Why you should trade FOREX - (Must Watch)


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so yeah guys um you know i'm on today's

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i'm forex you know because you know a

lot of people are asking me she didn't

treat forex when this

she literally for us when this

surrounded be speaking about should you

trade forex when you're in school or

when you're into

like i just want to speak about why you

should actually look to trade

forex unfortunately i've got my friends

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it's super amazing but yeah let me not

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so let us get into today's topic so why

is it that people should be trading

forex now so i'll be speaking with you

know my personal reasons you know maybe

one or two reasons that i

like why am i trading forex and so on

and then we can also hear other people

other traders my friends on them

explaining why is it that people should

be trading

forex so i'm one thing that i'll say is

that you know obviously guys um let me

not speak too much about the financial


because that's what most people would

say but you know i'm one thing that it

has allowed me to do is spend time with

family so literally you know when i did


you know through my birthday celebration

you know i spent ever since like what


till like a week full a week without

being on social media without being on

my phone my phone was literally off

the whole time and you know i just had

time to connect with my family i just

attempted to do all these things

at the same time guys you know i was

still able to not be back in hospital

like it didn't put me back a bit you

know i still continue to even became

more greater with my mindset and so on

so it actually allows you to have time

to spend with the ones that you love or

to spend doing something that you love

if you love playing soccer then you're

gonna be getting time to play soccer and

so on

and also guys um it's also the

management of time you can play

like i like the fact that i i don't like

you know waking up in a specific time


like a specific time and coming back

like having the same routine daily

that's not for me

so i noticed that with forex market i

can't read that three i can do 10 i get

anytime literally 24 hours within a week

and i can still be able to make profits

i can still be able to live a normal

life i can still be able to take care of

business family

and so on so those are one of the

reasons that i am treating forex most

people would say that the trading also

for financial

um freedom obviously yes we all do one

money so forex allows you to you know 10

times 100 times

the money that you can expect from the

market you know you can literally start

with 100

account turn into a thousand to 10 000

and so on just moving up

like that you know and also the growth

one thing that i like forex most

importantly is the mentality that it

allows you to

um grow it's like you know to better

your strategy you need to

better your mindset you need to better

some of the things about yourself so

once you do better those things about

yourself obviously your profits are also

going to become better

you're going to grow in the forex market

and you know

it's actually going to take you to a

whole new level or where you're going to

figure you're going to find out things

new things about you that are very much

exciting and i was like wow

like it's nice you know you're learning

you you growing yourself at the same

time you're making money

what kind of like why do people think

that something like this is a scam

obviously people do not have knowledge

but yeah that's the topic for today guys

we are speaking about

why people should be treating the forex

market so let me leave my beautiful

office my beautiful

setup here and let me go check out my

friends and let's see what it is that

they have to say for us

obviously the chilling here we can

simply see that they are

having an amazing time one is laying

down here chilled

one is busy on the laptop the other one

is like literally checking chats on

the screen here you can simply see that

we are hustlers 24 7 always

pushing so yeah let me make sure that i

turn my camera nicely away we're good

so i'm here with my friends offensive

offense how's it

my guy i'm nice brother i know i can

never complain you know we're shining

out here

making sure that business is moving well

so i can simply see that you are

actually let me move the camera here so

you guys can see that he is busy with

editing this so

what is it that you're editing here um

editing uh let's see what's 23rd

birthday party video

nice nice nice nice so yeah sorry about

that i keep on moving the camera here

and there i can really manage it at all

but yeah it's busy

editing my you know 23rd birthday

celebration that's one that we actually

i'm you know we took part in it was very

private but at the same time we were

able to enjoy

so friends i was busy telling members

here that you had a treat and you've

been praying for the forex market name

is that true yeah it is true because you

know we are always hustling or always

looking at the chats we're only speaking

business things that are gonna move us

to the next level you know

so can you please talk to us about you

know um like why do you think that

someone out there

that is not reading forex or someone out

there that is trading forex

but like that needs to hear what you

have to say like

why should they treat forex you know if

i'm trading forex why should i continue

trading forex and if

i'm not trading forex but i want to get

into the forex market why is it that i

should be

trading forex tell me a bit more about

that okay guys so

uh my advice is that i think you should

trade forex because of uh

financial freedom a lot of people work

nine to five jobs and they don't make

that a lot of money to contain

themselves on their families

i think you should treat forex uh

because of

like i think most of the guys are not

good at school

or whatever but then i think maybe when

you're at home you can manage to sit on

their laptop and try out something you

find out you're good with this thing and

you can make money

right so i advise you to to start

learning and trading forex because guys

you don't know where your strongest

strength is

yeah so just try your luck you'll thank

me one day so thank you on this so what

you what you're basically saying is that

someone out there is struggling with

school or someone out there doesn't like

the job that they're working at or

someone out there doesn't like what

what they're doing there so the best

thing that they can do is that they


treat forex that way they can be able to

you know make money they can be able to

you know have time

they can be able to do all these things

that's what you're saying exactly nice


no i like that i like that you know i i

believe someone out there you know took

note of that

they have a note a note um pad and also

you know pen they wrote it down

but what is the one thing that you can

you know leave us with like let's say


um someone watching this video what is

the one thing that they can take from

you maybe that one piece of advice

about what it is what motivates maybe

what um what can motivate them to

actually push the forex market you know

because i'm trading and now you know why

should i continue pushing like talk to

me about it

guys what i'm gonna say is that uh give

it a try and see where

it ends up and then the advice i'm gonna

give you is that guys

it's not gonna be easy you won't get

rich fast you need to learn

make sure that you know what you're

doing sure because a lot of people lose


just because of they don't know what

they're doing it's not a get rich

fast scheme yeah you practice you learn

then you continue nice nice nice nice

now that's that's actually

a very wonderful advice that you got

from my friend here offensive

you know he's been pushing his brand

billionaire mindset you know and you

know he's just hustling he's trying to

get his coins up

you know trying to make a living for

himself you know take your family take

off business

doesn't want to you know get in in a way

of anyone out there so i do respect

someone that's doing something like this

you know i respect someone

that's actually they're trying to make

you know something for themselves you

know instead of them trying to rob a


them doing something illegal or them

saying that i didn't pass at school so

i'm good for nothing

what they're doing is that they're

saying that there's something in the

forex market let me try this out and see

if it'll work

we are all not to reach all you know

world to anything like that but i

believe that there's a way forward for

us you know we believe that you know god

has a special place

for us so let me see my one friend here

i would say lo he's busy in the kitchen

i don't know what he's busy cooking but

i think he's cooking something special

for us

but can you please talk to us um how's

the day my guy i'm good at you

nah nah i'm chilled i'm chill i can

never complain you know life is doing

well on the outside

and how's it been on your side no it's

going very well now okay well nice nice

can you please no i'm brazilian

can you please talk to us a bit more

about why is it that you know because

you've been trading forex you know for

for over three years you know i started

trading the forest market duty and so on

why is it that you know um

people should be looking into trading


you know one thing i like about forex

trading is you can trade

any time of the day nice perfect we

traded five times

a week yeah and nowadays in dices yeah

so even on weekends you can trade if you

want to

perfect so one thing i also like about

it is

you can trade anywhere in the world you

mean that like literally if i'm you know

if i'm in the desert

if i'm in the ocean you know if i'm

doing i can treat forex

as long as you have the internet or you

and you have your laptop sure

i read it anyway no that's that's

powerful that's powerful that's powerful

no that's amazing you know meaning that

what he said is that you know you can

literally treat anywhere and

anytime you know these these markets

they close obviously during the weekends

but there's ones that open during the

weekend so you can still

treat them so say look can you please

leave us with that one piece of advice

that someone watching this

you'd want them to when they sleep to to

think about what is

what it is that you have said what is

the one piece of advice that you'd like

to leave us with

you know a lot of people when they start


they rush yes the problem so one thing

they should do

is for them is to take their time learn

about the forex market

yeah then that's when they can start

trading the the real account

nice nice okay so they shouldn't rush

into making the quick buck

through nice nice okay so you should

actually learn from you know maybe a

visual account

or learn from you know a very small

amount and then afterwards when you see

that you are consistent you're


then you can maybe that's when you can

start depositing into your life account

then you can start trading

perfect perfect i was about to ask you

how much can they deposit

but i remember that we should stick to

the topic on which why is it that they

should be treated

so yeah there will be a video for

another day obviously guys comment below

if you want to know more about it but

let me move on to my next

friend which is offense thank you very

much what's hello so where can people

get you

um where can people get you you can get

me on ig

we'll make sure that you put the link

down there and you can also

check me out on my youtube channel

nice nice no it's good that you're

pushing you know we came from nothing

literally you know we had to

you know move our way through you know

to push people through just so we get by

but you know we're still here we're


and i'm here with my one friend you know

he's representing well he's doing he's

going hard in the streets it's my friend

offensive yeah can you please move over

to this side because you know the sun is

a bit more

you know playing with us today but how's

it been how's it going there hey yo

what's up everyone my name is


youtube channel is offenseless i'm glad

to be

sharing this uh live session with lisa

von tube and

fellow friends here yeah yeah basically

what i'll tell you is that uh

did you come to earth to live an

ordinary life or to come to earth

and live nice you understand because

there's difference between surviving and

living yeah why you should trade forex

basically forex will

eventually offer you a financial freedom

yeah offer you

traveling yes give you the life that

most people can afford you understand

you can be able

can they dream of it or they can still

can drink they can't afford them country

or or what before a dream becomes a

reality you have to dream it sure once

you can see something

in your mind then you can touch it once

you can touch it you can achieve it

perfect so i believe

all of you watching this video are

winners and you were born to win

why you should trade forex is basically

you'll be able to get financial freedom

you'll be able to fund your other

businesses you will be able

to give your family and

other members within your community

their lifestyle which they only dream of

or they only see you on tv

some people they come from communities

and they feel that

they are only limited to a certain

level but i'll tell you one thing when

we started

forex trading we never thought we'll

achieve whatever we achieved

we thought it is just something that is

not real it's just making money

online but after making research and

mastering our strategy

sure we managed to be able to be

consistent and profitable

so basically in forex trading you should

be able to be

the five percent that are profitable and

consistent traders yeah so your mindset

is important prepare your life for the

challenges you're going to face

yeah it's not a get rich quick scheme

never you're gonna

face obstacles which will eventually

make you feel like you want to give up

yeah but there is a light at the end of

the tunnel yeah

keep pushing all of you are winners

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subscribe offensively driver

it's your boy no i know what this guy

said is very imp

empowering you know i feel super super

excited to know that thank you very much

offensive you know

i feel like you know i could literally

sit down with you in the room we locked

up and you tell me all these things that

you told

my members out there you know because

it's super valuable but guys you did get

to hear

all the information that we spoke about

you know why you should be treating

forex if you're not obviously you need

to start reading the forex market

you are missing out on big business like

big moves you know big

you know i'm finances coming your way

big breakthroughs all these things you

know we're not trying to

you know maybe sell you something that

you shouldn't be involved in but we're

trying to just allege you that you know

people are making money out yeah

you two can also make money you two can

also make a living for yourself

obviously if you've got kids if you've

got you know parents and so on you want

to take care of them you want to be the

one that you know they're smiling

looking at and saying that i'm here

because of you know this person you know

so you need to be basically you need to

take responsibility

of your finances of your life of your

mindset of all these things but you know

i thank you guys so much for watching i

hope that you did get to know down some

of these

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