Buying a used BMW? How to inspect a used BMW

hello everybody today I gonna show you

how to inspect up use V and W when

you're planning to buy to take the

engine the first thing you need to do is

to inspect for liquid around and

underneath the vehicles on the region

check it please no leaks around all on

the floor wanting to check on your

engine is the oil condition remove the

oil gauge to see the oil level in the

oil condition and after that check the

oil fill up cap remove it and see if

there is any oil contamination you can

you can clearly see the water if F is

nowhere contamination on the engine that

means an engine is healthy so after that

you check your coolant level your

coolant condition you open the cap the

way into the school and see if there is

any coolant oil and coolant

contamination in this cup if everything

looks fine that means that the engine is

healthy once you get in the car make

sure the ink completely off and then to

the run when you to the run you want to

see all the lights coming on you see all

the light coming on and they're supposed

to go away and start the engine they

supposed to go away all the life

so we have these like which is the

signal and this line which is the air

path so they're not a big problem after

jeans take all the engine components and

everything is working fine it's at the

engines to hear any noise if there is no

noise in the engine go to the back of

the vehicle and see if there is any

smoke coming from your tailpipe in this

case we can see till we have a smoke

coming from certified for a BA engine

that means in the bulk in filter but but

for the 6-cylinder engines will be a PCB

ball to be clear if you wanted you plan

to buy a B&W thing is something from the

back from the tailpipe doesn't mean then

the engine is bad you can repair that by

because you will cost you a lot of song

money to repair it but series you can

drive the car like that with no problems

depending of the price the money you

want to pay for the B&W if you wanna

take effort for example this is a 750 if

you wanna pay $5,000 for a 750 in

smoking from the tailpipe I guess there

is no much option you have

but if you want to pay $10,000 for a 750

and it smoking from the tailpipe does a

bigger problem because you spend in two

times more money and you getting a big


other things and is very important to

the engine to affect is the temperature

let the engine run for more than 15

minutes or more effortless driving to

see if the temperature is fine on the

B&W 4 in this case this B&W doesn't have

a temperature gauge but for the ones

that happen for the gauge the

temperature has to be on the middle or

less depending of the B&W one important

thing to check on a BMW is the you


when you test drive your car the car

that you plan to buy put the

transmission on gear and drive it as as

much as possible to feel any noise or

any problem with this mission and there

is not problem with this mission when

you drive in smooth then drive it really

hard to see if there is problems when

you drive in half if there is not

problem at all with a transmission when

you drive in it and in the transmission

in fact it's very healthy

you need to check your brake conditions

to see how they are if you cannot see

anything because of such a loop will you

can compare to cellphone in style I need

the brake on me

this game community there

you can see that means the input is

nothing needs to be replaced if you are

outside the vehicle

inspect the wheel in the tile condition

to see they will turn a preference in a

perfect condition there is not that

there is not occurred so nothing's in to

see the tiles to screen for example this

type stuff so inspect the tire to see if

it's up to high business conditions and

all use they have control arm problems

so to inspect the prong control and on

their B&W trying to buy all you need to

do is drive your vehicle and stop it

really hard to see if you feel any

movement on the steering wheel

and release the brake and see if you

have any movement in this particular

game and if that happens that means in

one of the control arms on the prone

control arms is bad so if the B&W is in

a good condition you can proceed to buy


and make the deal with the owner and

discuss the price if you can get a good

price with the sign I guess this is all

I'm gonna show you how about housing

spec is B&W there are so many other

things that you need to spec value I

will make this video too long to sell

your passes but with these inspection

processing I told you about you can see

if the B&W is worth the money or not if

you have any questions about this video

use a comment below and I try to answer


thank you very much for watching this

video and have a great day