hey everyone welcome back to my channel

if you knew her my name is Tiffany

beasted from Beauty and the Beast ins

and today I am showing you our fall

morning routine I do have a super early

morning routine to that I will show you

if you're interested in that and those

are four days that I go to a very early

workout class we wake up at 6 a.m. I

check the monitors and this is our hatch

light that we have in the boys room each

color means something different when the

light is purple they may go on their

fire when it's green they can get up and

get out of their bed and then it also

has naptime and bedtime and this is

great because the kids know just what to

do you can see here their light turned

purple so Carter is getting Tanner his

fire and then he's going to get his own

fire and get back into bed this works

out really well just because they are

very early risers next Chris is headed

downstairs to make us both some coffee



Chris usually showers in the morning I

shower at night just because our

mornings are so crazy and I'm not a

morning person at all once he's done it

we'll get up and make the bed now I am

headed downstairs and the first thing

that I'm going to do is just kind of

look at my planner and our schedule and

our meal plan all of that just to kind

of remind myself what is going on for

the day and then I'll go ahead and get

started on getting the kids drinks ready


today feels like a Pepa lightning

mcqueen sky kind of day so ella is still

just drinking water and the boys drink

water with a little bit of apple juice

mixed in

it is about 7:15 and you can see that

Ella is starting to wake up so I'm just

gonna go into her room and get her out

of bed I did want to mention that

sometimes she tries to sleep in but the

latest I ever let her sleep is 7:30 so

that she stays on her nap and her bed

schedule and I just wanted to show you

how she asked to nurse I thought this

was kind of funny but this is what she

does when she wants to nurse she pulls

on my shirt and says ah so for those of

you who are new here Ella is almost 14

months old and she's still nursing on


she always nurses right away when she

wakes up in the morning but I also want

to mention that she still is waking up

at least once a night to nurse most

recently and I gave her her brush

because I like to give her something to

hold while she's an engineer deeper so

that she doesn't stick her hands in it

because that's her new favorite thing to

do also she just recently started

walking back downstairs we go and

everybody is going to grab their drinks


like I mentioned I'm not a morning

person at all but I love when my kids

wake up happy it does seriously makes my

day so much better in my diffuser I'm

just adding a little bit of lemongrass a

little bit of orange and a little bit of

joy it just kind of helps me wake up and

it spells it nice and fresh and clean

I'm not going to show a ton of cleaning

in this video but I will link everything

below I have multiple different routines

I have cleaning routines morning

routines all of that so I will leave all

my routine videos linked below but every

single morning I unload the dishwasher

and every single night I load it

while I'm getting everything ready in

the morning Carter and Tanner usually

like to do a learning activity so Carter

gets a choice between doing the iPad

activities or this little letter tracing

activity or his workbook right now

Tanner and him are just sharing and

Ella's peeking at it too if you check

out my mom hacks video you know I like

to pick out their clothes the night

before and have outfits picked out on

the back of the door in our laundry room

but I always put them in here to kind of

just grab in the morning and here is

what they are wearing today I'm headed

upstairs now to get ready for the gym

and Kris is just making the kids some


they love spider-man waffles a super

easy breakfast and of course we have to

put some cinnamon sugar on top



next I'm headed into my closet I'm just

going to pick out what I'm wearing for

the day and go ahead and get dressed

like I said I usually shower at night so

I don't shower in the morning unless I

do take that earlier workout class that

I told you about



so today is not a school day however on

school days my kids go to pre-k and they

only go a few days a week and it's only

for two hours a day but no matter what

it is we try to be out of the house on

school days by 8:45 and on non school

days by 9:00 a.m. it's just so much

easier when we're able to get out of the

house first thing in the morning and how

cute were they just getting dressed okay

now it's my time to yeah I'm just eating

oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter

protein for oats I will say I loved this

when I was doing low-carb and being very

low on sugar and now that I kind of fell

off the wagon and I'm not super low carb

but not super low sugar it definitely

did not taste as good as I remembered

however I will get back to liking it

it is now 858 and we are getting shoes

on and getting out the door but first of

course we have to brush our teeth


so on non school days we usually go to

our gym on this day Carter and Tanner

both take part in a ninja class and I

just wanted to show you that Ella is

nursing for the second time and it was

around I would say about 11:15 now we're

home and she tried to fall asleep in the

car I had to keep her awake she's not

gonna be eating lunch with her brother's

today because she is so tired so she is

just going to a nurse again it's about

12:15 and go down for a nap


this is just my thing whenever ella is

going to take a nap I always make sure

she has socks on and her sleep sack I

really feel like it helps her sleep

better I also want to mention that she

is still nursing on-demand at 13 months

and she nurses quite often because she's

teething and she's going through a leap

right now so if your kid is not nursing

this much don't feel any kind of way

about it every kid is different and

quite frankly at this age they don't

necessarily need to drink that much she

still hasn't tried a whole milk it's

just she hates it so I'm not sure what

I'm gonna do about that now I'm starting

lunch for the boys and they are having

some pumpkin shaped peanut butter and

jellies it's their new favorite thing

and they're also going to be having some

octopus string cheese with that and an

apple Chris and I are just having a

honey maple turkey lettuce cheese and

I'm having a little bit of mayonnaise

and bread and butter pickles are my

favorite and that's what we're having

for lunch and then I've just been

cleaning as I go all day long so that

tonight this day I have to tell you I

was so tired today so I'm trying to

clean as much as I can as we go so that

at nighttime I could just go to bed

these are the vitamins that the boys

take we always give them to them during

a nap time just to kind of convince them

to go get in their beds say okay we can

get our vitamins and take a nap that is

just part of our routine and it really

works and a lot of you told me that you

tried it and it worked to help you get

your kids to bed as well


before I can take a mommy minute aka do

some work on my computer I'm just going

to straighten up the living room like I

said I'm trying to clean as I go today

and then I'm going to get our laundry

situation situated I have to put some

things in the dryer hang some things and

start another load


I went to a mommy market and I found so

many adorable things for Ella

so that's why I'm hanging so much of

these cute little dresses she wasn't

recently wearing all of these dresses I

had just recently gone to the mommy

market and wanted to give them a wash



so I usually have two cups of coffee a

day one in the morning and one in the

afternoon the one in the afternoon is

sometimes decaf depending on how I'm

feeling but it's just something I look

forward to every day and like I said I

was exhausted this days I'm calling with

a regular I'm also frothing up some

almond milk

it didn't froth as much as I wanted it

to sometimes I don't know what I'm gonna

get with my Keurig if it's gonna be a

super frothy or kind of frothy

regardless it was still good because it

had whipped cream on top

so now I'm just catching up in my

planner checking on everything answering

emails talking to my manager and then

just editing some videos


Ella is awake she does not nap longer

than an hour that is just my child at

the stage in life I don't think she's

ever not longer than an hour and if she

did I went in the room to see if she was

still breathing that's just my daughter

and now I'm getting her lunch ready and

she's having sliced apples with the

honey maple turkey it's like her

favorite thing in the world she loves

her turkey and a little bit of a soft


everyone is awake from their naps the

boys both still nap and they nap for at

least an hour every single day and then

when they wake up they like to have

their snack and some chews and just

chill out for a second

usually watch something and then we'll

head outside or if it's not nice out

we'll do a craft or something like that

but this was such a beautiful day we had

to take advantage of being outside


the kiddos are still outside playing I'm

headed inside to start on some dinner

it's a little bit before five o'clock

but I know that the salmon takes a

little bit so I'm going to start on that

on the salmon I just do brown sugar salt

pepper garlic and honey and I'll bake

that on for 25 and then I'm just making

the kids a super organic made from

broccoli healthy dinner Kraft macaroni

and cheese shaped as Olaf and Elsa a

little after 5:00 and we're all eating

dinner together and this just makes my

heart full I love having dinner together

as a family you could see Ella has

salmon on her plate as well

she loves salmon the kids love salmon as

babies too and then they turned into

toddlers and it all went downhill


it is 6:30 and it is officially time for

bath all three kids are still getting

bathed together it works for us right

now I don't know what we'll do in the

future but right now this is working

these are the oils that I use on the

kids and I had a chair that's eczema

cream this was from Grove and it's

working so well now after everybody is

dressed we kind of just relaxed in bed

for a minute we'll either read a book or

watch something for a second just

snuggle and Ella usually lets us know

when she's had it and ready to get her

milk and go to sleep


as you can see here she's just giving

her a round of kisses before I go into

her room and nurse her and put her to

bed for the night the latest Ella ever

goes to sleep is 7:30 but if she doesn't

nap well I usually put her down around

6:45 which is what time she's going to

bed right now and of course I always

have to check under her crib for binky's

because that's her favorite place to

hide them finally it's time to put the

boys to sleep if you want to see an

unedited version of how they go to sleep

check out my last day in the life video

I didn't edit when they go to sleepy you

see it they ask me a million questions

make me tuck in every limb at multiple

different times and it was not as easy

as it looks here finally it's time for

me to shower and I usually try to relax

but I had to edit today and go to sleep

so I hope that you all enjoyed this

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and there's enough