How To Start A Conversation With Someone When You're Shy

have everyone heard on what you want to

say to someone but you just didn't know

what to say or you're just really shy

and just like oh man how can I talk to

this person right now well in today's

video I'm going to tell you my process

on how I talk to people someone that I

don't know someone that I want to talk

to and I'll tell you the step-by-step

process on how I really do that so

without further ado let's go into the

first point which is going to be that

you first have to break the ice so to

really break the ice what I generally do

is I generally like to compliment the

person and the reason what you want to

compliment them is because when you

compliment you're ready breaking

breaking the awkward or the random

tension right there or the situation

right there so you're giving them

compliment what a comment does is that

when you give a compliment to someone

you're making someone's day you're

giving value to them

so when you give someone value make

their day they're gonna brighten up and

they're gonna open up to you more well

it depends on how you really do the

compliment so for example when I do a

compliment to someone some like don't

know us all on the street if I haven't

warmed up I would gently just say like

hey you have really you have a really

nice jacket and they're like oh thanks

and then generally you could continue

the conversation

or you could walk away right there so

jet so after that if you haven't warmed

up if you're someone that's really funny

finding it hard to compliment someone

just do it with a small steps first

because the small steps are gonna

eventually equal to the bigger steps so

I'll start with the small steps I'm just

doing one compliment one compliment one

compliment and then after that just keep

just walk away to the person so you just

really just build up that experience and

you're warming yourself up to really

just compliment other people and once

you compliment the person that's when

you go into the second step so the

second step is when you start engaging

into their conversations you can start

with a small top question which is like

oh how are your day going so far we're

like oh like where'd you get that

where'd you get that jacket from and

you're just building up the conversation

right there so once you start engaging

the conversation from the person the

next thing that you want to do

you really just want to keep the

conversation going on and you have to

see the body language if they look like

they're kind of move turning the body

away from you and you know they want to

kind of like move away they just want to

get out of the situation so you just

really want to see the body language if

they feel a little bit comfortable well

if you're like oh yeah hey you know

thanks for the compliment I really have

a really good genuine conversation

so with that you could build a

conversation right there and later on if

you want to just talk about other things

you talk well so many different things

you could talk about what they do what I

like to do a fun what a what are they

doing in jail in the first place all

those different topics you could talk

about and you just really just want to

get you to their you just you don't want

to keep doing questions and questions

right there back and back because

there's no sound like interrogation

understand listen to what they're saying

understand it and then after that you

know give your feedback on it don't

don't just keep things all cool cool so

what do you so would you do it now and

you're like oh that's cool again you

need to another question no be a present

with them be really genuine in regards

to just like oh oh cool so you're doing

this right now so like are you gonna be

jumping across the bridge since you like

to do a lot of sky diving or something

like that whatever it is you know I just

made that out right there so that's

really what you need to do to really

just build the conversation so somebody

just you haven't talked to and there's

someone that's really shy you really

want to just do the small steps to start

with the compliments compliments cuz

when you make compliments to someone

you're gonna make someone's day you're

just gonna make someone's day because

usually everyone's just going through

their daily lives and people just like

to themselves and when someone goes out

of the way to really just give that

compliment to them it's gonna spark up

the day because they make them feel

special so that's my little video for

you guys on how they really just start a

conversation or someone even though

you're a little shy and if you guys like

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