Forex Trading - How to trade USD/CAD

in this video we're gonna take a look at

how and why trend trading is going to be

your only path to massive success in

trading so let's go ahead and fire this



all right what's up traders its mark

here at dyno trading so in this video

we're gonna put the us/cad under a

microscope for you forex traders that

are focusing on some of the

international pairs there's nothing

wrong with them right I trade up the six

pairs and I love all of them

I love the Pound based pairs I love the

Euro based pairs the yen the New Zealand

etc but the us-canadian was brought to

my attention from somebody who lives in

Canada we had a great conversation about

the u.s. CAD and I put it on my watch

list right away and I mean it's just

it's just shock the hell out of me in a

very good way this thing trends like a

beast and if you're not watching the

u.s. CAD you got to put this on your

watchlist like today alright so

hopefully by now you've seen some of my

other videos on why I think trend

trading is so important why I think it's

absolutely critical to your success I

mean I'll be honest with you there's

there's there's no nice way to say this

but trend trading is gonna make or break

your trading career if you trend trade I

think you're gonna have a lot of success

and if you use any other methods I don't

really care what it is

could be indicators could be supply

demand whatever you want to call it

you're just not gonna have success right

let's just it's just black and white you

may not like me saying that but it's

true right trend trading has worked for

the last 100 years it's gonna work for

the next 100 years there's no force on

earth as I'm about to show you there is

no force on earth that's gonna stop a

trend your best bet is to be in the

driver's seat of that bulldozer

as it smashes through all those retail

traders that are trying to call bottoms

and sell tops alright so um like I said

we're gonna we're gonna put the u.s. CAD

has to focus on this trade and what

you're looking at on the screen right

now is a typical five-minute candlestick

chart what I call the chart you

guys have heard me say that before right

the indicator chart

cetera so with one click of your mouse

we take this chart and we make

it look like this right we put our Dino

bars filter on top of that 5-minute

chart make it look like this now I want

you to stare at this chart for a couple

of seconds you can see I'll do a quick

back and forth here's the five-minute

chart you can see it in the top left us

CAD and here's the Dino burst chart

again us cat you tell me which chart you

think you'd prefer trading right so

let's get to the meat of this video this

is exactly what I meant when I said

there is nothing in the world that's

gonna stop a trend right we identified

our short signal it came in right there

right the first red bar after any green

bar that is your clue that it's time to

look for shorts I stopped talking after

that right there's nothing more to say

right for anyone that was trading the

us/cad on Friday shame on you if you

tried to buy that market literally right

you have no one to blame except yourself

you probably took a stupid trade

and you know maybe you learnt your

lesson on that trade maybe you didn't I

have no idea

right but for me as a trend trader

taking this trade was so obvious

all right now while this chart may seem

clear as day a lot of people have

contacted me asking how do I manage the

trade how do you take profits how do you

know when to exit and that's what we're

going to kind of cover now in this part

of the video so typically when you enter

a trade you know you want to wait for it

to move in your favor right you got to

give it some time to run

and as an example let's say price was

now over here after you already went

short here right so you're in the money

by about 40 pips that's pretty good

right so originally your stop was

somewhere over here price is now over

here and you're just waiting to see

right so now how do you milk the entire

duration of this trend all right let me

move this box out of the way I'll move

the box over here what I like to do is I

like to use these tall wicks to trail my

position all right so say price was down

here where the box just was I would move

my stop right over there so no matter

what happens

price may reverse and go this way I

still protect at least 20 pips in profit

and folks on those trend days if you can

follow this concept of only using tall

wicks you're gonna milk the entire

duration of that trend day right let me

show you what I'm talking about when

price moves down further here I want you

to look back and place your stop here so

so if price is over here

you're now in the money by about 60 pips

well all right it's safe to move your

stop here right now say the market moves

down here well guess what move your stop

to the most recent tall wick right price

is gonna keep moving in your favor move

your stop further to the next tall wick

get what I'm saying is this making sense

I'm hoping it does so following this

method of simply waiting for red and

green taking a very conservative trade

and then milking the trade by moving

your stop and trailing your stop as

price keeps falling like a stone right

all these air

right here is when retail traders

dumbass traders traders guys that

were trying to call bottoms they got

absolutely murdered in this

market by trying to call about him right

the smart trader who got in at the very

beginning of the trend right you've

heard me say there's only one place to

make money in trend and that's at the

beginning not in the middle definitely

not at the end only at the beginning

right up here right now even when you do

that you still have to look for ways to

manage your position right and on those

heavy trend days the markets gonna give

you these very very tall wicks all of

these tall wicks and you just simply

bounce your stop like a bouncing ball

over and over again and trail it all the

way right all the way down right folks

this ended up being almost a hundred and

fifty pips for you forex traders right

one day

does this look hard to you right did you

see anything that was overly complicated

did you see any indicators any moving

average lines any RSI stochastics any

other no you didn't you never

have and you never will alright this is

why trend trading is so important but

more importantly this is why trend

trading is so valuable right

it will steamroll every other trader in

the market who doesn't know what they're

doing and by trailing your stop you can

successfully capture every single pip

literally every single pip that the

markets gonna give you on these trend

days all right so listen folks I hope

you've learned something valuable in

this video thank you for watching this

video see you on the next trade