Dating After A Breakup: A Relationship Expert Reveals Her Secrets

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lives today I really wanted to release a

brief video on dating during a breakup I

think that that's a very taboo topic

that no one wants to talk about a lot of

my clients call me saying they feel like

they're cheating on their partner if

they go on a date even though their

partner left them or they left their

partner here's a reason I kind of

disagree with that I think that dating

during a breakup is a really good

confidence building exercise this isn't

about you becoming polygamous isn't

about you being promiscuous or spending

several nights out on the town with a

variety of partners this is really about

you building some confidence and feeling

desired by other people ultimately it's

gonna be your confidence that retracts

your partner to you and if you can't

show them your confident ambitious self

it's unlikely that they may want to

re-engage in the relationship believe it

or not in relationships they're

fundamentally balances of power right

and more often than not the person with

the most confidence tends to have the

most amount of power it's the more

docile passive partner that sometimes

ends up getting the end of the

stick excuse my french and I feel like

if we can date sometimes during the

break-up it can show you that you're

attractive you're desirable you're

worthwhile and all of those things lend

to rediscovering that sense of

confidence that you have and that's what

your partner was into in the first place

it's really important to kind of you

take this this slogan that I always say

be the person they met and not the

person that they left toward the end of

the relationship something about you or

maybe the both of you had changed but

when they first met you you were in a

good part of your life you were doing

well feeling good

treating people well and all of those

things are what made

you to them I think if you focus on

again refined in that confidence you're

gonna be able to successfully reattached

the relationship once again which what I

imagine is is what you're here viewing

this video for please note that even

though I encourage you to maybe go on a

date or two during a breakup it doesn't

mean that sometimes it doesn't come at

the risk of it hurting you you're gonna

be sitting across from a new person you

may feel forced to compare them to the

person you used to sit across from that

person being your ex and sometimes it

could be negative if it is negative

don't let it hurt you don't let it show

you that your ex is the only person in

your life what are you doing going on

dates how foolish are you that's not the

point of the exercise I don't want you

to feel like going on a date is supposed

to replace your partner this actually

has a lot less about other people than

you think this is about you and your

relationship with you let the person

sitting next to you empower you and

encourage you and just remind you that

there are other people in this world not

necessarily that you have to go out and

marry that person but at least know that

there's a chance that you can have

communication dialogue with someone else

learn something new about people around

you I really hope that this video helped

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