How to Earn $20 Per Minute by Trading at Olymp Trade | Option Trading | Forex Trading

hi guys welcome back over time today in

this video I'll show you how you can

earn up to 20 dollars every minute by

trading on Raycom Olympia is one of the

most trusted trading platform in this

world guys and I know you all might have

heard about it as we've seen so many ads

on social media networks so guys in this

video I will show you how to create an

account and all you cred calm how to

make your first deposit and how to trade

it's really easy guys even a beginner

can do this because it has two types of

trainings here first one is option

trading and second one is false

trading in option trading just what you

have to do is predict the prices whether

it will go high or thumb down and

depending on your prediction you will

have money here okay and in forex

trading you will trade on different

assets and all introduced up to 50% of

bonus or age deposit guys I've taken to

the desktop and so the whole process

guys and let me tell you you can use all

you trade on various devices you can use

it in your mobile phone browser or you

can download their application which has

got over ten million dollars on Google

Play Store or you can use it in your iOS

devices and also on computer ok and I

have given to all the links in the

description guys from there you can

download the application on visit this

site and now let's get to the desktop

and show you all the process and before

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like this so now let's begin

so as here we are as you can see all

intrigued calm I go in the direct link

in the description guys from there you

can visit their website so this is the

home page and as you can see here guys

the stats

13,000 544 traders online on the

platform currently and as you can see

136 million dollars was paid out in the

last month 379 million trades were

closed in last month this shows that

they are really huge in the market guys

seamless flexible platform free training

for beginners and for experts you can

use it on any device on iOS Android web

mobile smart phones and tablets and on


they account where you can get returns

up to 92% trading signals and

recommendations personal consultant

their awards best financial broker the

fastest-growing broker innovative broker

so many awards guys from 2016 onwards

they are getting these all ours as you

can see so now let's begin guys first of

all I'll show you how to register an

account here as you can see here under

registration enter your name email ID

mobile number password and choose the

currency dollar or Euros and then click

on register that's how you will have

your account created so now I have

already created an account so I log into

it so here's my account guys as you can

see my current balance is thirty four

point eight five dollars so first of all

I will show you how to deposit into your

account from right side you'll see

deposit button click on it and here you

will see many payment methods guys even

Bitcoin is there as you can see so we'll

go for the most recommended on visa

method and here you can see guys for

five thousand dollars you get two

thousand five dollars bonus then two

thousand dollars you get six hundred

dollars bonus and the minimum I want to

get deposit bonus is thirty dollars for

each you get 10% bonus that will become

thirty three dollars in total click on

deposit button and in this page you have

to enter your car details and make the

deposit and to make a withdrawal from

your account you'll see a video option

beside deposit and here you can see you

guys withdrawals are processed by the

same payment system used to deposit

money into the system so whatever you on

will be credited back to the card which

were used during deposit so now I'll go

to the trading page so here let's see

how to trade first of all from left side

you can see your guys euros versus USD

click on it and here choose what kind of

trading you have to do option trading or

forex trading

currently I'm under option trading here

you get many options guys GBP was US USD

euros versus USD USD was a CED so we'll

go for euros versus USD and from right

side you have to choose the

one minute two minutes five minutes so

I'll choose one minute and then the

trade amount I'll trade a small amount

of fighters nowise let's zoom in this

graph and here you can see currently the

price is one point zero nine nine zero

nine so let's say you have to trade at

this point and I feel the price will

come down so I'll click on this red

coloured button on right side you can

see all the details guys if the price

will be stable then you won't win any

amount here and also you won't lose any

amount but if you feel you are about to

lose the money at that point you can

sell your stake you can see one option

here as sell now currently I feel I

might win here the price might go down

let's wait last five seconds yes yes the

price is going down and you can see guys

i won nine point one zero dollars I

invested five dollars and I got nine

point one zero dollars back you can see

my balance on top guys it's forty eight

four nine five dollars now so now let's

treat for ten dollars and always be

careful while trading here guys wait for

some time and study the graphs and then

start trading so now you can see its

current price is one point zero nine

eight and I feel it will go high so I'll

click on the green button so let's wait

for next 1 minute and see if I earn

money if the price will go high I will

on eighteen point two zero dollars here

and last ten seconds and you can see

guys it's going higher and yes three two

one and you can see guys I got 18 point

two zero dollars now so guys that's all

in just one minute I got eight dollars

now thirty so you have to trade here


now let's go for forex trading as you

can see arise trades on the difference

of financial asset values he theory was

BTC euros was AUD Bitcoin ripple

etceteras so let's try Bitcoin here

so here basically you have to buy and

sell guys first set a price let's say

I'll buy Bitcoin worth three dollars now

click on buy button basically you will

buy at lower price and sell at a higher

price to be in the profit as you can see

I bought at this price once the price

will go high I'll sell it in order to

get the profit you also have got option

to close this trade at two point nine

eight dollars you can always do that if

you want to so like that so you can earn

unlimited money every minutes at all M

trade com I hope this video is helpful

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