Why you need a Holding Company and Operating Company to Recapture Tax Deductions

savage finance because it's a jungle out

there that wants your money here I will

teach you in this video I'm going to

talk about the importance of holding

company and subsidiaries or what I like

to call baby

LLC's one of the things you've got to

understand right now the biggest expense

that you have in your life is taxes if

you have a job and by creating a holding

company and deploying baby LLC's you can

begin to recapture some of your tax

money so you can take your money and

grow your wealth if this is your first

time here I want you to go to the front

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financial education and become

financially literate and also I want you

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business here are savage finance we

employ and we advocate doing more to

make more money so this is to help you

out in that regard let's talk about the

corporate game if you are an average

person with the new Trump tax cuts there

are literally no deductions you can take

by literally creating a holding company

and an operating company you can begin

to recapture so many lost tax dollars

because this is this is something that

happened with one of my clients have a

client who made a high income about

three hundred fifty thousand dollars a

year and he was like you know I'm just

not motivated to start a side business

and he booked me for a consult because

he's been thinking about it and we had

talked and I said well if you start a

company you could start to get a lot of

your money that you're throwing away in

taxes back so we go ahead and set him up

a holding company in the operating

company and then we set it up where he

was able to get

a tax refund of $50,000 this is the

power of running a business

like once again if you're an average

American and you're just out here living

your life working the job you're getting

hammered by taxes because if you start a

company and then you you got to be in

business for real you know just going

ahead and creating a holding company and

creating an LLC that's not going to help

you there needs to be money running

through these companies but this will

enable you to employ and capture

significant tax advantages that you'll

because I think the best setup is you

have a couple who are who are married

who file jointly and one member has a

business another person has a job and

what they can literally do is offset

those federal taxes paid off for that


the biggest expense that you have as a

person with a job is taxes taxes are

knocking you upside the head I mean I

want you to imagine what would your life

be like if you did not have to buy pay

taxes what would your life be like if

you didn't have to pay federal taxes

because the thing is it's going to

mitigate federal taxes you're still

gonna have to pay your Social Security

and your thicker in your state taxes but

to a degree it would also impact those

taxes as well when you get into the

business game and have the proper

structure there are so many things that

can happen I'm gonna give you an example

of another situation with a client and a

client who had a business really good

cash flow but their corporate structure

wasn't set up and they did not have an

established relationship with a bank

they had a checking account with their

bank but when they walk in the bank

no one said hello Mr Turnbull no one

knew who he was at the bank when I set

up my banking they knew who I was every

time I walked in hello mr. Cameron hello

is the Cameron and this is how you


relationship with the bank so I worked

with this client we straightened out his

corporate stuff and I told him to go in

his bank and make a loan he's like but I

don't need any money I said this is the

perfect time for you to make a loan so

he goes into this Bank he sits down the

banker gets to know him talks to him

about his business he makes a loan for

$40,000 and I said take that $40,000 put

it in the bank and pay that loan back

with their own money and he said that

seems a little crazy I said this is how

you establish banking relationships

because the bank really oath the oath a

bank cares about can you pay back the

loan and can you manage money that's

only thing they care about they don't

care about any of this other stuff and

he went ahead and he had the loan and he

paid it back in two years and then he's

like he called me up he said I just got

an offer from my bank for a hundred

thousand dollar loan this is the type of

stuff that happens when you know how to

play the game this is what happens

because most people they borrow money

when they need it and that is absolutely

the worst time to borrow money when you

absolutely desperately need it that's

the worst time you're gonna have such a

hard time so he was just like blown away

and that's like like well you got your

corporate paperwork and this is also

something else when he went in because

he was a business owner he only had two

checking accounts he did not have the

full corporate structure checking

accounts that he needed and we went in

there and his banker was very impressed

with him and this is why as on the

personal finance side if you go below

and hit the link you get my money

management course you will impress your

banker and also you may get some

pushback because bankers are not used to

people coming in and segmenting their

money like that they're they're just

completely unfamiliar with it because

you know most people's checking account

it's like a lunch pad

money comes in money pops out that's how

it is one of the things with the holding

company an operating company game is you


to carve out certain advantages I will

give you an example like I have two

luxury cars and one of my luxury cars is

in my corporate name and this is

something you know if you're harassed by

the police if you you know at one point

in my life I was literally getting

stopped every time I turn around then

for the business purposes

I put the vehicle that I usually was

driving which was a e to 50 cargo van I

put it in the company name and all that

stopped it was amazing what happens when

you go ahead and start to shift things

out of your personal life into a

corporate life and this is this is the

only game that's out there because you

could save money on your taxes you can

create freedoms for yourself you could

create opportunities for your family you

could like create a situation where you

can literally hire your wife into your

corporate situation give a tax advantage

for hiring your wife put money in her

pocket and save your company money

there's so many things that you can do

and this is why you'd be the holding

company part of the game is and I need

to be fundamentally 100% honest with you

you need to create a holding company and

operating company but you need to have

corporate enterprises that make money

this doesn't work if you just go ahead

and set up the holding company the

operating company and you're not out

here making any money so you need to

channel money through these corporations

the other day I had someone reach out to

me on Facebook and he had some questions

and he was just stunned that you know

getting business credit and we're gonna

talk about that in a second that the

banks have gotten Ricker's right now

after the last recession unless you have

a corporation or an LLC that's three to

five years old with tax income

statements where taxes filed in income

statements they're gonna make you sign

the PG for any type of liquid business

credit such as a Visa Mastercard or

American Express they're going to check

your personal credit to issue you those

cards however a lot of people don't


that the power of age and wants to get

you have to make some money

you haven't make some money through

these things because let's say you are

20 years old and you start your holding

company and you start operating company

and you run whatever little endeavors

that you have going for this company and

by the time you're 25 you have an

established holding company with filed

taxes money going in and the proper

corporate checking accounts you're in

such an incredible position you can do

so many things because with the business

credit tip I used to have a neighbor her

name was Sally made generals rest in

peace Miss Jones just to say this if you

live long enough you're gonna get old so

whether you're actively building

something right now or not time is

passing and I want you to be building

some stuff I want you to get some stuff

because you start at 20 by the time

you're 25 you will be eligible for all

types of business credits and I'm

talking about true business credit I'm

not talking about vendor credit then

their credit is like say you have a dog

collar business and you buy leather from

this leather company these companies

will grant you a generous credit terms

because you're getting leather you're

not getting cash so why would you get

leather unless you needed it so they're

pretty Jinna and that's vendor credit

what I'm talking about is liquid capital

Visa MasterCard American Express lines

of credit things you can get cashed you

can set yourself up to be in the

position where you could be available to

get up to a million dollars in financing

and funding but it's all about knowing

the corporate game I had another client

who listened to me who was an Amazon FBA

seller and what we did was liberate them

and had an accountant chase in about 18

months and Chase offered them a million

dollar loan because of the way that

their financials were set up and they

saw the money coming in because we're

used to happen is

and then this is gonna be so crazy my

client used to take all of the money out

cash money and put it in a safe deposit

box and I said you gotta stop doing that

you got to leave the money in the bank

but why my money I want my money is like

nothing you got yeah you gotta leave the

money in account and then also the same

client we put her own salary from her

company and it hurt because I was like

okay you want to live a luxurious

lifestyle you put yourself on salary

you're gonna pay alive in taxes but this

is going to enable you to get bigger and

better things in the future so she took

the hit and you know she went from just

hustling and not paying any taxes - oh

my god I mean I think at one point she

was paying like $20,000 a month in taxes

because that's what she was paying

herself she says good lord but then when

she went to start financing stuff and

they ran their credit app and then

they're like oh you got very credit and

they like oh we like your income she was

able to get any and everything that she

wanted and she was just amazed at this

this is a system we're in a financial

system and if you don't understand how

the system works it's not going to work

for you there's about 22 trillion

dollars of funding out there that most

people cannot access because they don't

know how and they're not properly

structured to get this money so this is

what a holding company will do for you

and this is what an LLC will do for you

and let me just be really really

expressed this that you have to have a


it's just not going to work for you and

there are many people who want to go out

and get these business credit products

and don't want to be personal guarantor

and unless your corporation this season

and has age it ain't gonna work it's

just not gonna work this is what they

have to tell the person who reached out

to me on Facebook is like it ain't gonna

work because this is another thing for

you business owners who depreciate and

deduct everything when you go to get a

loan they're gonna say no because you

have formally informed the United States

government RS that you made no money and

they gonna go with that you ain't gonna

get no loans or no projects I don't care

if your business we're having revenues

of two hundred and fifty thousand

dollars what they're gonna look at from

a lending institution perspective is

what you claimed and the money that you

put in your pocket and the money to pay

taxes on and it's a wicked wicked game

because right now I'd appreciate so much

but I'm not looking at I'm not out here

looking to buy anything or get into

anything and frankly I have enough cash

to do what I want to do so there's this

corporate game is amazing with the

proper knowledge and financial structure

and this is why you need a holding

company and an operating company and

right now this is the best time to do it

because you give your time to grow it

literally you can have an eBay business

you can have an Amazon business like I

give you the example like if I had an

eBay business and Amazon business I

would have a holding company and I will

have an Amazon business in baby Corp

number one and I would have the eBay

business in baby court number two I

would segment it like that because it

will require me to keep very good books

because I will keep a record of all my

eBay sales I keep a record on my Amazon

sales and then I get to take all the

deductions and push them up through the

parent company which then in terms could

save me

of money there's so many things that I

want to talk about in the future that

you could do with the holding company in

the operating company and you know we're

gonna talk about whether you should have

an LLC or whether you should have an

incorporation it really depends on what

you're going to do because here's the

thing with the holding company an

operating company when you sit down and

create an olden company operating

company you become king you can do

whatever you want that doesn't break the

law you could create you could write

your articles of organization any way

that you want you can do so many things

you could set yourself up for greatness

and it's just all about the paperwork

and the structure and this is a game

that many folks don't know how to play

but once you start playing the corporate

game you're not gonna want to go back to

living a normal life

I will Express to you what I do like

since I use this house it's really huge

as five thousand square feet I use it

mostly for YouTube I mean there's like

dude there's only one bedroom with a bed

up there those two bedrooms with the

beds this is four bedroom house but two

of the bedrooms were Studios in the

basement area of studios so our

legitimate lose about 80% of this house

for YouTube so since I do that I

actually rent my house to my corporation

and you know I you know and that's a

there are certain steps that you have to

do because you just cannot like say you

do it there's a structure and you got to

do it that way and that's gonna be about

cuz I charged five thousand dollars a

month so that's the sixty thousand

dollar deduction right there portrait

game if you understand the nuances of

the corporate game it's the best game

you can play there's so many things that

we were going to talk about so if you

want to learn how to play the corporate

game go below and get into mine

the art of holding course it's expensive

it is not cheap because this knowledge

can set you up to make

and go ahead the links below and if you

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Holding Company course you have to pay

for that but I am here to tell you as a

living witness this is the best game on

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