How to start a conversation with someone you see everyday but have never spoken to

all right what do you do if you see

somebody every day and you look at each

other but either one of you is said a

word and so it gets more and more

awkward because you're kind of staring

in each other and you've never spoken

and so then the first thing you say to

this person it's gonna seem so awkward

and so weird and that gets worse the

longer you wait so it's like a vicious

cycle I get it so somebody has to break

the ice

why not make it you and here's what you

have to say say look because I see you

every day and I've never spoken to you

my name is or I'm so-and-so what would

your name or do you take this bus or do

you work in accounting or don't we have

a sociology class together it's

something like that however you know

this person or wherever you see this or

if you don't know them yet and that will

then start a conversation oh yeah yeah

yeah well don't you work in

such-and-such department you must know

so the fact that you see this person

everyday means you have something in


or if you take the same bus I get that a

lot from viewers so I see this person at

the bus stop all right if you take the

same bus you got to know the same people

because you're on the same route where

do you go on the bus I mean or if you're

in college say gosh I see you on campus

all the time we must have the same major

or don't you live in that frat house or

wherever so I mean so there's built-in

things to talk about and you just have

to bite the bullet and do it I know it's

hard because you're like whoa what if

this person thinks I'm a creep because

I'm staring no it takes two she's

staring at you two

all right it's not the other way around

it's not like you're looking at her and

she's just not even looking at you no no

so I know that it's hard but if you

don't do what you're gonna wonder all

right and the longer you wait the harder

it's going to be so just say that that's

all you have to do and I guarantee this

person is going to be really like

so glad he finally said something to me

because it's getting weird

there's thinking the same thing and yet

so what if she just completely blows you

off and said looks at you like why are

you it doesn't matter you tried and

you'll just go back to staring at each


probably seriously doubt I seriously

doubt she would say that because she's

gonna be like oh yeah I know you and

you'll start a conversation and I'm

telling you the first words are the

hardest but it's gonna get easier and

easier like I said you're always gonna

wonder so why not do it do it tomorrow