How to Use Paragraphs (TiP ToP)

hi everyone my name is mr. Watson and

today we're going to be talking about

paragraphs what they are why we use them

and how to use them correctly if you

find using paragraphs difficult or you

don't tend to use them very often then

hopefully this video will help you out

so how would you define what a paragraph

actually is well think about a paragraph

is a section of writes and that deals

with a single theme or idea for example

if I were describing what this dog looks

like I do all that in one paragraph but

if I decided to then talk about what

it's doing I do that on a different

paragraph because I'm focusing on a

different thing

it seems that occasionally there is some

confusion from people who believe that a

paragraph has to be made up of about

four or five lines of sentences this is

not the case a paragraph can be made up

there are many sentences as are

necessary to get the information across

whether that's 1727 or just one single

sentence so now we know what a paragraph

is why should you be using them in your

work ultimately it's about organizing

your ideas and presenting them to your

reader in a straightforward away as

possible take a look at this this has

been written using no paragraphs of

whatsoever if I ask you to read this yes

you could probably do it but does it

look particularly appealing

where are the breaks where are the clues

that tell us about changes in topic and

theme there aren't any it's just one

huge block of writing you really will

not appreciate this and may find it

difficult to navigate through your work

if we were to now add paragraphs into it

and organize the writing in a much

clearer way a much more appealing way we

can see each of the different sections

very easily it's broken down for us and

it seems far less intimidating to read

plus if we needed to go back into it to

find a specific section we can easily

see what each part is about with all

that in mind you might be thinking okay

well I know what a paragraph is and why

we use them but how can I use them in my

own writing well we can use a simple

acronym to help us remember when to

start a new paragraph and that acronym


tiptop the TI stands for time the first

P stands for place the T o stands for

topic and the second P stands for person

if any of these things change whilst you

are writing you need to start a new

paragraph so if you talk about a

different time a different place or

location a different topic or introduce

a different person or speaker then you

must begin on a brand new paragraph it

really is that simple try to use

paragraphs in your own writing if you

don't already as it's such an important

part of structuring your content and

making it more readable whether you're

writing a story or an analysis paragraph

in is essential that's all for this


I hope you found it helpful feel free to

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let me know if you did I'll thank you

for watching and I hope to see you next