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to talk about this and today

i'm gonna give you a piece of one of our

classes that goes over

um this whole topic and that topic is

how do all the time frames work together

how do i know which time frame to trade

how do i know

how the weekly and the 30 minute work

together how does all that work

you know it seems like the one minute

you know is so

fast and the weekly is so slow how do

how do i

understand all of those time frames

together the four hour the one hour the

30 minute the weekly the daily

is a lot to understand and i'm about to

give you the game on it okay

so make sure you watch it all the way

through make sure you grab a hold of it

watch it a couple times if you need to

because if you can get a hold of and


how the different time frames work in


it's going to be a big addition to your

4x arsenal okay

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how many ever was in math class when you

were in school let's go back to like

you know let's go back to like maybe

you know elementary

math did anybody in this class learn how

to multiply

and divide let's take this to elementary

school four

times two

equals here we go

eight four times two equals eight when

you were in like

whatever grade they taught us it with

that what they taught us

multiplication basic multiplication how

did they tell you to check your work

all you do is do it backwards

all you do is do it backwards if 4 times


equals 8 times

then that means eight

divided by two

should equal

four i know what it says in elementary


just trying to help you out if it

doesn't work backwards

that means this was

wrong if you'd if if this

does not work backwards then this

was wrong if you go four times two

equals eight

but eight you know or or if you get ten

out of it

and ten divided by two equals five well


something messed up in there you did

your you did your multiplication wrong

when you want to check

your math you simply do it

backwards if it works

forward and backwards

then you know your math is good if we

knew that top-down analysis

remember i'm not gonna go through the

whole thing again

but we started with the four-hour chart

and we draw our trend line we drew our


we got our top and our bottom remember


then we came down to the 30 minute

and we started getting our fans we

started getting

excuse me started getting our zones

now if you're a retest trader you might

want to come down to the 15 minute

and look how beautiful that looks oh my


look at that 15-minute pullback look at

that 15-minute pullback

breaks re-test the exact zone and takes


why because think about it

think about this if something is

happening from the four hour

to the one hour to the 30 minute

to the 15 minute to the five minute to

the one minute


then what we see

on the four hour is not going to take


until the things on the smaller time

frames happen first

let me show you what i mean four hour


we're looking for potential break at

some point of this trend line

well guys if we know

that every four hour candle has four one

hour candles and every one hour

one hour candle has two 30 minute

candles and every

30 minute candle has two 15 minute


and every uh 15 minute candle has three

five minute candles and every five

minute candle has five one minute

candles how many one minute candles are

in a four hour candle

240. so that means it look watch this

watch this watch this let me drop this


line on here for you real quick i'm

gonna drop an arrow how about that

let's just put that there and leave it

there for oh oh sorry come on

listen to me listen to me let's put that

there for a second

and now let's come down to the

one-minute chart

look how crazy that is look how

different that is


look at this this is insane

for us to see that happen we would need

to see what

watch this

look at how many moves are in that

downtrend on the one minute and not that

we should be trading in one minute

don't take that from this lesson

but if that one minute what's gonna end

up happening

one minute break

what's going to happen next

right what's going to end up happening


break what's gonna happen next

right this stuff is over and over again

what's gonna happen next right

i'm running out of room here because

it's a one minute chart and i hate the

one minute chart

but at some point what's going to happen

either that's going to continue up and

we know that we don't have a reversal


or we're going to eventually

move down and at some point

we're going to have enough one minute


right enough one minute movement that

what's gonna happen

that's gonna affect the five minute

and at some point we're gonna have

enough five minute movement

right all the way down

where eventually

it's going to affect the 15 minute

and eventually we're going to have

enough 15 minute movement

where it's going to affect the 30 minute

now we're starting to see real movement

now we're now we're starting to see what

we've been trading this whole time

now we're starting to see 30 minute

movement that is affecting the four hour

the this is the 30 minute chart you're

looking at but you're seeing

what you're seeing all of this movement

play out

on a four hour trend line

but all of that is 30 minute movement

that's playing out on

one single four hour trend line but you

want to know what the crazy thing about

it is

that one four hour move right there

eventually when it gets broken or when

it pushes

up guess what it's gonna affect

it's gonna affect the daily

and then guess what's gonna happen it's

gonna affect the weekly

right look at this

that four hour movement

is only a small part of a much bigger

weekly movement

right why

because this is how technical analysis

works it works in levels over and

over and over and over


so guess what how do you check your work

you already know i'm a swing trader and

i haven't been swing trading because of

all the craziness in our world right now

how do i trade guys

all right what do i do

this this

some of you guys remember me talking

about this kind of stuff this is all the

beginning of coronavirus right here

all of this let me let me get this right

here i can tell you right now

from right here from right here this

candle right here

all the way up that right there is the

beginning of coronavirus

look at this how do i know go back march


2020 that was the beginning

that was the that was the big

announcement of coronavirus right there

all of that big spike right there that

was all the beginnings of coronavirus

aussie this big spike right here let's

move that out a little bit why

right because that big spike right there

moving down that was just a retail no it

wasn't a re-test you know what that was

that was when australia was on fire

anybody remember that last year when

australia had wildfires all over the


big drop big drop as soon as they put

them out boom straight up

went all the way back up here then

coronavirus came straight down

people were all over the map look at

this you say look at those wicks

let me show you exactly what i'm talking


bro you serious right now

let me let me make that way you can

actually see it

we're talking 1500 pips almost 1 600

pips from news

from news so you know what i'm gonna do

watch this i'm gonna go back to normalcy

just like that correction cutoff

strategy remember my correction

cutoff strategy go if you haven't seen

it go and go in the videos and watch it

look at how beautiful that is we're

talking about now october

october and look boom

exactly where we're supposed to be all

right guys there you have it

i hope this brought you a lot of value i

hope you understand now

how you got to check your work backwards


understanding that if you do something


you have to do it backwards right in

order to check your work

well top-down analysis is one thing

understanding how we

chart the weekly we confirm on the daily

we enter

you know swing trades on the four-hour

retest on the on the one hour

maybe if you're a small time frame

trader scalper small day trade or

something like that

intraday maybe you're doing top down

analysis finding your charts on the four


maybe you're confirming on the one hour

entering on the 30 minute retest on the

15 minute

that's a lot of information but the

truth is that nothing is gonna happen on

the four hour until it first

happens on the 15 minute everything has

to play out the right way

in order to affect time frame this is

all part of currency cycling

and currency strength analysis and you

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