MY PARENTS GOT ME A 30K ROLEX | grad gift haul

hey everybody welcome back to my channel

so today I'm gonna be doing a video on

what I got for my graduation so the

presents that I received from the

amazing people in my life for graduating

college and before I even start with

this video I have to put out a very big

big big disclaimer so I know you guys

could probably tell from tyldus video

and from what I'm gonna show is yes my

parents are kind of crazy they really go

above and beyond for me and my sister

both of us um we haven't always had

money we I've kind of grown up in very

not the best of conditions um so now

that like both of my parents are

successful and they have money they

spoil my sister and I and I am forever

thankful for everything that they do for

us and trust me by it like if you know

me in real life you know that I am NOT a

spoiled brat at all and I am so

appreciative of everything that not only

my parents but every single person in my

life does for me so with that being said

if you have any negative comments to

leave you are gonna get deleted like I'm

not even doing with that I probably I

might even turn the comments off I'm not

sure yet but yeah with all that being

said let's get into this video and let's

get excited together also I'm having a

hair crisis because I just got it done I

have a treatment in it so it's kind of

like Crispian off the best-lookin so I

apologize for that so I'm gonna start

off with presents that I purchased with

money that I got from like my family and

friends so yeah the first things that

I'm gonna show you guys are makeup and I

haven't purchased makeup in a

super-duper super long time I feel like

I kind of lost my love for makeup quite

a bit when I was away and I think the

reason for that was just cuz I didn't

have space for it I didn't feel the need

to have like an excessive amount of

makeup while I was away so now that I'm

back I'm back in the makeup game and

it's kind of bad because I spent so much

money on makeup it's kind of disgusting

but we're not gonna really get into that

right now I got a few things from Ulta

so I'll show you guys that some

essentials I picked up my concealers I

love these concealers this is the makeup


Sealand define if you don't if you

haven't tried these you got two they're

amazing and while I was there also I

used the color C 4 and C 5 depending on

if I'm 10 or not also while I was at the

makeup revolution like area I saw that

they had these champagne liquid

highlighter illuminating illuminator

liquid and it's what I'm wearing today

and it is happen this is a really really

nice product I do really really really

like this I'm not the type person to

wear liquid highlighters but I thought I

would try it and I'm so happy that I did

from NYX I picked up two things I used

to really love NYX it kind of like I

stopped purchasing NYX because I feel

like their prices got a little high and

then the quality kind of dropped but I

do love their lip products I always will

and the first one I got a lip liner in

new truffle and then I also got a butter

gloss in the color cookie butter which

is such a pretty gloss

I think mix is kind of like undefeated

in the drugstore game when it comes to

mat like lipsticks they're glosses and

they're liners they're like really

really good I picked up some Real

Techniques sponge as I never have owned

these I use my sister's and I really

like the way they felt I don't feel like

spending $20 on a beauty blender I know

they're amazing but it's like it just

gets me like I can't spend $20 on them

just stupid because I spend so much

money on other things but besides the

point I also picked up the dream Street

captain lights and color pop collab I

love caffeine lights I will support

anything that she does actually want to

buy a few of her nail polishes I think

she's just really genuine and real so I

thought I would support her and pick up

this gorgeous palette I mean it is very

very beautiful

it has the nice warm tones that I love

and then it has like those cool blues

which I am excited to play around with

and color pop shadow quality first time

try and get pretty impressed so I ended

up going to morphe because I wanted to

kind of give them another chance I mean

not to say that I stopped using morphe

altogether but I kind of like stepped

away from buying a lot of new product

from them because lately I was just

disappointed in the quality so I decided

I'm gonna go to the more if you store

because I live like three minutes away

from it and I'm gonna I really just

going there shop around swatch products

all that's

and I was very pleasantly surprised so I

ended up picking up four lip liners I

got the color secret

oh no secret is actually a an eyeliner I

believe and then I got sweetheart sweet

tea and loved by all super nudie colors

that I feel like are very hard to find

at the drugstore I believe those are

each either two or three dollars and

then I also picks up a eyebrow pencil in

the color of mocha I haven't really

played around with this yet but I'll let

you guys know you guys will probably see

it in a favorites video if I do end up

really liking it I have a bunch of

brushes I feel like they're getting old

though so I picked up a few new brushes

I got the M 210 which is just kind of

like a flat I don't know if you guys can

see that it's just like a flat shader

brush and then this like angled M 165 I

thought this would be cool to put on

like really close dark colors with maybe

do my eyebrows liner I don't know I got

that and then I also ended up picking up

this set not usually a big fan of sets

but this is like a deal this is called

blend the rules and no it's called

complexion goals it's a five piece brush

collection I have a lot of eye brushes

but I don't have a lot of face brushes

anymore I feel like a lot of them kind

of fell apart I've been using the same

Sigma brushes for years so I thought it

was time to treat myself to some new

brushes so I'll show you guys what they

look like so yeah these are all

synthetic and they have we have like

this tapered kind of highlighting blush

brush they have a face brush there is a

angled blush brush which really nice

quality I really like the way that feels

and then there's also a fan brush and

then there is this like just foundation

brush I will say though it kind of sucks

that there are no numbers on the actual

brushes themselves but like whatever

it's fine not really a big deal and then

last but not least for morphe ended up

picking up two palettes I caved you guys

I really really caved and I ended up

getting the Jackson Hale palette it is a

gorgeous palette I like not to say that

I don't support Jaclyn I just

I don't like gimmicky products but you

can't really say that this is gimmicky

the pigmentation is beautiful

the colors are gorgeous like come on

really really beautiful colors so I'm

very happy that I ended up picking that

up and then also I got the 24 G palette

because it was on I went on Memorial Day

it was 20% off and even prior to knowing

it was 20% off I really liked whoops

I really like the colors just really up

my alley I am I promise you guys I am

not buying any more warm tone palettes

because clearly I'm overdoing it it's

like I have so many warm time-worn top I

had a stroke warm tone eyeshadows so I

think I'm pretty good when it comes to

shadow so I got those pallets so onto

the bigger gifts uh I just I am like in

shock and in awe that people love me

this much so the first gift I want to

show you guys is this perfume it is by

bond number 9 NYC and these perfumes are

just ridiculously expensive like I don't

think I would ever purchase my own of

this but look at that packaging though

this is the Spring Fling perfume from

bond number nine can we talk about like

those rhinestones yes and my mom's best

friend Christina who I love very very

much caught this perfume for me and it

even comes with like this like brooch

really pretty and here is the bottle

itself it smells divine like it smells

so good and I'm not really like I kind

of just stayed with my chance Chanel

that's like the only perfume I wear but

I'm so excited for this because it

smells amazing so thank you so much

Christina I love it one of the most

useful gifts that I got my cousin Romina

got me a new Flatiron somebody I won't

mention who their name is either Brianna

or Sarah Sullivan broke my iron when I

was in college well we always had on the

counter so it fell down the plate came

out whatever so I didn't have an iron so

hair straightener so Romina got me this

at3 single-pass flatiron it looks so

good I love how like sleek and nice it

is but with the state that my hair is in

with all the bleach I don't think I'm

gonna be using this for a long time I'm

gonna let it just sit in my freakin

bathroom for a little while because I

don't need no more heat on this really

just fried hair I'm really sad I can't

show you guys what my sister got me but

I literally just went and exchanged it

today and I'm waiting for it to come

back in my sister and my amazing

brother-in-law gave got me a ring and

it's just a diamond band which I really

wanted so I could wear on top of this

ring that my parents got me I really

like the way it looks but unfortunately

they don't have fat finger sizes so I

ended up getting it for this finger

right here it needed to be resized so

long story short it's just a gold band

with diamonds all around it and I

absolutely love it from my mom's other

best friend Leah who I love very much as

well I yeah I'm just like seriously uh

I'll show you guys what she got me I'm

like I'm so like thankful for everybody

I just can't believe it um I got this

here is the Box to Louie Vuitton box I

got this card holder and cash holder

I've never had one of these I know that

people really really like these and use

them very often I think it's gonna be

kind of an adjustment from going from a

huge wallet to something like this but I

think it'd be nice for like night out

nights out when you have like a little

clutch and you don't want to carry your

huge wallet with you so I really really

love that I'm so happy I got that thank

you so much alia again the love of my

life my amazing boyfriend like I love

you so much babe if you're watching this

I love you he caught me this ring right

here and a lot of people thought I got

engaged but actually it's just a promise

ring I'm gonna show you

I hope it's zooms not zooms but like

focuses on it I hope you guys can see

that he got me this gorgeous diamond

ring I was like when I first opened that

I thought it was an engagement ring so I


had like okay can we focus back I kind

of had like a minor panic attack even

though I want to marry him like

yesterday but yeah I loved it so much

it's so my sound very picky when it

comes to jewelry but like look how good

that looks like I love you babe like you

have such good taste so I'm gonna show

you guys what you guys all probably came

here for and I'm gonna show you guys how

absolutely insane my parents are these

two I don't know if you guys can see

what box that is decided that me a

little meet with the bachelors degree

deserves this very very expensive but so

freakin gorgeous Rolex watch you guys

when I open this like we were out to

dinner tears like oh come on seriously

like I freaking like I was so shook I

mean my mom had asked me prior like what

do you want you want to go somewhere you

wanted something and I told her like you

know I don't want like stupid little

things like if you're gonna get me

something here I know you're gonna spend

the money anyway I want something that

I'm gonna have forever and I could pass

on to my kids and god forbid if

something happened and I needed the

money I can sell it like it's something

that is an investment and like it's

never gonna like it's gold you know so

she decided that a Rolex would be the

best option and I am just like oh when I

open this you guys I was like shocked

because it is the perfect style for me

it's so gorgeous it's simple it's like

something that you could really just

wear with everything and I'm more of a

gold person so I'm very happy that they

got the gold one for me and I'll

actually just wear it on my wrist right

now to show you guys I have been wearing

it but it's like I kind of feel guilty

wearing it all the time because it is

such a like fancy thing to have but and

if you guys are wondering this is the

Oyster Perpetual and it is the

smaller-sized I actually like the

smaller size better than the bigger one

I think it looks better on because I

don't have like the thinnest of wrist so

so I hope you guys can see that it has

it's just all gold and then it has a

like kind of like pearly face and then

where the numbers are supposed to be

they're diamonds so just a really

gorgeous watch like look how good that


I am so obsessed every time I like look

like I walk past the mirror and I see it

on my cool girl that is a nice watch so

with that this is the end of my little

haul my gifting haul like I said I am so

thankful for everyone in my life thank

you guys so much if any of you are

watching this video I love you guys so

much I couldn't have completed college

without each and every single one of you

like just everybody motivating me and

believing in me really just like pushed

me that extra mile and I love you guys

so much thank you thank you thank you so

with all that being said I am officially

done with this video please like it and

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a roll with my videos lately so you

don't want to miss any of them thank you

guys so much for watching I love you

guys so so much I'll see you guys next

time bye