Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing For Turkey | Gordon Ramsay

Christmas dinner for me is not about

food piled high on a plate less is more

I'd rather have five or six things on a

play that takes absolutely delicious

then ten items tasting average stuffing

for instance I'd much rather put a lot

more effort into the stuffing and enjoy

it but eat a lot less of it first and

point mints to the bowl season with salt

and pepper and mix take your grater and

a braver an apple just get the grater

and grate the apple in there usually

stuffing is cooked in the turkey but I'm

doing mine separately so I can make in

advance and get the flavor and

presentation spot-on now the nice thing

about the Apple it goes brilliant well

with the pork makes it a little bit

sweeter it also makes it a lot lighter

as well which is really important

next add a handful of chopped apricots

which gives the stuffing another fruity

note and a lovely texture the Apple


but the apricots stay really nice intact

nice little bite then chop a handful of

pistachio nuts again I'm thinking of the

build up of textures flavor and also


pistachios in now give that a really

good mix grating some lemon zest the

zest is packed full of intensely

flavored essential oils which gives the

stuffing a vibrant citrus thing and for

freshness had a handful of coarsely

chopped parsley the balance of flavors

is nice and delicate and it sits

beautifully with a turkey now

sage and pork and apple that's the

perfect marriage now I'm going to think

about the presentation skills Tim for a

little drizzle of olive oil and then we

got a real nice fragrant sage leaves

the sage leaves are used to wrap the

stuffing start by overlapping them

it's almost like rolling cigar but we're

gonna roll it and sage leaves taste is

paramount but presentation is really

important to says we're spending a few

extra minutes to get this right because

it will make the final dish look amazing

now a little seasoned across the top and

then take your sausage meat I want to do

now is put half it onto the plate

just when you run your finger along with

stuffing this is where it takes on a

completely different flavor again I need

some spice in there on a little bit of

heat in the stuffing so it's exciting to

eat myrrh gays myrrh gays are

traditional North African sausages made

from beef or lamb and all going to do

now is take the sausage and lay that in

the middle they're flavored with harissa

a fiery chili paste which gives them the

heat and distinctive color it really

does give that nice sort of wake-up call

inside the stuffing if you can't get

hold of myrrh gays other spicy sausages

likes fries Oh would work well to take

the rest of stuffing and we'll set that

on top so in cases that mur gays

what you go to like that lifts up the

Tim fall very carefully and roll that

over let the temple do the work roll it

nice and tight there

fingers underneath just pull that back

and double-check lovely look at it I

even couch it and it looks delicious the

ultimate Christmas cracker fantastic

that sage will cook and really perfume

the sausage meat and you cut through the

center got a nice spicy sausage lovely

in now roll it across twist at the ends

and then from there up into the hands

and you push it in and twist and turn

and all that's doing it's just making

the perfect cylinder beautiful the

stuffing can be made wrapped and stored

in the fridge a day or two in advance

that's the first part of my ultimate

Christmas dinner ready on Christmas Day

simply pop it into the oven and cook at

200 degrees for 40 minutes

takes a very very very lean bird and it

dries out so so important to make sure

that we help it to cook perfectly nice

and sugar balsamic vinegar that's

something so tasty

baste those figs because the skin gets

nice and crispy on the outside