of

course everyone has and a website like

bit tracks or BitFenix or by Nance

something like that so it's gonna be

really really simple and easy if you to

follow along and get some great advice

how you can make 50 to $100 a day extra

on top of your income just to make a

little bit more passive income now if

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enough for the shameless plugs and let's

get into the video this video I'm going

to be teaching you how you can make

money trading if you're basic

a beginner or a newbie decryptor now

even if you've been in crypto a few

weeks or a few months it's this isn't a

guaranteed method but it's pretty much

the easiest way that you can make any

money in crypto with trading without

investing and into any schemes or mining

or anything like that you're pretty much

in control of your money somewhat so you

want to go over to coin market Capcom

and rather than viewing the prices in

USD because most people don't buy in USD

as you can only really buy from coinbase

like Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like corn

etherium which is not bad most people in

fact trade in BTC Bitcoin so come over

to coinbase click here and click BTC now

we're going to see the prices in BTC

we're going to see the volume in BTC the

price in BTC and the change in 24 hours

now the change in 24 hours is going to

be the thing we're interested in so we

just click this once it'll give us the

highest gain and boy or boy has any

ambient doing well through this crash

and we're gonna click change in 24 hours

again and this is gonna have give us the

biggest decrease in the last 24 hours

against BTC against Bitcoin now pretty

much if you see a coin on here in the

top let's say top 5 top 10 here on the

biggest changes if it's a reasonably

decent coin and it's got a good strategy

behind it it's got a good team

everything like that and you can go

ahead and check it out check where

previous support was check where

previous resistance was I'm gonna show

you that in a second but you can really

start to make a bit of profit every

single day just by finding the change in

24 hour coins now this is super super

super like not newbie but super kind of


but the tactics still work regardless if

you're a beginner or advanced I do teach

more advanced trading tactics in the

Bitcoin blueprint so if you were

interested in that

the first thing down below but we're

gonna take a look at one down here that

it's pretty popular you want to be

looking at volume as well you want to

have a volume of 24 hours of a round

you're looking for around 500,000 to 1

million or more USD so if we go ahead

and 500,000 divided by what's Bitcoin

right now like

9,000 we're looking at around 55 or more

Bitcoin in the last 24 hours

so most of these have that block neck

doesn't have that but anything let's say

about 50 to 100 Bitcoin you're gonna be

fine trading it should be okay so we do

have nano down there that would be a

great one but for today's video i'm

gonna be using bit tracks so nanos not

listed on bit tricks but Nana's been

decreasing by 10 percent recently so if

you got into that that could potentially

be quite profitable but I'm gonna come

down here to one called see a coin now

see a coin is basically cloud storage I

was already invested invested in it all

the way back here and I sold at the peak

here at the pump and took my profits and

I bought back in around about down here

somewhere so I do trade see a coin quite

a bit I do know it a little bit well and

it's definitely a nice coin and the

volume is 6.8 million in 24 hours

so there's definitely volume there for

you to trade with so what you're gonna

want to do this is slightly more

advanced but you can still do it go over

to trading vidcom you can make yourself

an account completely free to make and

basically when you get on your account

in the top left hand corner you just

want to type s see which is the

identifier for SIA coin now you may see

all these lines on the chart

the RSI the MACD the Bollinger Bands you

don't have to have these it does help if

you want to add them you just come up

here to this little line here indicators

click on that you can type MACD add the

MACD you can add the RSI relative

strength index bought like overbought

and oversold and you can add the

Bollinger Bands and the moving average

my RSI is set to 30 and 70 and my

Bollinger Bands I believe are 25 close

to so they're pretty standard sets the

easiest way to see if it's going to be

potentially interesting to look into I

think is by cross-referencing the RSI

and the Bollinger Bands so this is just

very basic tactics guys so you want to

add will get will get rid of the MACD

will get rid of the MACD for now we

don't need the map team so we got rid of

the MACD now we have the RSI and the

Bollinger Bands and of course the price

so we're going to minimize this because

it's a bit

annoying so we're gonna go ahead and

look at the one-hour chart and we're

gonna reference this to the 4-hour chart

as well we can see here on basically the

very very basic fundamentals is when the

chart when the candlesticks touch the

lower portion of the Bollinger Band

that's pretty much when we can see them

maybe bounce off them if you just think

of these Bollinger Bands it's kind of

like they bounce off it whenever they

hit them yes this is very very simple

analogy I go over it more in my Bitcoin

blueprint I'm just trying to give an

overall beginner's guide to this so you

reckon end doing some research on

Bollinger Bands and also the RSI

relative strength index and this will

give you more information about it but

effectively once we have hit the bottom

Bollinger Band in some point we will see

an increase and you can you can kind of

monitor this with the RSI so we can see

down here the RSI whenever it crosses

under 30 RSI that most traders that

triggers that they want to buy into the

coin or the token whereas when the RSI

goes outside of the of the bands above

around 70 now you can set this to

whatever you want 70/30 is pretty

standard in the industry I keep mine on

70/30 but you could put it for example

1090 or 40 and 60 something like that

just depending on how risk-averse you

are so we can see here once it's crossed

out of the RSI it has in fact drops and

most people use the RSI as a trigger of

when to buy and when to sell now you

might think okay that seems a bit easy

but if you take a look back at the

market here we can see the RSI here it

crossed out of the 30 band which would

trigger that the the coin is in fact

overbought so many people may be selling

it if it's overbought many people might

want to sell it this is just basic

fundamentals so when it crossed out here

over the RSI below 30 we can see them

we've we followed a pump all the way to

out of the RSI above 70 now this in very

basic terms will trigger a lot of

traders too if I buy it here and then

sell it here now this does not always

work of course it doesn't everything is

different in trading you can't truly

predict the market exactly technical

analysis is good

for some chump standpoints but a lot of

media and thought plays a huge deal in

in my opinion anyway so we can see here

if you were to bought in at the bottom

here when it crossed out the 30 you

would in fact sold here and it would

have been great you made a pretty decent

profit but we can see here it does in

fact have almost false triggers so we

can see here it does touch here it then

does go back up but then then I kind of

has a double bottom like so so it's

definitely interesting to see if you did

want to go ahead and buy some see a coin

all you got to do is go to bid tracks

make your account go on to be BTC market

type in SC that identifier click see a

coin and we can see it's down 7% against

BTC which is pretty interesting now to

buy this all you've got to do is have

Bitcoin on your bit cheques account you

just got the wallets and you click the

plus button and then deposit your

Bitcoin once you got your Bitcoin on

there you can effect in fact go ahead

and trigger a market by order so what

you want to do let's say for example you

want to get in act let's move it to the

our charm well we want to get in up so

the previous support was at around 155

stowe she's I believe so if we were to

get in around now and then trigger a

sell order for around 104 yester the

spot was at around 155 Satoshi's so if

we were to get in now and trigger a sell

at around 149 150 - we couldn't that

make a small profit now I'm just doing

this a couple of times a day can easily

make you fifty to a hundred dollars per

day very very easily so this has just

been a pretty basic video about trading

of course I've said this a million times

I have got more advanced trading videos

in the Bitcoin blueprint you can come

down here and have a look over the

course see trading videos here and I

will be adding trade new trading videos

every single week exclusive for the

course so that's definitely very

interesting so let's say for example

you're wanting to buy point one Bitcoin

worth of see a coin how would you do


well basically you would come over to

see a coin you would have your BTC in

your wallet as I said before click the

plus button and then you'll be coming

down here now this is the trading

section this is buying CA coin this is

selling coin

you can see I do hold around 106,000 see

a coin right now no I'm not trying to

promote this coin I don't care if you

buy or not I think the tech behind it is

pretty interesting and that's why I'm

buying it and holding it but if you

wanted to buy 0.1 Bitcoin worth of see a

coin you come down here in time 0.1 you

would then select the price you want to

buy see a coin app now do you want to

buy the last market price well if you do

click on price here and click last that

would in fact get you sixty eight

thousand three hundred and twenty one a

seer coin but you might not want to buy

at that price you may think the market

is going to drop from doing your

analysis and you may want to in fact go

ahead and buy it at 138 to Toshi's you

can just click last here and then you

can in fact alter this here to example

138 satoshis once you've done that you

just type 0.1 BTC again and basically

you get 72 thousand see a coin you just

click buy see a coin and then if the

market reaches that price bit tricks

will automatically fulfill that order

and your order will be seen down here in

open orders now if you didn't want to

sell it of course once you bought it and

you bought it you can then set select a

limit sell now let me check go on the

one hour chart for example here we can

see that there was in fact a lot of

support around one hundred and fifty

five hundred and fifty six maybe a

hundred and fifty seven satoshis line I

did say that earlier so you maybe you

want to set a sell order before that if

you want to be a bit risk-averse or if

you are willing to take a few risks you

could in fact set a sell order for maybe

higher up here on this support level

which is around 175 Satoshi's so I would

recommend if you just want to get a

small profit you can in fact set it for

about one hundred and hundred and then

we go on a 30-minute chart around the

hundred and fifty 350 to mark so what

you do you would type in here the units

you want to sell which would be 72

thousand like so I'll just copy that in

here for now BTC

what price do you want to pay I said a

hundred earned what did I say

one hundred

and 153 let's say 153 satoshis you do it

to 153 Satoshi's and then you would type

in the amount you want to sell like so

and you can see it in fact make point 1

0 3 bitcoin so you'd make a profit of

around 105 110 dollars if you were to do

something like that now that's a very

very simple trade but if you can see if

you do something like that every single

day you can easily make a hundred to two

hundred dollars per day profit now this

is as simple as just going over the coin

market cap and checking the the losers

of lefted losses that sounds really bad

but checking the the biggest loss of the

last 24 hours

and simply buying that coin now this is

really basic fundamental trading advice

yes you can make 50 to $100 a day easily

doing this as I showed you just now I'm

not gonna be purchasing this sorry I'm

not gonna be purchasing this sell order

and buy order because I already hold see

a coin and I'm pretty happy on my

position where I bought in but this we

can see would make you point zero one

Bitcoin profit which is really nice for

a trade that would probably take you

maybe around three four hours and you

that trade could get fulfilled so thanks

for watching guys if you haven't already

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