How I learnt to trade Fx - (Lesiba Mothupi)

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which brings me to the topic where i

want to speak about you know how i

actually started getting

involved into the forex market but not

only that how i learned

to treat forex you know because most

people would be seeing you you know

um moving forward in life or succeeding


like like beginning some consistency

within the markets but they would

understand some of the things that you

had to

go through or some of the things that

you actually you know had to sacrifice

in order for you to be able to reach a

specific level

so on today's video actually want us to

cover that i wanted to speak about how i


i wanted to speak about some of the

things that i done in order for me to be

able to just

experience my breakthrough because i

believe that you can experience your

breakthrough and i believe that you will

experience your breakthrough obviously

so let us start off first with it like

most of you guys do know that i actually

started trading

um when i was at 2017 i was in actually


trading forex and i got involved in the

markets but that doesn't mean that you

know i'm 2017 i didn't know about forex

and i started trading

i actually knew a bit about it i knew a

bit about it but i had a friend

um like my friend his mom was actually


trading you know and while she was

trading you know she mentioned to us

like you know you guys should be

involved in this

you know this seems it's it's amazing

and so on but this was like before 2017

maybe 2016 2015

but i also didn't take that into mind

but i was like wow that's amazing you

know i like the fact that she sits at

home and then she gets to trade

and you know um and that was that was

like the start of me being able to


or or see that there's actually

something called the foreign exchange

market name

but i didn't search about it i didn't do

anything i just

knew about it and in 2017 was when i

actually you know um

i'm i was i was scrolling past it i

believe it was like instagram or


no on facebook or facebook and then i

saw someone like living a beautiful life

you know living an amazing life

and this person you know like they were

always just showing off like their

lifestyle and so on

i was okay i actually do want that you

know i'm still in college but i want

this i want to live the way that this

person lives

and i reached out to the person and that

person that was replying so fast and

everything unfortunately i got involved

into a scam

you know i'm cause at the end of the day

that person told me i should be

i should give him money and he's gonna

invest for me

and i'm gonna get this much back in

return and i was excited you know i was

even starting to plan you know i'm gonna

buy this car i'm gonna buy this car

i'm gonna buy this i'm gonna buy like i

was already planning what i'm gonna get

and obviously it was a scam i didn't

make it too far

and um i told myself what if like i i


learned this thing on my own instead of

me wanting to give someone money so they

can do this for me

what if i just see i want to learn this

on my own like imagine i just gave this

person money and i lost that money

but now if i must instead like focus on


and instead of giving that person that

money now i'm the one that has the money

and i'm trading for myself

even if i lose that money i know it went

you know and i can see

and if i gain that money i don't have to

split profits with someone

i don't have to what like i made that

money you know i'm gonna keep hundred

percent profits to myself

i was okay let me get into it so i you

know i'm one of the first things that

i've done is that i

obviously went on google search forex

trading what is forex trading this was

like what 2017

the beginning of 2017 april let's see

so what is forex trading how does forex

reading work how much can you make

trading forex

you know who are the most top successful

forex traders then i started following

those top successful forex traders

um what is the cow what does how do

bruce wake can you think without a bruka

what what is needed in order for me to

start treating forest you know some of

the questions that i was asking myself

you know i was searching those questions

instead of trying to make it be on

someone so i went there and then i

searched i got as much information as


i wrote down the information not only

that but i

also um i actually you know i i was able

to sit down like after getting that

information gathering it i was able to


be a part of some of the forums because

you know on google when you search these


they'll put you you know just though

those of you before you read this just

be a part of this forum

you know and then i just got in there i

was like join i just joined a lot of


i'll be involved with other people other

traders like you know they'll be talking

a lot like

buyers all here doing all these things

but they're a bit more advanced for me

so eventually i met up with the person

that was trading and that person told me

about one group that

my telegram group that i can join you

know i'm you know i went into the

telegram group and you know

i luckily went out of those forums on

google and so on

the telegram group was in a south

african telegram group you know like a

south african trader had a telegram

group so you know he was sharing his

analysis sharing what he believes

sharing all these things

you know and i was in the group for a

short while you know i kept quiet i saw

what people were doing i saw

what the top successful ones in the

group were doing i followed what they've

done and most importantly i

watched a lot of youtube videos you know

i was searching on youtube

the top youtubers that are posting you

know i was watching their content

i'm watching what it is they talk about

what i can learn from them

and some of the books that they

recommended you know like if let's say

you know on youtube they're talking hey

i done this and then i had to reach

read the the naked forex book one two

three i went and then i searched naked

forex i

download or either buy and then i got

that book and then you know i read the

book to psychology books too i also done


and then most importantly after doing

that that's it took me

um four to six months four to six months

somehow one day because it was like what

april may june july or september summer

or september

september 2nd september october i was i

was i was understanding what forex is

you know i was i was i was able to buy

sell you know and but i'm also without i

i think i forgot to mention this i got

involved in i got into iq

options instead of the you know meta 3.4


so i didn't know how it works you know

um and you know i was just it says by

here the time limit is a minute

so if you bought and after a minute it's

above you make a profit and so on

but i didn't like that method of trading

and it didn't seem quite well for me it

seems like almost like gambling sort of

you know

so i didn't prefer that that's when i

went to meta 3-4

land on how it works how it operates and

so on and then afterwards that's when i

walked like you know six to seven months

four to six seven months samara one day

that's when i was making just um you

know a few prophets year and day but not

like prophets like you know prophet saw

but here in there you're not walking to

class you know i'm

making maybe seventy dollars that's like

a thousand that is you know a thousand

friends walking to

to college at that time there was

something it was a lot it was exciting

you know like even when the

the lecturer i was talking the things

were going this evening out this side

because you know i was focused on what i

can actually do

with just my you know my cell phone

because at that time i wasn't using a


i was using a cell phone with just my

cell phone

so um after i noticed that yes i

understand what forex is i understand

how the forex market works

i noticed that now i need to have some

sort of uh

you know some sort of a strategy some

sort of uh you know i'm

like plan towards how i'm gonna work out

my things

so now when i needed this i actually

noticed that i needed a mentor you know


when you get to a point in life like

let's say not even with business-wise

and stuff

there's a there's a section where i

thought like i sat down i was like i

really need a business mentor here

because you know

i'm pushing business wise i'm i'm i'm a

successful entrepreneur i'm doing my

things and so on

but there's a lot of challenges that you

come through and you actually need

someone that has been through

those challenges that can sit down with

you and be like okay no this i've been

through it do

this do this don't do this you know so

i'm at that stage

but um 2017 with my trading career you

know i

sat down and then i was like i need a

mentor so i started searching on

instagram who are the top mentors

and then i was searching a lot of people

are searching a lot of people are


i'll see who is successful and that

successful person who

what did that successful person go to i

was looking for the source you know

so eventually i did get involved in a

group with a group here by south africa

you know um

it was a four day or five day because

i'm not too sure

but you know i got involved with them

and i went there and you know i

went there and you know first day we got


took some information i remember took

notes like to be honest

90 percent of everything that they

taught us they i already knew

from the information that i got for free

off of youtube of the forums of the

groups that i was in

but one thing that i didn't get was

a community you know i was involved with

the community i've got um you know the

chance to be

to be in a room full of traders i've got

a chance to speak with traders

you know like change um you know like

like like just

change the mindsets you know i even

gotta go go

got to be friends with some of them

until this day i'm still friends

best friends with one of the traders

that i met there but

we got the first day you know i learned

to structure i saw okay first day

we learned about business one two three

okay shop second day we learned about

how the strategy works one two three


third day all this and then i put that

down i started seeing what i should be

focusing on like in step by step form

okay this is what okay the basics i know

strategy i got it i'm i'm confident with

the strategy

but now psychology okay yeah we didn't

touch too much about psychology the

deeper side

but i saw you know i went into it and

then i saw then i saw okay

the last part was i forgot about the

last part one like putting all

everything all together and so on but

yes i was able to you know make yen day

still the same thing but i was able but

i was a bit more confident but i was

still able to here and there but now it

was exciting because i was involved with

the group

community and i left that other group

because now i was

becoming a bit more i was like almost

like i'm

i'm reaching the the cap like you know

when you have so much knowledge so much

information but you're not

you're just not making that consistent

profit so you feel like you need to

focus on not making that consistent

profit so that's why i needed to leave

the old group

and not be a part of this group that i

actually paid for that other one was a

free group

this one is the one that i paid for went

in okay that group wasn't too active you


we never got to speak so on that's when

we me and

one of the guys that you know we

actually i saw the sun as the

determined in the group so i reached out

and we started chatting you know

personally in the

chat we became friends we met up us two

then we started analyzing every each and

every week we started doing our like we

started pushing for real

and then eventually i left the group you

know because i was becoming

i was i would say that i was becoming

you know good in the group and that

wasn't too good you know

when you're good in a group it's not

good you are gonna reach

a limit you know we need to break those

limits those boundaries

after i became the like let's say one of

the the top ones in the group i

decided to leave focus on me and my

friend pushing that you know

like pushing our analysis focusing on

consistency me learning me focusing on

what i can do to improve my trading


as much as our scene as you know this

guy is so good he's he's good one two

three i hours focusing on

becoming the best and then that is when

i actually joined into another group but

that one there is not i'm from

anywhere it's not from um south africa

randy is actually from abroad so i

jumped into it

you know um and i got a mentor that was

like you know super amazing you know

um i like the fact that you know i was

able to learn not only trading but also

you know the

setting goals you know being able to

just grow

you know trading as a business as a

whole you know i

started trading treating trading as a


and that's when my everything started

changing you know my

you know i started just shooting upwards

like this because my mindset changed you

know as soon as

i already knew trading already knew a

lot of things

within trading but i just needed

something so

just the one percentage that i done took

my training to the next level you know i

was able to grow my accounts massively

i was able to make profits i was able to

be consistent i was able to do a lot of

things and

it was exciting so now i needed to work

on something which is

i focused on pushing my brain you know

for jesus came up with my brain for

jesus and i you know opened it i created

a group you know i made people join into


and you know so now the most important

thing is not to see myself be the top

successful in the group

the most important thing is a challenge

you know it's actually to

help other people be able to be

successful which is

something that's a bit more tough you

know tough to do because i'm still on a

journey to be successful

and here i am i have to help other

people be successful on which this one

year is the one that changed

everything for me as soon as i started

like you know i was making consistent

profits and so on

but as soon as i started focusing a bit

more on helping other people in forex


my trading went you know like it started

shooting like three times five times to

the next level

my knowledge everything started to

increase because why

when someone asked me receiver how does

this happen

this person is a member that's within my

team i have to know i have to

be able to help this person i can't say

i don't know so

it's a must for me to know so when a

person says how does this happen if i

don't know

i have to go out they get that

information get as much information as


then come back and be able to help that

person so that's that was

the the best thing that i have actually

ever done because that way i was able

to learn quicker and way more than

better like course course because i

started focusing more on

i need to be able to know if it's pips

for instance i need to be able to know

and master how pips work so when the

next person comes and asks me

i should be able to explain to them

easily if it is something a bit more you


deep i should be able to know that

because i'm a mentor to someone so

that person would rely on the

information that i share with them

and after focusing on this i wouldn't

like started things started to push you


things started to grow and i i grew also

as a three day you know and it also got

to happen whereby i was focusing too

much on learning and helping others

that my training was starting to sleep

because i wasn't placing too many trees

i like

i wouldn't say placing but i wasn't

focusing too much on me trading as a


then obviously now it's all about

balancing i had to start to balance the

business side of it

and also me trading as an as an you know

me working for my company you know i

started to

focus a bit more on that and then it

came to a point where i was able to

balance the two

because i was able to actually automate

the business side i was able to grow

some of the members so they can be able

to grow other people today i have you

know multiple um successful students in

the group like you know

i'm excited to be seeing such um

testimonials for from also the members

that i was able to help

you know and most important until this

day someone would be thinking that

we are maybe i'm at a level that i'm

confident comfortable or confident in

but we are still pushing you know

because i'm still learning i still watch

youtube videos from other traders you

know i still

read books here by my side you know i

still i still take

actually today i think yeah today

actually he just stopped us on usb

here's the team i guess we bought usb

markets in nasdaq

i took a stop loss on yesterday i'm

still holding this that we'll see what

the outcome is

but you know i still do take stop losses

i still there's still things that i do


the most important thing is for me to

understand that i'm

consistent you know being consistent

means that within a month's time i'm

able to withdraw from my cleaning

account you know

larger amounts a month that i was

dreaming of making and i'm able to live

off of that

but not only that i'm able to rely off

of you know just my trading

income stream even though i was able to

develop more income streams you know

that's one thing that i like about it


and you know i i'm confident to say that

um me just taking a step on

or risking um whatever that i had

sacrificing what i to sacrifice in order

to learn forex trading

was the best decision ever because it

taught me a lot of things today i'm a

successful entrepreneur i'm an


because of forex trading you know i'm

i'm i'm pushing this multi there's a lot

of things that i'm looking forward into

because of forex trading as a whole so

one thing one message that i'll leave

here for you is that

focus too much on you know um learning

how the market works focus too much on

understanding how the market works once

you do get that how it works

focus more on how you can be consistent

how you can make money with that

knowledge that you have and once you

have made money with the knowledge

focus more on um sharing that knowledge

with other people you know because once

you do get to share knowledge with other


then you'll notice that it will force

you to to become

you know a much more better person and

eventually that's gonna lead to

great success you know it's gonna lead

to massive success for you but

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help you out i hope that you actually

got some

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