What is the Best time to Trade IQ Option


yo what's up guys is Bart Bregman here

from Ikea option wicked gum today from

out of Singapore walking around the

center a little bit enjoying my time

about this video I would dedicate to a

question in the comments I had I know

already did another video about it but

at this video I want to go more deep

into it it was about what is the best

time for a trading and I know a lot of

traders ask this question but actually

the truth about this is that there is no

best time for trading because everybody

has a different strategy and a different

strategy requires a different time a

different market and a different setup

so you have to figure out what strategy

works for you the best and then you have

to figure out what is your personal

preference of time trading on that

strategy second is I don't know what

time zone your time zone you are

everybody is in different time zone so

for everybody it will be a different

time to trade I recommend you to look at

the forex training hours vo I put a link

in the description down below

it's one of our trading tools you can

use it because the the market overlaps

from the European market in the US

market that gives a very big volatility

in the market and that's usually the

time when with binary options the

percentages are the highest and that's

usually the most best time to trade in

so you have to look up that a little bit

but that said it is very personal but

what is bet your best time also another

important thing to have a note on is

news announcements during your day there

are news reports news announcements and

these news reports these news

announcements they can give very big

volatility in the market I did a video

about that as well I will put the link

in the description for that as well I

recommend you to look at that news news

can be very volatile so try to be aware

of that and try to cover your risk with

that as well so that said the bottom

line is that actually you have to figure

it out in yourself and based on the

points I just discussed here I'm sorry I

would love to tell you what's the best

time but you have to figure it out

what's the best time for yourself

look at those two videos are recommended

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