all right guys i got my wine and my

cheese here today i got some truffle


also just bought a watch here today so


a good day yesterday we just took a live

trade on youcad really nice trade did it

on stream there you can watch it on the

stream or

you can watch it in this coming up video

right now

let's go into it


cool let's chop that music off so

looking at youcat i literally just gave

you guys

a signal here let's put the visual now

of what we're actually targeting right

right up here we're targeting those

highs right up there there's some

liquidity behind those tops right

nice and three tops so we're gonna shoot

for a total

of it's unfortunate uh because i really

wanted to get in

right on this line here right we're

looking at the one minute

i really really really really was

looking at this demand

right there right so ideally i wanted to

enter in

on that level and that's originally

where i had my trade

but i don't want to enter until i see at


a green candle when i'm doing a trade

like this

so that was a little bit too explosive

uh for my liking so we watched for the

candle close and this was the entry

right so it's rallying nice and strong

here on the one minute uh that is a good


so far and uh the five minute also

closed very bullishly

looks like the one hour uh that was the

one concern i had about this trade here


is that the one hour is in five minutes

um so as long as uh this one hour

doesn't close

crappy uh and this looks like it's

really reversing hard

uh then we're gonna keep this trade open

if the one hour closes back down

uh right around our entry we'll probably

close this trade out

um how much percent a month do you make

it depends on which month you were

talking about last month i made about

eight percent

um so um this is a possible also

target right here that was going to be

my first target

if we had entered here right but it's

not a good enough trade

so i let it hopefully we can ride but


if we see some manipulation here we're

gonna have to exit that trade

all right all right guys this was

a trade uh that i took on stream

um and we actually took two entries here

uh and i will try to link a

a link there for a video describing the


stream link there it'll be a clip from

the stream link

so that you guys can actually see uh the

the entries here and me talking about

what was going on

essentially we made this first trade


after uh we saw we were looking on the

higher time frame here

we had talked about this on the previous

day that we thought that this was just a

a crap um a crap run and we're actually

going to come back down and hunt this

and then touch those lows

that was yesterday we were talking about

this uh and it did exactly that and then

reversed on it

so our first entry was actually right

down here

and then we rallied up that was our

first take profit we hit the take profit

because we had cut it in just very

slightly it was very very close

uh we didn't actually hit that second

take profit of course we came back down

and hit our stop it break even

um now the second entry here we launched

we lost

we saw it launch right back up after

kind of sweeping these lows here

and then we just placed a a very quick

entry right there

on the top of that level right and it

hit it perfectly

so now what we're expecting is all of

these highs there's a lot of stops

a lot of short sellers in here a lot of

stops behind that level so we're gonna

hit that that's gonna be our first take

profit and our second take profit right

back again where we had it before so

this will be a really great trade if we

can hit it this time

uh pretty much same setup but we're

shooting for

twice the r this time as the first time


all right guys this trade is going on

along super nicely

i'm tempted to take off uh about

half here um we just we just kind of

made equal highs so i

think it's going to come up again but

i do think that we're going to come up

all the way here we've already taken off

off the first take profit right here so

we got one more take profit way up here

at um sorry what is this uh

seven seven point two r or something

like that

um so this is going along quite nice so

what i've just done

is i've taken off fifty percent of that

second take profit right here at four

r so that's two sorry that's

um only one are locked because it's 50


half of the trade so and

what i've just drawn out here is

i've just looked at the trade results so

far here we still have some running

um so the original trade was this

uh 670 i believe this was the original

trade this first one here

where i took um the one take profit and


it went back to break even and it was

just slightly behind break even that the

second one got stopped out so negative

200 on that one

uh and then we've taken this first take

profit and then that second take profit

there um so let's just add these up so


and we've got sorry let's do this again


uh so we got 1366 plus 677

plus 650 and then minus 207.

um so we're sitting at uh 20 almost 2500

and we're going to let the rest run that

i have a stop

a place right around here or we'll hit

that final 7r

or we'll hit uh what is it 2r so

it'll be either a half hour locked or um

you know

two hour locked basically

all right guys so just a run down here

of what happened after i went to bed

what we did is we had taken off 75 of

the trade total

uh by the top here uh and you know it


i think 50 at this level and it was 25

at this level and and then we had moved

our stop to just above break even right

around here

because we had thought like if we jump

down to the one minute i'll show you

guys here

um just what i was thinking i was

thinking that this

was the ignition point right so i wanted

to put the stop just below that

right so the stop was right here and you

could see that that was really showing

us a possible reversal there

but it did end up actually breaking down

so that was actually a great stop


i had originally put it here and i was

like no it's going to come down here if

it is

and it's going to be hunting those stops

and that's exactly what it did

unfortunately we were still wrong

and so this final take profit we only

hit a very very small percentage

and i just brought up the actual final


targets and it was an extra 132 dollars

so we have 2600 bucks

basically for the final the final profit

taking for that trade

and i believe that was actually taken

at a lower risk percentage than normal

uh but i'm not completely sure either

way i think we locked in

um something like uh 3 2r something like

2 2 to 3r something like that

so it was a decent live trade but

nothing too too

incredible it would have been really

nice if we actually hit that final take

profit there

but that's just the way she goes that is

all guys this is using a

trading strategy that i created myself

blended with a lot of different

uh mentors that i had in the past and so

this is all my

own trading style this is how we trade

against the banks

using that manipulation and taking

advantage of the stop losses

the manipulation the momentum and

everything like that

to get in on those bank traders that


major moves are going to be what's

moving the market and that's what we

really want to vibe with that's what we

want to go with

if you guys do want to join a signal

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forgot to mention that one

so i'll see you guys next time if you're


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