How To Start A Conversation With Someone You Just Met | Mr. Dominic Cruz

so you suck at starting conversations

especially after a while that you

haven't been single watch this

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good things do happen all right let's

get to this whole thing so you're trying


let's just say you want to get let's

just say you're someone that is

now it's been single for a while you

know where you're just trying to get

back on the dating scene or you're just

trying to

be more social because

you haven't you were in a relationship

that kind of just like had you in that

you were always in the house you were

not that social

your social skills pretty much suck

right so

and here's the thing when it comes to

when it comes to

certain conversations it's really not

that difficult especially you know

coming from

like myself because i know this because

you know coming from experience

especially working in the night in the

night life you know being social is just


easy as

any man it's just easy as cake put it

that way

oh man i don't even think about that but

it's so

easy but once what is one thing that

stops everyone from conversating

it's in your head you're always thinking

about what they're going to think about

before you even make

the first approach whether you're trying

to be friend whether you're friends or

not and stuff like that people are

always going to be in their head

and create and they're creating things

that are not even happening they're

creating things that's not even going to


and basically that's uh those are

conspiracy theories that you just create

on your own

in your head so

but without further ado man let's get

into this whole thing because if you

really want to get into

texting someone especially with texting

someone that you're interested in

then you know you came to the right spot


here you are so one

this is one of my favorites and i always

do this with everybody and it always


it's always a good friendly playful

banter i always send a gif

yes a gif why because

i don't have to say so much words i say

something that

is relatable to how we met or relatable

to what we talked about

and of course you know gifts are

probably i swear

majority of my conversations i always

use gifts and

people understand so people understand

the conversations and

then not only that they see you as very

playful they don't see you as like this

person that's so serious and

it's just friendly banter man that's all

it is

sending a gif is probably a good

first message to send as a conversation


because it can go

conversation go like the extra mile if

you know what i mean

another thing that you can say is

especially if you met them

usually people will say i enjoyed

meeting you yesterday and they wait like

a day after

but no don't do that don't say

i enjoy meeting yesterday hey i would

text pretty much

about 10-20 minutes right because that

keeps you

and not knowing that because you know

people can be a little forgetful not

only and

and you basically say hey so and so it

was great meeting you

would like to grab a drink or coffee uh

sometime let me know

or you know you just leave that option

open so you're not so much of like just

trying to be so anxious or so needy

or trying to like you know hang out you

know what i'm saying so

i enjoyed meeting you uh

i enjoyed meeting you today let's grab a

drink for coffee sometime

let me know all right another one you

can do is hey you looked

really great in that color that you wore

i bet you get lots of compliments

now and this is a good this is a good

from from a guy's perspective it's

really great to say because you're

complimenting on

because you're you're telling the woman

that she looks great in this color and

you know it's going to make her want to

wear that even more because

now it's one it is valid it's kind of

giving her that validation like damn you

look good

i'm not gonna say damn but you know it's

you look good in that color

uh but you get lots of compliments and

then you know makes her blush and makes

her feel

a certain type of way which is in a

positive way it gives a positive

emotion put it that way and that's

another way you can start a conversation

is by saying that hey you look great in

the color that you wore and i bet

you get a lot of compliments and then

she'll say oh my god stop it

in conversation starter it works

it worked me i know it could work for

you another thing is that you can say

is hey it was talking to you was so

interesting i would love to chat some

more with you sometime

these are kind of very irresistible text

messages because you're leaving the door

open and

i mean and if they don't respond kind of

makes them look like an ass not only


it kind of gives you validation to

just like i ain't gonna text again so

but again it was great talking to you

was so interesting i would love to chat

with you sometime

just leave it open you're not trying so

hard to

just you're just being cool

that's it there's no agenda it's really

just getting to know one person really


starting a conversation okay so

that's pretty much the whole thing i

mean so

one send a gift number two i enjoyed

meeting you

uh would like to grab a drink would you

like to grab a drink or coffee sometime

and that you send that the day of

not the next day or and then the next um

third one is you look great in that

color i bet you get a lot of compliments

number four is talking you were so

interesting i would love to chat with

you sometime

just keep it playful and fun that's all

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