Starting a New Relationship After a Bad Break Up

make sure that you come at it you're

gonna get into a relationship after a

bad breakup you really have to put all

of the negativity that came from your

old relationship behind you you can't

bring that baggage with you into the new

relationship this is a mistake that a

lot of people make they come out of a

bad breakup is to have that those

negative feelings from that bad breakup

they get into a new relationship and

they bring the same issues into that in

a relationship you can't do that you

gotta put that behind you whether you

were the one at fault in your past

relationship that led to the breakup and

what you do you learn from that fault

learn from that mistake you don't make

it again or whether you were not the one

at fault and you feel like you were

slighted you feel like you were you know

betrayed by your ex then you gotta put

that behind you as well because this is

a new relationship a new individual okay

not your ex all right so you got to come

out of with a different attitude