How to fully Night Wean + Dream Feeding tips!

hey guys what's up and welcome back to

the moments review so I have a video

requested to do this video for you guys

so I'm excited to do it what I want to

talk to you guys today about is nice

weaning your child so daytime weaning

I'll touch on that a bit too but night

weaning was really the biggest headache

for me and I really couldn't find

anything out there to help me with it so

let's get started

so one of the biggest things that I

thought was when I started to retrain my

son about four and a half five months


I sort of thought that when you sleep

training him he's going to sleep through

the night and that was not true we were

still waking up in the night you know

between three or four times and it was

getting a little ridiculous and I really

didn't know what to do we were dealing

with a few things during that time as

well gasps and he was bridging from a

swaddle and all of that sort of stuff

but once we've still gotten all of those

figured out he was still waking up a

couple of times a night to feed and I

thought if I'm please training him

shouldn't he sleeps through the night

and it was very confusing for me and I

really couldn't find like I said any

information to help me so what I would

suggest because I did this a little bit

backwards is night weaning well you are

sleep training so once you have gotten

the sleep training kind of figured out

you know do one or the other and I would

say start with sleep training so once

you guys please training figured out the

immediately start night weaning and

because by the times they're six months

most pediatricians and most doctors

would tell you that they can pretty much

sleep through the night they might need

to wake up once to feed but for the most

part they can pretty much sleep through

the night

I have friends - a baby - but through

the night from like a couple months old

so I know that at six months your baby

will be fine especially because you're

going to probably be starting solids

around that six month time frame so you

can make sure that you're giving them a

really good solid snack before they go

down for bed whether that applesauce or

whatever you give baby rice cereal

whatever you feel comfortable with

giving them that snack or that you know

meal before they go to sleep will

hopefully fill their tummies and help

them stay asleep throughout the night

now I wouldn't recommend daytime weaning

if you're going to night time lean at

six months they do not need to be

daytime weaned yet unless you are you

know somebody who is

I'm going to start bottle-feeding or

whatever do not date Eileen them as six

months that is way too early you should

try to give them formula or breast milk

as you know for the first year as as

much possible

so do not be timely but nighttime wean

is more what we're talking about now

because my situation is a bit different

because it's my son I didn't understand

all that I was a new mom and I didn't

know what I was doing

we got his sleep training under control

then I daytime weaned him and then by

about you know a couple week after his

first birthday he was fully weaned we

had night time weaning and everything

taken care of

but that took a little bit of adjusting

that took a little bit figuring out so

it will be different for us for our next

child and only because I have bigger

things out and I know kind of how it

should go now so what I would recommend

is when you start that sleep training

and if you haven't seen my video on

sleep training allow that link down

below for you guys but once you start

dead sleep training once you have it

under control

go ahead and start the night weaning

process and keep daytime as normal as

possible and in fact you might even have

to increase daytime a few feeds just so

that they make it through the night and

then will be more full so now two on how

you're actually going to start to wean

them what I would suggest is start with

the seeds that you find for the artist

to get through now what I mean by that

is Jacob they would wake up you know

he'd go to bed around 7:00 and he would

wake up at about midnight then again at

2:00 then again at you know six or

something like that that was kind of as

usual and so you're going to want to

pick the seat that you find the hardest

so for me it was that two o'clock feed

the midnight one didn't really bug me so

much because most of the time I knew he

was going to be up at that time and so I

just kind of stayed up and tell them I

maybe was in bed just watching a video

on my phone or whatever until I knew he

would wake up now I have a tip on that

as well to help you with that but before

I say anything about that

like I said cut out the one that's the

heart in order to cut it out what you're

going to do is you're going to go in and

set a time limit

so if you know your baby normally feeds

for ten minutes start to ten minutes and

everyday take away a minute and how you

get to two minutes so it will take you

ten days to wean your baby from the two

o'clock or whatever feed you choose so

that's what we did and what I did is I

went in and I stepped him for ten

minutes and then the next day I spent

him for nine minutes

the next day eight minutes seven six

five four three and once I got down to

two you do not feed them most of the

time once I hit that mark Jake was no

longer waking up for that fade if he was

he was able to soothe himself back to

sleep because we had already sleep

trained and if he needed to I would go

in I would give him a little snuggle

give him a little kiss and then laid him

back down and he would fall back asleep

and then it was just being treated as

basically sleep training at that point

because now he's no longer looking for

food he's no longer associated that wake

up with food but he was still used to

waking up at that time so now once you

have that feed under control you're

going to pick the next hardest one for

you and just work through it the exact

same way so it's the exact same

situation and it should be pretty easy

with the transition because like I said

you already have some solidly sleep

trained they are weaning off of nice

feeds you are introducing more and more

food during the day you're giving them

this mess before bed so they don't

really need all of this extra and it'll

depend on how many times been waking up

in the night Jacob pool cups still quite

a few times but if your baby's only

waking up once boom you are done now

they might start to wake up earlier so

be prepared for that they might start to

wake up instead of 7 o'clock 6 o'clock

because now they're not getting that

snack in the middle of the night so you

can adjust your bedtime routine to fit

that or your morning time routine or

anything by those little night lights

and try to teach them that nope it's not

time to get up yet

do what works for you in that situation

I don't really know what to tell you for

that except you might be tired for a few

weeks but you actually know we'll be

sleeping through the night so it won't

be as hard to keep that in mind now like

I said

are just going to continue that on until

you have cut out all of the seeds for

yourself I actually kept the six o'clock

feed for a little while longer and that

was because I thought hey if I don't

mind feeding him even for five minutes

to get him to sleep for another hour I

can then go lay back in bed and sleep

till seven o'clock so do what works for

you and again you can cut that one out

slowly and then maybe he will sleep till

7:00 pick what works for you and don't

kind of stress about it too much because

this is going to give you a headache

so now for the midnight feed what I

would do for the midnight feed is called

dream feeding so I would go into his

room while he was still asleep before I

went to bed since I was 11 o'clock or

whatever time it was before that I was

about to actually go to sleep I would go

in and pick him up as quietly and as you

know carefully as I could and get my

nursing pillow ready and later on the

nursing pillow and I would feed him

without waking him so now his tummy is

actually full he's not going to wake up

in an hour two hours to nurse because I

fed him when I was going to bed and now

he's only going to wake up at his two

o'clock or whatever is next Vitas now

keeping in mind you're going to still

have to wean him off of that dream feed

but this allows you to see him or her

before you actually go to sleep yourself

and that helps you from not having to

fall asleep and then wake up in two

hours so those are my tips guys like I

said cut it out you know very slowly a

minute at a time a minute a night and a

feeding at a time

pick the feeding that is the toughest

for you to get through and cut that one

out first and then work your way around

it if you find that your baby's waking

up feed them at that point you know put

them back in their bed and then cut that

one out slowly you might actually even

be introducing a new feed at that point

but it will allow them to sleep more

thrills a night and sleep longer so they

might turn that six o'clock into a seven

o'clock wakeup time and last thing like

I already said to you guys go ahead and

use that dream feed and then cut that

dream feed out slowly and that will help

you to actually get a full night's rest

you will be sleeping from the time

they're sleeping until the time they

wake up in the morning and who doesn't

want that

anyway guys I hope this video helped

it's a lot of information but seriously

information that I really had to dig for

so I hope that it helps you guys my

cleaning is one of the toughest things

and then I just used a timeliness that's

the same way I just would recommend that

you do that when they're you know way

older and when you are finally done

nursing but for the night-time liens I

would say go ahead and start around the

six-month mark for yourself or assess

the situation and see what you're

comfortable with anyway guys I hope you

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