Honeymoon Phase | Why Not To Worry Over Your Ex’s New Relationship

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your day to day this video is about the

honeymoon phase of a relationship

whether you're looking back at your own

relationship or looking at your ex being

in another relationship and freaking out

about how quickly things are moving I

know that a lot of you have questions in

regards to the honeymoon phase of the

relationship are they going to break up

or is it possible for me to recapture

that type of love that has that we've

had initially in our relationship and

research has shown that this passionate

deep intense love that I refer to as the

honeymoon phase of the relationship can

last approximately two years and that's

very scary for those of you who whose ex

is in a rebound relationship because

you're thinking oh my god how what am I

going to do if my ex is in a

relationship where it's passionate for

two years and that's not the case in

most relationships that I see on my day

to day when people break up and an ex

quickly jumps into a rebound

relationship because quite frankly it's

very difficult to jump from one moving

train to the next I always talk about

this in my videos if you are in a deep

passionate intense relationship for

years it's very difficult to all of a

sudden jump and be in another

relationship right away overnight and I

think that you need to not panic and

think about that other relationship and

instead focus your energies and things

that you can control in order to empower

you to inspire your significant other to

want to be with you but what you need to

understand is that

deep passionate intense honeymoon phase

of a relationship is not sustainable you

cannot expect that love to last forever

you can have moments of deep passion and

intimacy moments where you feel in love

deeply connected and on the same

wavelength but just like waves of the

sea high tide low tide those feelings of

being in love aren't constant because

life comes in the way because you have

obligations because you have your own

purpose and journey to walk and that

intense feeling of being in love is

irrational and at some point it can be

even dangerous and that's why you have

to accept the fact that it is not

something that is forever and ever and

ever the foundation of a healthy

marriage is love is real love real love

being able to support your partner

accept who they are through challenges

trials and tribulations through the ups

and downs of everyday life to come out

of these challenges together to love

your partner for all that they are and

to support them on that journey and

that's the trait the quality traits that

I see in couples that have been together

for 30 40 50 years it's there because

they were not so caught up on just the

passion side of the relationship and the

deep intimacy and the wanting to be

completely involved with that partner

always and at all times it's because

they understand that they love has

different seasons and they are able to

weather those seasons together and to

constantly reinvent their relationship

over the years because the foundation is

there because the love is there because

there's a common life project so don't

seek to be in that honeymoon phase of

the relationship forever because if you


you're gonna set yourself up for failure

love is a lot more rich and complex than

that love is about more than just

physical attraction sex and intimacy

it's about building a common life

project together and that's what you

should be looking to do with your

significant other so if your partner is

has left you and is with someone else

and they're posting pictures on social

media and they're traveling the world

and they seem happy that does not mean

that they're gonna be together forever

it's just the honeymoon phase of the

relationship that is difficult to

navigate and come out of and I want you

to remember that and to focus instead on

the virtues and the quality traits and

habits and positive patterns that can

enable you to build a common life

project with this person that you love

that's the real love that's what we

aspire for you through this channel

through the videos that we do and I hope

that this video will make sense I hope

that you'll understand why it's

important to not just focus on the

passion and the intimacy and the

honeymoon phase of the relationship

because that relationship is so much

more than that and I hope that you will

not misunderstand my words and can have

passion you can't have intimacy but not

to a fault not to the point where you're

neglecting your own your own life your

own purpose and being of service and

doing all types of other things that

ultimately are necessary for you to be a

full balanced healthy human being that

can then be in a healthy relationship if

you have questions about the honeymoon

phase of your relationship or of an exes

relationship or someone else please

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