When To Trade Queens | Patron Game Analysis #42

for now I would like to move on to game

number two and this game is by Mario and

we have to flip the boards because Marv

you playing with two black pieces and it

is the Sicilian it's a closest Oh No

okay rook b8 early it's a little bit

unusual isn't it I think usually people

develop first Bishop g7 and so on I

don't know if there's any immediate

drawback to this move but okay


a4 bum ba-bum 1973 castle and now your

opponent went a little bit overboard

right away just gifting your pawn which

was really nice of him I'm sure you

think him after the game so now you

pretty much already have a winning

position I mean here I don't have much

to comment so far all these moves make a

lot of sense Knight a5 there should be

some this is all great Knight see before

I think sauce and of course in many

options I mean you just pawn up with a

beautiful position I so this has gone

really well Knight takes here okay you

took of the paw of course this nice

Knight any move is nice nice ext4 also

looks pretty tempting to get a half-open

c4 I think I would have liked this even

a bit better because it just leaves more

dynamic still in position you know you

have to have open C file and later on

you could push f v e4 and so on so

because what happened the game was that

it dried a little bit up right that one

got away

so here it's it's not possible to

imagine a game will dry up in any way

really because there are a lot of open

thoughts even if I play c3 you take and

there are targets right so thinks he

takes d4 maybe even a bit

better takes Brooke you won Bishop 86

Queen d1 okay here I think Bishop III

would have been very strong 93 also

looks very nice but why not Bishop III

to get an ID - III without having

exchanged yeah I mean this must be just

complete this just came over here this

is the line you give okay look at night

hey tonight it's just a bit more

annoying than there than a bishop the

bishop is also very annoying on III but

the night has just came over we don't

have to talk about it right

I mean the only hope for Y would be to

exchange it somehow but no this is just

completely busted because the King is

also weak and yeah you should win here

sooner or later

so maybe you played Knight e3 too

quickly I don't know or maybe you miss

evaluate the position well of course in

both cases you're doing really well but

by playing 93 at least white is having

still a good control over the light

squares and efficiently free while it is

very nice here blocking me foul and

everything it's not doing terribly much

so white is still in the game even

though of course you pawn up and

everything but while still in the game

and we don't want that we want to be as

forceful as possible when we have to

advantage and don't give them any chance

to to hang around too long

I guess he played King yourself I don't

think there's anything wrong with going

a5 right away

all right let's just one more time f5

and then 9227

okay it's similar to the game I'm just

not sure why you play King do some to me

it seems not necessary okay King g7

Brooke f15 92 Queen d7 I think is also

very logical Knight c4 opa

takes takes you to okay here important

moment right queen trade always

important moment do we take them off or

not you trade the Queen's I think you

should keep them on and it's simple just

more chances for you if the Queen's are

wrong especially because the king is

weaker and this is I mean this is the

main question usually you want to ask

yourself when there's a queen offer

Queen trade offer which Kings safer and

it must be there it must be your king

here you also have an extra pawn to

guard your king right and in the future

you play a four and then probably like

even another pawn will come off in front

of the White King so Queen c7 Queen d7

doesn't really matter but I think you

should keep your Queens on and then it

could play a four and I think this is

giving you better chance just just

better chances I mean maybe my white

might hold somehow try to get a fortress

somehow but with Queens on the board is

just so much more potential right so

yeah more potential and your king is

safer so that's why you should keep the

Queens on the board I think a general if

there's a queen turtle for ya either

it's king safety or material obviously

if you're up material it makes often

sense to trade Queens and then just to

convert in the endgame because it takes

away counter play but once again feels

like it's connected to the King safety

because if you're up material

your king is safe then you might as well

keep the Queen's on board and checkmate

upon but if your king is not safe then

you want to trade Queens so you can

convert in the end game without being


Queen takes King takes no play f4 yeah

probably should prepare of rookie six

first so not yeah why would you allow

the Knight to e4 right this is not

necessary if you have time here

a5 you always play b5 no problem

Knight xe3 is not a threat the rockin

game is very promising for you you could

take back

I don't want probably rope I don't want

it's fine just yes yeah really really

promising so no rush here I would say I

think he rushed a bit with f4 because

now the night is coming - the night is

coming to e4 and there of course it's

excellently placed so this was not

necessary to allow he played an odd move

rook e8 I don't know why yeah I don't

know why probably aimed against a five

but I mean it would be better to play

rook ecigs and then do something else


for example a c4 so after a five we can

just go b5 and huge still have good

chances to to win

you can use the C file especially as you

controlling the square so this is still

giving chances after ok 8 you don't have

many chance anymore I think now it will

be really tough

ok night before yeah here once again you

should place c4

it's probably your best shot

yeah and then c4 I mean this is a bit

tricky now but here you can go route a

e8 and the night really doesn't have a

good place now because what to do right

head to him not many squares left and

after 96 the night will on a6 right away

but first folks e6 to take the c7 square

way and then after b3 you could play a

six and an Ibis all the way on a three

now it's well really badly place and

then you can push the pawns forward and

you still have good chances here but

yeah c4 is already not an easy move to


and if why it doesn't take it takes an

f4 okay take and play rip c8 and you

have chances trying to come and not see

- you have chances of course your

position has been better in the past but

at least I used to have some chances

yeah h6g for oka 5 was also an option

here and also in the last move but your

opponent didn't want to do that ok see a

king of free and yeah if he knows your

last chance you have to play c4 because

in the next move your opponent plays b3

and then I think it's just a fortress

pretty much I mean this is all pretty

well set so I think it's for supporters

so you need to go see 4 here

maybe you were afraid of this move 96 if

so it was a matter of calculation here

this is actually winning move to two

thorns and a bishop this would be very


just push the pawns forward and win mmm

so much shouldn't do that probably play

a move like h4 takes takes rook C to b4

and yeah this will be still tough to win

cuz the it's very difficult to get to

the king right it's very safe here an f3

of the night and everything so but this

is your best try somehow gotta make it

work I mean I could I could see see you

when that but won't be easy

all right let's see what you say here so

I'm reading I'm reading all right you

agree that the night is more powerful

afraid and Bishop yeah yeah that's a

I mean 93 also look tempting but that

was just a bit better still to half a

night in the end and III and you're

saying recapturing before to see poem

was much worse in some of her play was

too slow yeah I mean it's a matter of

taste maybe two but just seemed to me

just fell like sea taxi for this just

for the future keeps more potential okay

and with rook e8 you intended to you

intended to mmm prepare a six and B 5

yeah but just concretely it didn't

really do too much and you're saying in

in this variation the pawns look like my

game against James James Jackson James

Jackson from just a few days ago at the

Olive men international and you asked me

about the game I didn't prepared for now

because I had too many other games here

to prepare for but I might do a game

analysis maybe I'm quite busy at the

moment but maybe I'll get to this game

because it was a really interesting game

but for now let's stick with your game

and here I think of the rook c6 it

should be a draw because here yeah I

mean a computer says you should go a5

here or later but this is just to make

sure you're not worse this is not really

you're not I mean you're upon up but I

don't see how you could win this

position no I mean you would somehow

need to play G 5 H 5 and then penetrate

along the edge file but in the meantime

white will get ready for so I don't

see you witness but this okay this could

be still try somehow somehow to get to

set up but maybe wet even place oh yeah

what implies h4 here oops and now

there's really nothing you can do h 5g 5

or g 5 h 5 I mean just frustration of

course why could also take yeah I think

that would be wrong

ok so you want to push of course

understandably but it's sometimes you

also have to say all right well before I

lose this game I should better make a

draw and here actually you're risking

now by going to be 5 and your opponent

gets a vanish be 5 takes takes root beer

1 yeah and I mean why this really active

and like I said this setup is already

really good with Knight and King

and your Bishop is just a bystander here

so hmm

tough tough position and you don't

really have any chances so here you

realize you cannot take because 96-98

wins the exchange King h7 is what you

played it's a tough position already you

should play rookie 7 here and should be

still within close to equality but of

course you're fighting here so this was

not as it was intended

obviously KH 7 well one problem is you

still are not threatening to take

because there's not of six and still ok

maybe there's not a lot of six because

you could go to h8 and then after ok 8

you can go c8 but yeah keep some feels a

little bit wrong c5

and here you should definitely try to to

simplify of d3 it takes Bishop takes e5

when that should lead to draw I think

even though I mean it's why it is trying

for sure but it should need to go um

after rook is seven you much worse now

because you're also playing without this

Bishop more or less right so he could

play with a six and I think it's winning

already or it's it's pretty good at

least it's really good already be played

okay sir alright and now he's winning

after you next move

so you have to take of course not a move

one one happily place but this is what

needed to happen since after rook e6

this position is actually lost but as

you told me

there was a huge time scramble here you

don't have to remain in moves and

somehow white blundered I'm still

curious how exactly a blunder because

position is very safe it seems but well

something right some blunder I don't

know in any case you won the game which

is good yeah an OP game an OP came your

opponent giving you advance so early

pretty much getting winning position by

move we could say I mean all right here

you might call it winning position

because your pawn up plus the White King

is is clearly weak and then slowly but

surely you are losing the threat and in

the endgame you you don't you don't stop

even when when your bench was gone

already you

you still kept pushing and you over

pushed and that led to the losing

position so that's a tough tough one

psychologically to admit oh I I gave it

away I I let a man slip and then to be

like okay I need to play for a draw so

that's not easy to do but that's what

you needed to do otherwise you could

have lost that one I mean your position

was at this point in the final position

I have here this is a lost position

so I'd as an extra pawn and he can

support it with his rock of this night

and this is lost so yeah that should

better not happen to go from a winning

position to lost one in such a manner

but that's how we learn and fortunately

for you still had a happy ending here so

yeah maybe a couple of things I mean

like it like we said already here it's

you know it's details it doesn't change

the variation of the position if you

take off the C pawn same with if you

play 93 or Bishop e3 but we want to look

at what makes it easiest to convert

right we want to still play the moves

that cost the most trouble to our

opponent and that make it more likely

that he makes mistake that makes his

defensive task more difficult so in both

these cases I think it's clear that

these alternatives let Bishop III hear

or see texts before earlier make it more

difficult for your opponent and then I

think the last big point was to Queen

trade here where yeah Trading Queens

just eases the pressure alleviates the

pressure because at least why it doesn't

have to worry about his King anymore in

the end it was the white king who was

much safer right the white king some

knew if the setup was super

safe it's looking which is more exposed

because the bishop is on III just

looking cool but not doing anything so

yeah those that I think the big points

here and let me see if you have any more

questions about this game yeah yeah I

mean it's like you say I knew it but I

kept pushing yeah it's tough it's the

tough tough thing to do to to realize

okay I messed it up and now I have to


I have to sell for draw that's it's not

easy and you say I'm not proud of this

game well we all have those kind of

games and even better did you still send

it in because those are the games we

learned from at least you still want it

right I mean it would have been much

more painful if you just lost this game

right after being better winning better

to winning the entire game if you lost

it would have been even worse so at

least at least you wanted somehow even

though yeah

curious how you did it but okay this

will remain behind the curtains