A Garden In Mississippi



it takes a small berry a mulberry de

Barras finest body bet yo just to tell

you I believe you have a green thumb

what are those daisies now you said you

got this this thing over here just

recently with those I think it's a

spider plant she often combine when I

first moved here nobody had a chance to

meet y'all I started planting flowers

cuz I'm like my mom I'd like to see

pretty things grow and then they started

being I still a share of plants with him

so nice she shared plants me she brought

me these the spider plants she say we

jump in again give the people and mother


let's meet how you just stick it in the

ground from the group mm-hmm you can

share that with me anything please Mitch

to keep it in the shade there Lucifer or

something because of the color I forget

exactly Lucifer's they are bright

reddish orange so yeah they are

beautiful flowers at this thing over


I know I've taken pictures of it usually

has some purple flowers right so do they

come in the summer or all the change of

the seasons

trying to notice when I see like the

lightning good night money so I can try

: a school

like Harry tang Katrina the cold storm I

know it's all the sneezes crawled up to

the screen it's hard to understand why

they would Wow

oh wow they knew water

cigarette clean yeah the hummingbirds

love it and the hummingbirds are

beautiful but you have to be up like

6:00 in the morning this evening do you

have any gardening tips or do you have

any advice that you know that you would

give anyone aspiring to have such a

green thumb as you or do you do anything

special I mean or I can give you one

example like this flower right here I

mean breathtaking I mean I wish I had a

dress there same flowers on in it and

once you story I guess

I feel to be maybe a moisture still a

foodstuff in a crowd Wow

joy or time like me


meditate all gardening is good get a

little sweaty in on the weekend from

that don't let your hair - oh yeah the

shrimp play hard many many years ago the

little shrimp flower I used to have it

over there