USDCAD Trade Breakdown - 100% Profits In 90 Minutes

welcome back everybody to my channel so

before I do a video today on my usd/cad

traded that I just want to show you my

pound USD trade that I attempted to take

yesterday and I missed

I was really bugged about this but you

know what is Forex and it happens so we

just have to let it go

but I was identifying on this structure

the fact that the market was in a strong

uptrend and although we don't really

have a trend break on this structure

what we do have is a structural high and

then a lower high for mian now you can

see with this lower high that price was

sitting around this area for about four

hours so it was clearly evident that the

Bulls were lacking in pressure and in

terms of who was really starting to take

control of this market was starting to

develop which was the Bears so once

identified this I just needed to see a

momentum shift so that just simply means

seeing the market break below structures

that it weren't able to break below for

a very long period of time so once

identified that this candle had broken

just like I've taught in my youtube

video in terms of finding those sniper

entries I decided to go in with a self

stop on this trader so I identified the

wick areas in and around these levels

here and I set myself stop exactly where

these wicks were so just accounting for

both of them allowing for the market to

have some breathing room to come back to

the upside whatever it wanted to do

collect orders

what la-de-da-de-da point being this is

how I set the trade with my sell limit

had my stop-loss way above structure I

believe it was around a 10 to 15 people

stop-loss its besides the point that I'm

trying to illustrate here but this is

what I went for stop-loss is way out

there in space so the chance of me being

stopped out if the market is going to

continue in this bare structure is

pretty low so I was very confident to

take this trade and set the trade close

down my charts and buy time I came back

look at what happened price had come

almost to my self stop entry we're

talking about boy just minimal pips away

from triggering me into this trade and

then as you can see the market starts to

go in my direction as the market was in

and around this level here I did see

that it started to create

and at this stage I was contemplating

jumping into the markets and just really

going in for this as an aggressive entry

it wouldn't have made much of a

difference in terms of my stop-loss

because my stop-loss would have been

still out of range above these

structures and as I wasn't expecting the

market to continue to make a higher high

I was expecting it to continue down to

me that lower low it still would have

been fine but as it was Monday I was

just in the mood and I said to myself do

you know what I mean in the mood of

being disciplined and I just said you

know what I'm not going to jump in let

it go and if it comes back then it was

meant to be and if it doesn't then boy

it just is what it is and look what

happened the market just sank now it

happens guys like and ladies we're not

always going to be triggered in

especially for use and limit orders and

you know when I think about this if I

entered this with an instant execution

it could have also gone against me and

stopped me out and I would have been

really upset about that so I think I

made the right decision

on this occasion just a bit sad to see

this drop about 140 pips without me

being in it but it is what it is and

then decided to take another trade which

I'm not going to go over and I end up

losing that trade just for a very small

percent loss on the risk that I was

taking but it just happened so I ended

up losing that having a losing Monday

anyway let's move on to Tuesday this was

a trade that I took so same thought

process really I saw that the market was

in a strong trend to the upside I could

start to see that price made structural

highest now this is just an indication

of a higher high enough and curls then I

started to see a lower high being formed

and when I'm looking at this trade I can

see that these structural levels are

just being violated constantly so once I

saw that this level had been broken in

this market structure I just said to

myself - you know what it's time to go

in look for a trade on more opportunity

once the market starts to create a level

and when I'm talking about a level I'm

just talking about a wick rejection on

the market where price is creating a

level so what I did is I decided to wait

for price action to create that level

here you have it let's clear these out

here and once identified this I just

popped my key level here like this now

for me I'm seeing a structure as now

being broken potential reversal in this

market we saw a lot of dollar

strength yesterday in the markets and if

we take a look at the dollar index what

you'll find is that the structural in

this market from the morning analysis

that I did was indicating that was

failing to make these higher highs so

with that in mind as confluence

alongside usd/cad we definitely was

expecting some sort of weakness

well definitely is not the right word

but we could have been expecting some

sort of weakness so along with that

confluence I went over to usd/cad I saw

that this level was being created and

then what I did is I waited for this out

of the for hourly candle to close which

closed as a strong bearish candle to the

downside anticipating the next wage

candle to follow on with that momentum I

scoured down to my 30-minute time frame

and then it was time for me to enter

this trade now as you can clearly see

you may have not recognized it on the

Audi time frame but this is how the

structure was moving bullish to the

upside making higher highs higher lows

higher highs then eventually we made

lower lows lower highs lower lows so now

I have this level here in the market and

the decide is going to into this trade

with a sell limit now coming off the

back of yesterday's trade on G you

missing that sell limit I was a bit

anxious today that's the God's honest

truth I was a bit anxious I was just

thinking to myself do you know what if I

missed this one again then I'm just

gonna really feel bad about it but you

know it just happens with human and

we're not going to remove all emotions

and you guys must understand that we're

just not going to remove all emotions

there are going to be times where you're

still gonna feel a little bit anxious

and yesterday's trades are gonna affect

you for todays trades but it's just

really trying to regroup yourself and

pull yourself back into the zone and if

you can do that then all well and good

so I went in for this trade price action

just pop it up on my phone is a 401 47

401 for seven was my entry on this trade

and then I had a seven pip stop-loss I

do believe 7 pips stop-loss and then I

went for a 1/2 free didn't set the TP

but I had a 1/2 free end up closing at 1

to 4 and this is how the trade looked

so when I'm looking at this I was

waiting for that flower decal to close

so this one was the close of the foyer

candle 9:30 into 10 is you can see at

the bottom there and then once I knew

for our be opened I set this cell limit

as you can clearly see let's remove this

I had my stop-loss way above structure

and now normally I'd set it something

like this around the wick areas but I

just didn't want to miss taking this

trade so this is how I set it down on

the lower side and I just waited for the

market to pull back into this level

trigger me into the trade and actually

sorry actually hold tight

this was the candle that I saw and then

that's when I set the sell limit at this

level here accounting for these two oops

accounting for these two weeks here not

the one that's just gone to the upside

okay but I just wanted to make sure that

my stop-loss was above the structure to

make sure that if the price actions

gonna continue to go down it's going to

go down and I'm going to avoid being

stopped out on this trade if that's what

it's gonna do so it was in a very safe

place so I set my selling at this stage

in actual fact and then as you can see I

was literally just triggered into this

trade by the smallest amount as you can

see here and then I rid this trade down

and remember all I'm thinking in the

back of my mind is dollar index sign

show signs of dollar weakness

starting to see the structural change in

the alley we have a level created here

on the five minute time frame beautiful

low or high multiple wick rejections

definitely recognized this as a key area

in the market where sellers are sitting

around and all I'm anticipating now is

for the market structure to continue

pushing to the downside so this is what

happens the market literally just

plummeted I did close out up one to four

I felt very blessed for it and can I've

gotten some more out of this probably I

don't know what happens after this

didn't really follow it more there you

go by time press closed on that for

hourly candle which was this one here

and moved to about one point five nine

let's just call it one point six so I

could have held it out if I really

wanted to for that candle close but I

didn't but anyway one two four is great

and this is just a fine example for you

guys to really be following here

some days you're gonna lose last week I

spoke about my losses as well last week

I spoke about not managing my trade to

break-even the same price come back and

take me out like there's going to be

times that this is going to happen but

you have to understand that your wrist

ward ratio is gonna play a massive part

in being consistent and profitable as a

trader so if you do have a bad day try

to get up walk away clear your mind

until you are ready and then come back

even on the same day or just come back

the next day it's gonna work out best

for you to do that it's gonna help you

to avoid over trading and revenge

trading and all the other lock that ends

up leading to blow in accounts so just

bear this in mind you know some days

you're gonna win some days you're not

but this is just so part of trading and

I'm just telling you now I don't want to

be scrutinized for saying this but even

if you're trading around a 22 to faint

wind rate with really good risk

management and good risk to reward you

still can make a serious ton of money in

this business and I know some people are

gonna say some silly things in the

comments like well who would trade a 22

percent win great strategy I'm not

saying that's what my strategy is I'm

just saying there are people out there

that are trading and making really

really good money from it and it's not

just because you only have a 22% win

rate is because you have a 22% win rate

with a 50% break-even trade because you

have superb risk management and then the

rest is losing okay if you understand

numbers then you understand where I'm

coming from

so just simple analysis on this usd/cad

as you can see Dollar Index was telling

us a lot in terms of failing to break

the structural highs we started to see

the reversal playing out on the dollar

index and as you can see that starts to

indicate dollar weakness even if it's

just for a short period of time you

still can get in these trades we can see

here on an hourly timeframe that the

structure was pushing to the upside we

finally made try to lower highs and

lower lows as you can see here on the

30-minute time frame and I'm just

looking for a key area in the market

where price is going to be breaking

previous structures as you can see here

and then coming back to retest these

levels creating a retest level in the

market wick rejections showing signs of

bullish depletion and looking for that

continuation bearish move to the

downside great trade great risk reward

ratio really nice profits for the day

and that sets me up good for the rest of

the week so

I wish you all well for the rest of the

trading week as I always say if you

enjoyed this video please smash that

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time take care