How To Trade FX SAFELY !!

hey guys it's Heather man here from

fortune Academy and today we do a single

day live trading which is very rare we

did this is a one-off to test we had a

new audience we wanted to test out

whether they're actually really fit for

Fortune Academy whose lifetime education

so we did a little snippet about full

day trading and it's full Monday

technical trade a so if you're on it you

know that this is a one-off if you're

not don't worry because we normally do

longer training and the aim of today is

really to understand a couple of

fundamentals which is your trading

personality yes most people don't look

at trading that way but it's all about

your personality if your psychology fits

the strategy then you're going to be

good in trading a lot of people just

find a dress to try and make it work for

sit in a very unnatural way and then

wonder why they're losing money or they

don't feel comfortable with that style

of trading when really it's down to your

psychology I what is your personality

type are you a risk taker are you and

you know a thinker or more emotionally

wired individual are you alright

rational technicals or are you more

bigger picture all of these things

matter ultimately what it will do it

will mean that you are a different type

of trader some people are more suited

for day trading strategies are you

making money entering and exiting on the

same day

some are long term traders how you

playing a long game but less risk so we

work with all of those variables we have

long museum actual temp trading and

that's what the image today is and we're

gonna go live I'm gonna play with real

money demo is not my thing so guys and

girls watching out there you should know

if you're anything with if you do

anything to do with trading you must

trade the real

so that's my tips for you today hope you

learned something watch them in action

and see what you think yourself



it's been really good really good enjoy

board today it's really been good to

meet and have this team and Lee and

Henry they're all very support and they

broke down really the fundamentals are

traded and gone through some of the

psychology in the mindset started

training that's definite was going to

help me the most and continue my

training in the future


it's a high probability it's never

guaranteed the word guarantee is not

allowed it's you can't guarantee any

returns which is the first way to to

spot to scam someone says I guarantee

bucks and everyday to be five cents hero

so if you guys move enough to believe

that and asked your fault but guarantee

is like no no wet so it's all high

probability high probability of if you

do everything right you know in the

trading strategy you should be making

this with it even when we do a set up a

trade setup there's a high probability

of step one step two step three lining

up that it's going to go this way that's

how our trading strategies work we don't

just say one they enter we have to step

one step two step three check the ticket

all up

that means there's a high probability of

having going wrong so we'll take a long

position but even then we know this

small probability because nothing is

ever know it like maybe a 90% chance

that is going up but there will be

attempts of chance of losses

through email it will not start rating

this kind of information just to get

there just to learn it's like it pushes

needs thought because it's so valuable

it's valuable information it's not like

reading the newspaper on the tube or

something this kind of information that

affects your finances on a lifetime so

that's the part I really that I like I'd

love to learn a lot of Education and

that's why I you know when I'm there you

see me taking notes everything because

you know I like to learn the learning

process that's why I enjoy the most

that's why I think I will enjoy trading

because about to do that July the live

account and actual winning the reason

money it helps me learn more


that's your definition of yourself okay

now you have healthy demeanor buddy goes

now if your money attachment is directly

linked to your ego I play to whatever

shrink it like if you feel good because

you got money and you feel bad if you

don't have money you're useless in my

eyes as a traitor like you have zero

emotional control so the hardest

challenge will trigger is actually

saying can you feel the same complete

can you point money outside of music

your ego has none of this money is an

object that you have control over rather

than in controlling you because that's

what happens when most of us money is

like that puppet string holding else

like you only be controlled oh boy it

consumes people literally like

suffocates they don't happy but it's not

bad to have much you know I have no

problem people making a lot of money but

as long as you don't feel oh yeah either

way because are we going to get

everything right every day know what is

impossible everyone felt I was gonna

lose money at some point whether it's

we're trading other things or not but

the thing is not to give up


Trading pink the psychology part is

quite big for me because it just helped

me understand what it's all about and

what the numbers and the emotional

attachment of that can do to your

trading also lends ballast and I've had

a great having experience because I hold

somebody to guide you and kind of mentor

you through the journey of if you want

to play it safe there are ways to play

before I'd say by the way but you make

steady returns there are ways to make

everything more aggressive and to make

plastic but it's you know you've got

enough silent downside everything so

what I'm telling you now is this is for

it now what fortune you had me in doing

is making a high-risk high-reward

investment safe that's where we

positioned ourselves because we're

coming in at the angle of weight there

where you get into this and get

trigger-happy let's look at myself and

when we control the individual behind

the chart we have our most former

risk management okay so although this is

the normal sentiment this is with

psychology not introduced with with

psychology we play Fortune Academy

confident that we can make high-risk

investment better

so we trade Forex is a like it with a

bond market so we can get our sentiment

right up there the kind of traders we

create their fortune Academy are on par

with hedge fund traders bond traders you

could have conversations with these

individuals and they will like what they

hear but if I didn't teach you it in the

way I will you know and then you would

be like every other high risk trader

who's just pooling in a fine line

becomes a gamble we don't want that as a

gambling mindset that's why 95% of

people Newt I already take you up here

and that comes from working on your

mindset post mindset for money