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hello girls welcome back to another

episode on the Falcon youtube channel I

hope you all do very well and in this

episode we're going to be talking about

some real truths that you guys and girls

that need to hear and first I'm fine

before most I really want you to share

this with as many traders as possible

because they're going to need to hear

this today we're going to be talking

about the reality of full time trading

because on instagram social media and

things like that we're constantly sold

on this kind of laptop lifestyle digital

nomads things and although you can do

that and you can travel and things like

that I want to get into the truth and I

want to break it down into a few stages

that I think that's going to provide a

lot of value into routines understanding

that there's money management involved

and also understanding that there's

mindset involved so when you can combine

these things it really helps break down

each stage of what's really really

important the truth is I've been

full-time for nearly five years now and

even to this day I'm not constantly

going on holiday I'm not always going

abroad and things like that

can I of course I can I can go whenever

I want but the truth is there's a lot of

things that you learn to love and you

know that you need to do when you treat

this like a business that you need to

get into when you start seeing this as a

business you start seeing things very

differently it's not always about being

by the beach and all of these kind of

things so it's not always the answer

that people want to hear but you need to

hear it so guys and girls let's get into

it so first up we're going to go into

routines the reality of full time

trading is that you need a solid

diligent routine that you focus and that

you love and that you enjoy otherwise

you'll just get bored of it and do

different things first up just a quick

story about myself so when I first went

full-time what I did is I woke up

whenever I wanted why because I had the

freedom for the very first time to do I

want when I want

I was excited who wouldn't and what you

don't realize is that starts to affect

your results it starts to affect your

sleep patterns all these things I was

trading the Asian session one earth and

my trading the Asian session is staying

up to all kinds of hours I'm ready to

bring my friends sometimes to 3:00 in

the morning to me forgetting I'm

the way back because my brother had an

office it was 24 hours and I used to go

there and you know have my own time and

things like that and I'd be driving and

then ringing people thinking honoring

its percent 3:00 in the morning the

thing is I was so detached from the

world at that point I didn't have a

routine because why I would sometimes

wake up and think I'm a little bit tired

and then I would just stay in bed and

then before you know I'm waking up at

12:00 1:00 2:00 and then I'm doing

nightshift you know what am i playing

yeah but the reality is I didn't have a

solid routine I had no structure I

didn't have a boss anymore I didn't have

anybody to tell me what to do when to do

it so I had to learn to manage my own

time so it goes back to processes so you

I cannot stress enough the reality of

when you go full-time you need a routine

and if you don't have a routine if

you're a full-time trader and you've

you've done this then you'll know

exactly what I'm talking about and let

me know in the comments if you struggled

with this as well many full-time traders

I've spoken to they go through the same

thing at the beginning stage you love it

and before you know you realize you're

scratching your head getting distracted

by YouTube and all these kind of things

because you're not focusing on what you

need to do because you learn me tonight

it'll be disciplined time block and

manage your own time routines and

processes are so important so the

reality is guys and girls that can you

go abroad and live a laptop lifestyle

and do these things yes but you got to

think about different environments you

know Wi-Fi connection if when you trade

large capital you just see things very

differently a Wi-Fi connection becomes a

very serious problem for you now there's

a reason why sometimes I don't pick a

certain destination because the Wi-Fi is

not good enough there was a holiday that

me and my partner was gonna go to the

Maldives and I checked out a few places

and I was literally phoning up for I was

talking to me about all these kind of

things and what they've got and I was

like yeah it's all good but what's the

Wi-Fi connection what is the download

what's the upload speed and the thing is

that's the truth and you're not going to

think like that because all you just see

is the glamorous lifestyle but when

you're training things like a business

and you know you need to make very

costly decisions because it's a

portfolio that you're dealing with now

it's a very different level of thinking

so you'll learn to realize that

successful people in all different

industries they really appreciate

routine so the reality is if you're

going full-time

make sure you get your routine on point

and learn how to manage yourself really

really important look at people like

even Warren Buffett billionaire what

does he do you probably seen the

documentary that came out quite a while

ago where does he go in the morning


the same drive-thru at 7:00 a.m. or

whatever time it was to order the same

exact thing why is that because he just

has a routine that he loves he can buy

whatever he wants he's a billionaire but

what does it go to show you successful

people success leaves clues successful

people they appreciate and respect

routines and processes because they know

how important they are so full-time

traders if you're thinking about it and

make sure you go in having the right

routine in place the next point I want

to go into that I think is overlooked as

well and the reality of full-time

training is that you need a solid

mindset not a bulletproof mindset

because that's a bit of a fantasy you

know there isn't anyone that's got this

full bulletproof mindset you can walk to

water and a strong mindset but not

bulletproof and what tends to happen and

this is just from my own experience and

people that I've seen do this is that

you tend to forget what got you there in

the first place so what do I mean by

that well let's say for example you're

reading trading in the zone other books

of mindfulness books mindset books and

you're doing the right things your goal

setting your journaling you're doing the

right things working on your mindset but

then your mind switches to well I'm

full-time now so I just need to make

money so then you all you think about

it's compounding your account

compounding money but you forget about

the compound of knowledge you forget

about compounding your mindset and then

you forget doing the things that you

need to do that got you there in the

first place

so you no longer read books you start

just thinking well no or now you know

I've done that so we forget the things

that we've already done when you go

full-time you need to do more things to

work on your mindset and it doesn't mean

read loads of books not necessarily it

means just really make sure that your

mindset is on point and that can be

through things like meditation again go

back to routines and processes but we're

really making sure that you have a plan

not just for your trading routines and

trading account you actually have a plan

for your mindset what areas of your life

do you want to work on what areas do you

want to work on in terms of growth do

you want to be just by the charts all

the time probably not I tend to take on

average 10 to 12 trades per month and I

designed it in a way that I don't have

to take 20 30 trades because I don't

understand the sustainability and the

scalability of that it's important to

have other things in place which is why

for you seen on other channels my

personal YouTube channel things are

property other things I do

and it's because that you can't sit by

the screen all the time the reality of

full time trading is that you literally

it's worse it's more damaging I've been

there where I would literally you know

click through click through all of the

charts and before you know it I'm

looking yeah that looks like a trade and

they'll be taking trains I shouldn't

trade they're not in my plan but I've

got all the time well not so I'm just

sitting there thinking you know times

taken you know nothing's going on why

don't I just place a few more trades and

before you know it you a Sr and realized

that that wasn't in your plan in the

first place so the reality is not only

do you need routines in place you need

to be doing other things whether that's

going to the gym

Fitness dedicating time to just

listening to an audio book or working on

a side project that you really like

doing other things actually improves

your trading so the reality of this you

know I want to be a full-time trader I

want to quit my job

you're so emphatic going full time

that's not what it's cut out to be and

I'm not to do that to dampener and say

that it's not good because

amazing you have all the free time to be

able to do what you want but you'll

learn to realize that routines processes

and actually doing other things working

on your mindset is really really key and

that is what is going to sustain you for

the long run so it's so so important and

then when we go to the last point I

think that a lot of people fail to

realize and it's the reality or

full-time trading money management so

what I mean by this if that if you're

thinking about going full-time you're

thinking about becoming a full-time

trader I urge you to at least have six

months of your outgoings and expenses as

a buffer you need to have that I don't

really want to put the word budget into

it because budget really comes from a

scarcity level of thinking but moreso

buffer in that sense that you've just

got that there you've got yourself

covered put it that way you've got

yourself covered your expenses all of

these things you're out going six months

what that does is it relieves the

pressure a little bit because you're not

now thinking about month to month

because remember the idea of you going

full-time is that you want to be a

full-time trader you want to be

empowered you don't to go from being

employed to then being employed to the

market and if you're trading a month the

month that's exactly what you'll be

doing so having that six months in place

or even twelve months for something

poor that's going to help you feel far

more confident less stress focus on what

you need to do focus on your routines

you're not thinking well I need to make

four percent this month because that's

going to cover my expenses and bills

that's that's a scarcity mentality to

think you need to have things in place

so you can focus on what is more

important otherwise you make bad

decisions you base you base your

decisions based of outcome based off of

the routine and process that you need to

achieve bigger outcomes you see what I

mean so it's really important that you

have that in place as security and in

the right sense that you've got yourself

covered and that is a business level of

thinking because just like you've you

started a business you might say that

right I've got six months of cash flow

it's a smart decision to make or I've

got 12 months cash flow well now you're

not making you know vulnerable decisions

or impulsive decisions because you know

you've got six or twelve months and that

gives you the right amount of time to

adjust and to adapt so money management

is really really key and once you do

that that is going to help you so much

more and if you notice a lot of

successful people they have certain

things in place that they do to ensure

that they can just focus on what they're

good at don't go from being employed to

somebody thinking that you're going to

go full time and it's going to be this

on the beach all the time laptop

lifestyle and then you're wondering why

things are not working out for you

because you've not been used to managing

your own time because you have to be at

certain place at certain time everywhere

you're not focusing on your mindset

because you think you've made it now and

then you've not got any money management

so now you're thinking month the month

or really thinking about the outcome I'm

realizing that you've not put things in

place and measures in place it's going

to set yourself up for success and again

all of the things I've just said is

business level thinking you need to

elevate yourself to business level

thinking if you want business results so

by doing these things I wanted to bring

more awareness because I think every

trader needs to hear this any aspiring

trader that wants to be a full-time

trader you might think you want to be a

full-time trader because you've heard

people say it wash yourself why do you

want to be a full-time trader what if

you love what you do and you're able to

trade in congruence with that very very

well which a lot of people don't which a

lot of people are so what if you'd do

something that's very very rewarding way

for example you're a paramedic and you

love what you do you like helping people

and you're able to trade what if you're

if you're doing something else you're in

a restaurant and you were able to

the way the Sushil started this could be

different strategies by the way but the

reason why I love the Falcon strategy is

the flexibility of it that if you're

more aggressive in the market you can be

aggressive it's if it suits your

personality you just need a plan for it

if you're more conservative you can do

that as well the highest level of

success that any trader will achieve is

someone that can trade in congruence of

their own personality it's that black

and white it's not about the one

personality favors another one it's the

level of consistency that you can do to

be true to yourself because then you're

not faking anything you're doing

something that is congruent with you

your sets of values your beliefs and

your ideal lifestyle you might not want

to be by the charts all day every day I

don't because I know perform better when

I'm doing other things and I'm focusing

on other things so the reality of full

time trading is learn to love the things

that are not always attractive right

learn to love the processes the routines

and take pride in them I absolutely love

it I enjoy my morning routine my evening

routines and all these things because I

know that once I achieve that and I

consistently do that that is where

growth comes it's the consistency of

doing the things that seem insignificant

but they're actually very very

significant and that could be things

like five daily jobs just taking off

five simple goals that are congruent

with the bigger goals if I take off

those five goals I know they compound

over the year so it's the things that

are so easy not to do they're also easy

to do and you just have to make the

choice to actually do it in the first

place so I hope this gives you a bit of

an insight it's not what you want to

hear you want to hear me say you know go

to the buyer go to here and go to the

Maldives and just be trading for your

laptop and although that is true and you

can do that but you need a very high

level of discipline you need to be in

the flow state you need to be in the

flow State as much as possible how are

you going to be in the flow state if

you're traveling around all the time how

are you going to be in the flow State

if you're constantly just in two time

zones or worrying about whether the

internet connection is there and you're

trying to get signal and manager trade

how are you going to do that your mind's

not there you need to put yourself in an

environment where you treat this like a

business if you really want to take it

to those levels business level thinking

so guys and gals I really hope you've

enjoyed this episode I wanted to bring

awareness to the full-time trading side

of things that just because you're a

trader and you want to be successful

doesn't mean that you have to escape

your job you may be very successful with

what you do you may have a successful

business and they can be congruent

together with the right routines the

right processes and the right strategy

that gives you that level of flexibility

but guys and gals really hope you've

enjoyed this episode

let me know in the comments if you're a

full-time trader you've been thinking

about going full-time and this has

helped you any key takeaways or if

you've been full-time full-time training

for a while and you've had or you've

relate to any of these kind of struggles

and you've kind of done things to put

them in place think about to overcome I

would absolutely love to know but guys

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appreciate to know your number one

takeaway for this episode have an

incredible weekend ahead and I'll seat

you soon take care everyone