how to start a bullet journal ⭐ a step-by-step guide!

hey guys today's video is about how to

start a bullet journal in the beginning

of the video I'll go over what exactly a

bullet journal is and then I'll go over

the steps you can take to start your own

book journal a bullet journal is

basically a planner but instead of

buying a premade planner from the store

it's a customized handmade journal that

you make for yourself to suit your own

individual needs whether you're an avid

planner or you're pretty new to

journaling and planning a bullet journal

is a system that works for almost anyone

and this bullet journaling system in

particular works best for people who

like to physically write down their

to-do lists goals and plans and people

who find that other planners just aren't

quite the right fit since a bullet

journal is a customized system rather

than one that is free printed obviously

one drawback means you do have to invest

some time upfront to set up your bullet

journal but if you find that it's worth

it for you personally to have a

completely flexible system that will

exactly suit what you want because you

get to make it yourself then it's most

likely worth the time investment in my

opinion keep in mind as well that you do

not have to be good at drawing or have

perfect handwriting to start a bullet

journal most bullet journals that you

see online are quite artistic with nice

handwriting and beautiful doodles

but the reality of most bullet

journalists is that the planners just

don't really look like that

there's just a self-selection bias of

people who share their bullet journals

on the internet tend to have the more

perfectly groomed nicely artistically

doodle bullet girls so don't feel

pressured to have a bullet journal that

looks like that because you don't have

to when I first started bullet

journaling it didn't really look that

great but it didn't matter because what

mattered was the functionality so make

sure you keep in mind that function is

really more important than the aesthetic

when you start making your own bullet oh

by the way I will go over a lot of the

topics that I cover in this video in

more depth in my book study with me

which is all about bullet journaling and

chili bullet journaling for students

okay now that I'm done with that self

promo let's move on to step number one

in starting a bullet journal which is to

gather the supplies you'll need in my

opinion you only really need two things

the bullet journal you need a notebook

of course you can't really bullet

journal without the journal part and the

second essential item is a writing

utensil I generally prefer to use a

black pen but you know this can vary

depending on your personal taste some

other items that I personally consider

essentials or just nice things to add on

what include a pencil and eraser first

sketching out layouts and doodles some

colorful markers pens or brush pens or

doodling and adding in calligraphic

titles some washi tape or stickers to

add in color if you don't really feel

like drawing or doodling and page flags

or the little ribbon bookmarks that are

included in some journals to help you

keep track of what page you're on the

particular brand names of supplies you

use aren't really that important but if

you are a stationery nerd like me and

you want some recommendations for my

favorite journals and pens and markers

and all that fun stuff check out some of

the videos and resources that I will

link in the description and in the cards

which are on this side now step 2 is

setting up the bare-bones basics of the

bullet journal that was a lot of the

letter B to learn more about the

original building blocks of this bullet

journaling system which was created by

writer Carol

check out the bullet journal website

bullet journal com

in this video I'll just provide a bit of

a summary distilling the basics into

even more basic and of course you don't

have to follow the rules of these basic

things either yes they're the main

building blocks but if you find that

something doesn't quite vibe with you

you can just take it out and make it

work in a way that works for you I feel

like I'm gonna say that way too many

times in this video but that is the core

philosophy of bullet journaling so don't

you forget so far

we have the bullet which is kind of like

a check box but with more options next

we have the index which is basically a

table of contents in the index you write

down the page number and what's on that

page pretty self-explanatory and lastly

we've got the logs or planning pages

essentially the original bullet journal

utilizes a future log which is basically

for a year or more a monthly log and a

daily log however there are a lot of

different options that you could use

ranging from multiple years down to one

day or even a couple hours of the day

the one you personally use once again

depends on what would work best for you

the ones that I personally use are a

yearly log and a monthly log and then a

daily log just like in the original

system but once again you don't have to

do this take a look at what types of

planners you felt worked best for you

when you used pre-printed planners and

then just go ahead and try things out

and to see what you like and don't like

now that you've got the basic building

blocks down and most likely you should

have already set up for your index and

maybe a few of your log planning setups

it's time to move on to step 3 which is

to add even more additional fun spreads

step a of step three is first to get

inspired you can check out bullet

journal content on Instagram or YouTube

or you can get some ideas from my book

hash tag spawn again or from my videos

if you like those and while you're

browsing make a list of spread topics

and ways to layout those spreads that

you'd like to include in your journal

once you've reached like critical mass

and you've got this giant list of

awesome ideas and you really want to go

try all of them out take a step back

don't go too hard just do one or two

things at a time and see what sticks if

you'd like to follow along with an

example of setting up a completely new

bullet journal you can check out one of

my yearly plan with me videos which I

will link in the description if you

don't find yourself feeling something

out you don't have to make yourself

doing it for me for example I tried to

do a monthly gratitude log where I'd

write in one thing every day but unlike

some of my habit trackers or other

journaling setups I just never went back

and looked at it at all

so obviously that one didn't really work

with me so I just changed it to

something else I changed it to once a

week and then that works for me

so don't be afraid it's not like some

sort of personal motivational failing if

you don't find yourself feeling a

certain tracker or a spread out it just

means it didn't really work with you and

that's fine because say it with me you

need to figure out and do what works

best for you as you figure out what you

want to keep and what you don't want to

keep just swap out the things that

didn't really work for more of your

ideas from that big long list that you

made and of course you don't have to

keep imitating other people's spreads

when you start off at first it might be

easier to just go off of a layout that

someone else has already made and see if

that works with you but you can always

go ahead and tweak things or completely

come up with your own layouts once

you're a little bit more experienced and

comfortable with this system there is no

one-size-fits-all approach to setting up

spreads or just the whole bullet

journaling system in general once again

the best thing to do when you're bullet

journaling is to try things out and then

choose the things that work best for you

alrighty I hope you found this video

helpful and there wasn't too much

annoying self-promotion of my cool book

project that I spent a long time working

on well would you look at that okay I'll

actually stop now I hope you enjoyed

this video and if you'd like more advice

and ideas about bullet journaling I will

link some videos in the description I

also upload photos of my bullet journal

on my Instagram at study quote if you'd

like to check those out see you next