Relationship Talk: Starting A New Relationship After A Break Up And More....





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straight to what we've got for you this

morning pop and afro pop musician

popping a football I like that Doherty

at Duffy aka HDMI is gonna tell us the

meaning of that he's gonna be giving us

first musical performance for this

Wednesday mmm life hack session will

also be happening and you'll learn a

thing or two as usual he has something

up her sleeve or is it sleeve are these

Poncho's on relationship diamond

lala-lulu our twin boys back with us

talking about getting into a new

relationship you know over the last

three weeks we've been talking about

breaking up breaking up so now we're

ready to get back get back into the

market as they say and you know after

the breakup you know so he's gonna be

telling you what to do the do's and

don'ts what to wear things like that Wow

staying nourish is also essential

especially for our Muslim brothers and

sisters who are fasting during this

month around

nutritionist Suzanne a g-body will be

highlighting food ideas for iftar to

stay well nourished forming this morning

will be focused on pigeons have you

teach the pigeons before and all you

need to know to start pigeon farming and

from that German base Nigerian artist

Nicola will be giving us a second

performance he'll be performing his song

Arawa it says course lastly we're gonna

be having dr. Lawson on the show I'm

talking about hip pain why some people

have them and some don't and what you

can do to help yourself when when you're

faced with such situations things that

could be different areas of the body

people just have pain I don't know is

I'm really interested in the he pain

discussion because I've been having hip

pain yeah I know I haven had muscle pool

last night and well will be I think

basically a Leah sort of this morning

and I don't I just know that I was in

pain I was growing him then my husband

just woke up and then he said it was

hiding the leg massage in it okay you

already told me yesterday while I was in

radio someone mentioned something

apparently I think it was Wally palpable

he said we have cabbages you wrap them

around your joints you know was shot

with film there's like no transparent

nylon yeah so you wrap it with film okay

and leave it for like maybe overnight

it's actually renewed the pain from and

I was like are you kidding me I didn't

know that I've heard yes

there is that in the skin and all that

with some particular fruits vegetables

and juices even I've heard that before

it's just I don't I feel like some of

them might be placebo effect though like

okay the to do is gonna work so it now

works like in your mind it just works

your mind or your mind for it triggers

it to work but you know there are a lot

of hip replacement surgeries that happen

all over the world for different reasons


because someone has been sitting wrong

in their office chair because someone

has been dipping wrong and it be wrong

you know and it's really sad and it's

very expensive mm-hmm so if for instance

you're having you know any of those you

might want to make sure you stay to

listen to the doctor and his you know

his take on what to do yeah but

sometimes I feel that those pills don't

work those I guess I guess maybe when

you sell hang the hill leg or knee what

again disease what exists so that's so

basically there's no a no rule to using

it you just it just it's more like a

support you know it's just something

really use the pillow is your belly

resting on the pillow exactly so I think

that's what so I think I'm more

concerned about my legs because I feel

the pain mostly on my you know legs my

hips and my legs then you know so so if

you relieve the the pressure from the

belly itself the gravity like the

pressure it's pulling you down if you

put something under it you relieving

that pain so try that no that's for

carrying two at the same time so yo why

don't you why don't you try what so how

about how about like pushed repeated

mattresses ones that take the shape of

your body so those kinds of things work

as well and or just sleep in a hammock


nice right you know it's it's funny cuz

I had that conversation my husband this

morning and I'm looking at your me and

I'm like maybe you want to buy like

maybe some $100 exactly so he gets paid

in dollars you see you're ain't here

today he mentioned it oh I was consult

with me about this extra income before I

move on I have a question for you can

placebo effect work for someone who is

broke now President Muhammadu Buhari has

returned to Abuja after performing the

Umrah in Saudi Arabia the presidential

aircraft conveyed the president and

members of his entourage which took off

from royal terminal of King Abdulaziz

International Airport London at the

presidential wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe

International Airport on Tuesday the

president chief of staff Minister of

Federal Capital Territory of CT acting

inspector general of police and all the

government functionaries were are the

airports to welcome the president

president Buhari is expected to preside

over the valedictory session of the

Federal Executive Council today and the

Minister of Health is on the hot seat at

the Senate plenary this is after anomic

has summoned him to set the record


after a senator raised emotion citing

concerns about the deplorable state of

teaching hospitals in the country the

health system is believed to be in

shortage of medical personnel and

dilapidated infrastructure the Health

Minister was able to paint a picture of

the health system depicted its progress

and challenges and a--shoe States

government threatened to ban all mining

activities in all parts of the states of

cases of kidnapping continue they state

governor of age

eatle estates stated these are the

security state orders meeting held in

Elysium state this is due to cases of

kidnapping being reported in some parts

of the states allegedly being

perpetrated by some illegal miners this

is the reason for this Summit held are

the instance of the governor of the

state governor to all check in the

influx and activities of illegal miners

in addition land and in some parts of

the states the state governor wants that

government will no longer tolerate

illegal mining and also the Minister of

Education has called for improved

budgetary allocation for the education

sector the Minister while addressing

journalists are the valedictory briefing

in Abuja says that it's the only way the

Nigerian education system can compete

with other education systems in the

world the Minister of Education Adam

Adam believes that the Nidoran education

system or do better with improved

funding of the sector in past in the

past Niger and universities attracted

students from all the African countries

as well as foreign lecturers due to high

standard of its education system but now

Nigeria striving to bring its education

sector up to speed announced a Niger AU

as abortion right campaigners including

several Democrats running for president

in 2020 rallied in front of the Supreme

Court while others protested across the

country to protest new restrictions on

abortion passed by legislatures in eight

states Colette Luke has more and then

the abortion right activities gathered

in Minneapolis San Francisco and

Portland to condemn the North's past by

pop Republican dominated dominated

legislators including a near total ban

on abortion in Alabama even in cases of

rape or incest to 2020 Democratic

candidates including

Kirsten Gillibrand Cory Booker and Amy

Amy Klobuchar Kombucha also protested

outside the High Court in recent days

Ohio and Georgia have burned abortions

after six weeks of pregnancy or after a

heartbeat can be detected and Missouri

passed a ban after eight weeks

that's it only news update for these are

weather updates is next





so looks like lots of stories in the

papers as usual yes indeed and we're

starting with the nation newspaper this


it says here federal government attacks

or Basinger for divisive comments anger

over ex-presidents full-on ization

remark it also says here house boy to

die for hanging by hanging for killing

boss and it's continued on page six

there more information if you need it

there it also says why we can't eclair

war on these by GOC intel's not owing

mpa it says more on page eleven it also

says here MPC directs CBN to restrict

bank's access to bonds and Treasury

bills police raise alarm over plots to

scuttle inauguration in Ubu it also says

the federal government approves twenty

five billionaire for a suit

fi RS plans to exceed five point three

two trillion now revenue MTN equities

rally two point six eight trillion are

in four days knock for National Assembly

over rules and finally Quora house clerk

held over four hundred million naira pay

that's what we have on the cover of the

nation let's check out the Guardian

don't speak for Boko Haram herds men

Afeni fairy tales federal government

only groups backers will condemn

obasanjo and ex-president stance

divisive says government CBN retains

lending rate at thirteen point five

percent amid inflation slow growth

bandits killed 34 in Katsina

a ten others missing judge refuses to

disqualify self over alleged misconduct

in a courageous suit and that's on page

seven and hobbled by self-interest Lagos

lawmakers go home without Garland's it's

a special report on page 36 MTN still

owes fifty five billion naira for sim

infraction must complete payment by May

31st and

next week and militants threatened to

declare Niger Delta Republic on June 1st

and efcc arraigns ex customs boss or

careful for alleged 3 billion naira

fraud and National Assembly boughs -

pressure drops media restrictions sake

or there's probe someone's clerk that

story that's how you find it on page 6

and that's about all that we can take on

the cover of The Guardian we have the

cover of the punch up next it says five

states lock horns with federal

government over health care fund Benway

sohcahtoa cross river rivers say federal

government politicizing disbursement

some troubling pictures of the Legaspi

degree expressway in Lagos on Tuesday

flooding bad roads sewage all on one

expressway it's really sad to see that

people have to go through this every day

it also says here the acting cgn dragged

to court over alleged age falsification

syrup Bishop reactors Sarki rejects

satanic accreditation guidelines lack of

funds federal government shuts three

foreign missions ex aides sue

communications minister for alleged

diversion of salaries and allowances on

400 million naira payments efcc quizzes

quire government assembly officials it

also says here court sentences

Cameroonian home help to death for

killing boss urban residents protests as

federal government marks 300 houses for

demolition and finally Pahari returns

from Saudi Arabia warns against drug

trafficking that's what it says on the

cover of the punch let's check out the

vanguard and full-on ization agenda

obasanjo seeks to divide nigeria in his

old age says the federal government and

says his comments are divisive

depressing can an icon martin's our dear

banjo and others back obasanjo and CBN

to limit Banks appetite for government

securities retains NPR at 13.5% bandits

kill 34

in three Katsina local government areas

Oh Tallulah visits chairman Chico in

London offers more assistance and some

other stories down below alleged

professional misconduct efcc reports

justice tae-woo to njc

over sake of Kurata and national

assembly drops stringent accreditation

measures for journalists as our key vows

to probe Matta ER GPS 7% target not

achievable by 2020 Sassoon DOMA and on

those students shut down a curry over

tuition fees hike and answer bar

although we can take on the cover of the

Vanguard this is Wednesday yes I have

the daily trust in my hands here it says

as bandits killed many in cut in three

cuts in our local governments protesters

take corpses to Government House and

mirrors palace Wow

that's the story you can find on page

five there's also a graphic here of the

bore nose 44 mega schools I think we

talked about this earlier in the week

yeah they are quite interesting photos

very high standard if you if you if I

could put it that way yeah of

construction there but it also says here

Boko Haram Abbas Angela's comment

divisive depressing says federal

government it says here States got 691

billionaire Paris Club refunds in March

according to the minister it's day 17 of

Ramadan and the details

there's also details of timing Ramadan

timings for Legos is also 1858 days

since the chibok schoolgirls were

abducted that's what we have on the

cover of the daily trust all right let's

check out the Daily Sun Obasanjo warns

wants to divide Nigeria's his federal

government demands apology from

ex-president over comments on Boko Haram

others and National Assembly backs down

on stringent media accreditation

conditions and Sorachi orders probe

and the federal government in Deitz

governor's on health care accuses states

of abandoning sector with 14 not

providing counterpart funds that's a sad

one and we'll hurry back from Saudi and

the federal government engages us over

Dropbox suspension a Baba Sue's Finance

Minister over local government funds

says councils without democratically

elected leaders shouldn't get allocation

and that's a that's a good angle and NPR

CDN retains interest rate at thirteen

point five percent and we have an

interesting photograph on the cover of

The Daily Sun would very well and

president Nicolas Maduro flanked by his

wife and former governor of IB estate

orgy who's not kallu that's what we have

on a cover of The Daily Sun and that's

all we can take on the newspaper

headlines for now we'll take it again in

the second hour of the show but we'll

take a quick break and be back with the

traffic situation in Lagos



welcome back is still wake up Nigeria

time for a quick traffic update as

regards Lagos please note you can always

be part of this segment send us a

message send us a picture Instagram

Facebook Twitter just let us know what

your traffic situation is like wherever

you are maybe take a traffic selfie you

know smile through it maybe we'll

probably be checking out your tweets a

bit later on checking out the traffic

situation between or jata and marina

right now if for instance you're leaving

or jata bus stop which is along a

corridor road and you know bypasses the

expressway it says here that it'll take

you about 55 minutes for you to get all

the way from on Tata to Marina but where

are the hot spots you might ask well I

can tell you around it will be area of

the code Road you're gonna be slowed

down for about 15 minutes it does seem

to be quite jammed around there is also

jammed when you get to between stadium

bus stop and Alaka for some reason it is

really really slow there would be great

to know what exactly is causing that

particular gridlock and it's quite slow

all the way till you get to Jarrah yeah

once you get to Jarrah you're going over

the bridge heading into Echo bridge from

majora it's gonna slow down just a bit

our pokémon area is moving a little

little by little and it starts moving

really free flowing until you get to

marina itself the actual marina Road


you're gonna spend about 20 minutes from

there to Marina bus stop and well hey

good luck to you if you're heading along

that a particular route you might want

to find an alternative but I know the

team are on standby with some updates

themselves so what do we have people

what do you have well we're still

searching for tweets but before that

before the street starts coming in we

a couple of traffic updates just around

Lagos so if you live in beggar area go

to the beggar area and you're off to the

island this morning beggar is free up

until as you go up until or jata area it

gets a little bit busy just a little bit

just a few minutes and then across as

usual it's free all the way to your ana

world where things get slightly busy

again just a few minutes until you get

to the third mainland bridge where

things get busy from the middle right

from the middle quite thick this morning

what from the middle of thermal Umbridge

up until the island so you might want to

look at alternative routes if those guys

those ones are going to be freer for you

not too bad a few toots here at youth

toy Amara in Ward ya know it Padre is

good to go at and this came in at about

5 thats 5 a.m. this morning which is

owned to 6:00 quite an hour ago

Yanik budget in would drop ammo on the 8

dr. moonda is good to go well at about

that same time so basically I'm having

sweets here the streets are about like

areas that's about to 6 a.m. this

morning and then at fractus 9 a.m. each

edge on the bridge in what Alan and

routes allows are Secretariat's

is good to go at the moment as well any

other updates because I was just about

to you know say quick prayer for those

who are moving from a jail the way

exactly what I was looking at Ambani

camp today in Victoria Island so for

those of you who are moving from a jaw

area you're gonna have smooth sailing

until you get to aquatic village that's

the place where the shopping complex is

and I think there's some other estates

around there and you're being advised to

take an alternative route now there's

the scintilla Road that

the Chevron alternative route if you

know it it might be 10 minutes saving

grace for you you take 10 minutes of

your 1 hour 20 minute journey if you

decide to take that turn off there and

you come through Chevron Drive back onto

the Express to take another 12 minutes

before you take another alternative

route just off scintilla that's

Piccadilly area so if for instance

you're moving along that route and you

don't take any alternative routes you

are gonna be on the road for about an

hour 35 minutes if you're coming from a

job all the way to Victoria Island

another hotspot is Marwan Shan another

hot spot is the Leki toll gate itself

but basically all the way through and

legacy everything is bumper to fender

and you might as well just stay tuned to

us on wake up Nigeria while you wait out

the traffic because it seems like people

are gonna be there all the way to tickle

Bay all the way to Leckie phase one

around about all the way down to the

toll gate and then even after the toll

gate sadly collosseum everywhere

everywhere it's just just cars

everywhere don't don't just don't fight

it just sit down chill eat something

have a blast in traffic watching makeup

Nigeria that's all I could tell you

we'll say a short prayer for you that

sounds like to think I'll be coming to

meet you guys in the kitchen and I'm so

glad I'm not on the road right now but

yeah I was seeing you guys in a bit well

I think at that point where I should

traffic in legals is is the part of our

lifestyle well you know it's


Oh like right now from Yahoo's budget

along it's not so bad yeah there's

bumper to fender yes for there's more

free freeway so it's not so bad as the

open areas ok guys guess what strain you

right now

hashtag Nigeria mentality and you need

to see the hilarious

which goes on films like I saw photos of

this two small boys in oversized clothes

oh you know what the professor in sweet

said the person tweeted an idea of

mentality buy clothes are you a two

hundred twins I don't know one one of

the twins have feet grow so fast and the

other one is like just really inching

along so I have one of the girls who has

feet two sizes bigger than the other and

then I always have this challenge having

to find new shoes for one boy if you buy

new shoes for one you have to get a gift

for the other is like mommy what's going

on yeah why don't you buy for me I'll

play for you all your shoes are still

there so many and it and they're really

expensive sometimes I won two shoes some

there's a once or twice when maybe my

wife buys shoes and maybe she buys like

two sizes bigger you know sometimes I

could complain but you can see that I'm

talking about two sizes within a few

months you discover that you guys

talking about kids would you hire nanny

with tattoos tattoos it depends on the

type though like a lot I'm not joking

now let's say I'm not asking about henna

no tattoos the traditional touches from

the child he's talking about the ones

that sometimes it's odd that the names

are reaching or the family name

I'm talking of tattoo tattoo like very


no I mean like body tattoos Oh their

body tells me yeah okay so we had a

nanny yeah and on her arm she had like a

writing looked green so but he looked

like something I've been there for like

I think she's referring to feels like a

bruise like a snake his extreme snake is

extreme okay so yeah we had a

conversation about this sometime you

know with a few mothers and the question

came up were like if you okay so someone

said that she shared her experience of

you know this very loving nanny you know

she used to have I mean this this nanny

was amazing with her kids but she had

tattoos all over and then whenever her

you know friends or you know you would

come over to the house and it is like


how are you comfortable with someone

with so many tattoos taking care of your

children you know and so it always

raised an issue for other people outside

eyes but she didn't have a part because

she took that she took very good care of

her kids like fantastic England just

said she didn't have a problem with it

you see that's always the problem

external forces well this person takes

good care of your child

yeah the the people coming in don't see

any faults in how she cares for the

children just the fact that she has

tattoos all over their body yeah we

judge too much ok so there's another

issue for me did you never hired I've

not been presented one before thank you

I don't know yet but the issue I have is

how do I explain it to the kids who are

a lot more likely these days that I

don't want them to get a tattoo they're

exposed because they might say well like

you were actually I call it artwork

really and I encourage my kids to get

involved with also some artwork

they've don't face painting at parties

that's why so hold on now is it not stew

but it's a painting and then there's

maybe this beautiful tattoo of a rose

and then they're like they want one and

how am I gonna stop them you don't have

to stop them you can't give it to them

really I'm not kidding children exposed

to these things and so do you know what

many people do their gums that have this

temporary ones so if you put it on your

hand and then when you start seeing it

to feed your image I don't have one I

don't expect my kids to tickle once they

stick out spray or no face painting on

Facebook all everything I'm not really a

fan of any okay so yeah a lot of people

face because that draw things like

skulls on on children's faces yes like

vampire fangs yes you see them to

imitate some cartoons that they've seen

on TV that's what they don't eat or if

it's not a flower or spider-man's mask

exactly I just imagine I just imagine a

mother taking her child to you know kind

of Ella something and then you draw a

picture of like a max or saucer it's

cool and then she goes I come by you to

product resource washes cleaner I use

the blood of Jesus


because what usually happens that

they'll show you pictures maybe of like

ten things that they control Batman

spider-man Vicki now says they want a

vampire oh hell no we're going on the

shot bridge I can help you pick Jesus


now this is wake up Nigeria and you know

we come to you with the best kind of

music now HDMI is a pop and Apple pop

musician with undeniable passion for

music and it's got a musical background

as a springboard he became a choir

master we're gonna talk about that his

church roots in a bit and he started

professional music about 10 years ago

and 2017 saw him drop his single bought

you a reggae dance hall that gained him

some recognition and even multiple

awards and joining us this morning to do

something special

how you doing HDMI HDMI well no HDMI as

a cable that we used to connect

computers to screens but what does your

HDMI mean yeah it's good to see you know

that each team has you know normal in

yes everybody support as an artists you

know I coined my own meaning from you

know from the from the yeah so what's

what's yours ages it's higher high

definition definition of musical musical

inclination I like it HDMI listen Jenna

okay so um you are you've been doing

music for 10 years lots of studio work

you've worked with a bunch of producers

killer tunes there's somebody else you

said you worked with yeah what what's it

being you know dealing with these guys

and how have you found your sound

because she said is now poppin off

report yeah over the years I know

working with different producers I got

to understand that your son is really

very important to scientists yeah it is

very important and then I've learned

over the years you know I'm still

learning though yeah

and come to discover that you know as a

not see see me get your own sound that

people will understand to flu producers

lens from them too and you try to you

know gain its energy in order to create

in my own special I love it I love it so

now of course usually

when you do music in Legos different

people represent different areas you

know alarm DDoS is very graphic

Wizkid is jelly bustle area access to

face DB are doing his first out so what

do you represent what what what town do

you represent all right nice one nice so

so the guys new code obviously I mean

you you deal with them regular basis

what do you do with the huge there how

do you engage with them you know get to

talk and you know most of the time who

meets you know in public places you know

most of them I got to encourage them and

encourage them you know because they've

always knew me to be musical artists so

you know when you get to see me alright

so am you're gonna be performing for us

today what song are you gonna be doing

yeah I'll be doing somebody somebody

somebody alright so are you ready for us

alright let's do it HDMI yeah

tags on the beating



all right thank you very much HDMI for

that one interesting rhythm loved every

bit of it and so one of my directors

already called me Abu Omar this morning

well where you see me with my and with

my people here you already know it's

life hacks it's it's it is voice sorry

fortunately I don't have the voice to

carry you know for anyways well so today

on life hacks will continue on a no so

fleece poncho yeah so this is another

kind of poncho and just in case you did

not catch up on last week's episode

where I taught you how to make a poncho

you can check us up or now you could

check out check out previous episodes or

on our YouTube platforms so Poncho's of

course let me remind you what they are

they're piece of clothing that ought to

keep you warm and since the rains are

coming in right now what better time to

create one as they are evolving so today

I'm gonna teach how to make a fleece

poncho and this time I'm gonna be making

use of a denim so doesn't guess you're

wondering what I have on my table right

here I have my denim fabric and I'm

gonna be making a really really big

poncho like I said the rains are coming

in and of course I have my entire fabric

which I have been you know cutting

pieces of it which I'm going to use in

you know designing my poncho later on to

just give you that and Terra traditional


alright so of course I have my Caesars

you have your fabric you could use any

type of fabric you'd you know you want

to use but today are the makings of a

denim because I love denims yeah so

first of all the fabric of making use of

this one is query it's pretty you know

big so I just folded this into you know

so I folded it into half and then I

thought that the other half into another

half making sure that both sides are

equal so what I'm gonna do here right

now is make sure I straighten them on

your flat and a flat surface nicely yeah

quickly so you could do this like in

less than three minutes or so what

you're gonna do here is just we are

going to cut out a triangle here on the

on this edge so what I'm gonna do here

and right now so be

what we are trying to do is create an

opening in the neck area you're gonna

see how it's gonna look like I said this

is a no sew poncho and what I'm also so

just make sure it's curved nicely make

sure you follow that line pretty nicely

you have to do this so you could do this

quickly it's actually so what you've

done here I've created a neck yes and

now you open it up oh nice it's a pretty

wide neck and then you could also use

your so you're just gonna just gonna

wear this in and I could use a muffler

around there if we may it's very cold

you could use a muffler and there you go

so what I'm gonna do later on basically

is cuz we actually don't have enough

time is make this into a fringe side you

can see this is what you have here so

basically like I said Poncho's are just

a piece of clothing that keep you warm

and nice so you could try this with any

kind of fabric that you have so imagine

if you know some of these anchor pieces

that I cut off earlier on and i layer it

on nicely on here some because I can't

seem to find my glue here I'm just gonna

clean this up here quickly so that I can

see what it looks like yeah I'm gonna do

this here quickly

alright so you have an idea of what it

looks like oh I didn't pin that actually


well but at least you have an idea of

what it looks like and that's it on our

life hack session for today alright I

hope you've been able to learn something

so if you try this out let us know we

just wrapped up the first hour of the

show people then put this to so much

more when we return stay with us



so guys as you can see mm has forced me

really into this into this poncho

official hats official acts model for

the if I for the past two weeks alright

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please note we have a chef in the studio

and of course she is going to be doing

us well chef if he is in the building

yes hey guys spice on everybody good

morning yes so chef if he's joining us

this morning and this morning guys she's

picking up fists like a real fish I'm

looking forward to it yes I am looking

forward to it as well

well Kuwait thank you

okay maybe it's gonna be one of those

kind of meals you should plan for when

you're trying to get back into a

relationship after a breakup yeah cause

that way it's called a segue talking

about dammi la la la using offer and

relationship expert

there's gotta be talking about getting

into a new relationship especially after

a recent breakup scattering of things

yes so we've been talking about the art

of the break-up for the past few weeks

and we're talking about finding you love

after a major break up now a nutrition

this morning is focusing on staying

nourished throughout the Ramadan period

and Susan a g-body is back

she's of splash greens and she'll be

highlighting some of the food options

that are best for the iftar especially

for fasting Muslims and then joining us

for a performance is popped half a pop

singer it's da guys got such a great

voice now Lulu will be joining us on the

show this morning to tell us a thing or

two about starting and sustaining a

pigeon farm I'm curious I'm really

curious to know because I know that

they're they make a real mess pigeons on

your car yeah we have another

performance coming your way

we'll have German raised around a

german-based Nigerian singer Mikola

lastly we have a for health for you this

morning we have dr. Lawson who's going

to be talking to us about hip pain and

why people have their different kinds of

people different sizes

you know different kinds of hip pain as

well you know that whole line hips don't

lie why did that think the comic because

it wasn't this song so it's called a

segue but hips don't lie at you oh I

know I was so me becoming he pick

happened later in life so many people

this thing before when I was younger I

was like an ironing board our flat in

front flat at the back sideways

straightly all the figure want so this

interesting female conversations that

you guys have going on today

I just realized yeah you know it would

have to make you you know so okay so is

it the men folk that made it a thing so

when I was younger you know there was

more reference in magazines fashion

magazines about the slim woman you know

very thin hardly any meat on her body

and then I get older and then find out

that everybody's like Oh hips don't lie

oh I'm like in the world yeah so if you

were if you were in the Western Western

world they still go for slim out thin

women hello who look hungry actually

so but but in Africa but in Africa in

Africa it looks like men yeah typically

would like more okay so that this

actually reminds me of a joke Trevor


practically yes so he was talking about

you know white women and black women and

why he really appreciate actually as

much as he really loves white women he

also really likes black women so for

example a white woman in a pool she

comes out how what has all flowing down

her skin yeah she looks like you know

she has skin is being oiled this it just

flows but a black mark on her skin from

his eyes she's all about the kids like

life is struggling with the water okay

it's not all white we may not come out

of food I think because I've seen a

woman a black woman and a white man come

out of the water and I thought the black

woman looked fantastic okay we don't

have anyone sending in comments yet

about you my my point is fine please

tell him how


all right so yes with mini kitchen this


unfortunately guys we can't you know of

course it's for those of you waiting for

you know to join our exercise routine

kind of that this morning but hey we

have something healthy to keep your

mouth you know what she this morning of

course we have chef if he this morning

with me and she's joining and she is

making um got an egg sauce with balled

yam and plantain so let's talk about the

ingredients we're working with this

morning plantain onion already okay so

have onion blended pepper atashi and and

semesters yeah and then have a more cow

skin and then smoked fish okay

crayfish Sydney cube sauce and oil all


and I know she's ld1 you actually balled

up that how long did you boil it for 5

minutes okay so certain is okay and then

we about to grounded yes okay grandi

without boiling it okay like I said

earlier on guys the recipe this morning

is a pretty healthy I mean you have on

right plantains which we're working it

and then we have Caturday and of course

later on I'll be letting you in on the

health benefits of cutting egg

but listen you know I actually thought I

didn't realize how soft and easy it is

to blend your gut in egg after you boil

it yeah I actually do miso where you

said you're gonna make use of manual

blender okay okay right right but hey I

mean it's just like using the electrical

blender there's no difference at all so

let's talk about the process for you

know making our got an egg okay Wendy

yum is yes so we are going to be

bleaching our from all so after I do

this for you why thank you

onion yeah and then the pepper

right for some minutes like 5-10 minutes

okay then everything goes in simple easy

yeah it's very very easy but do you know

there's actually a trick with making

garden egg sauce a lot of people

actually miss out on which I have

realized yeah it actually has a certain

kind of tastes so how do you know it's

really ready because they're times where

you eat your kind an egg dish sauce and

then yeah exactly

it has a fresh taste and it was a boy


oh okay yes well some people actually

really both first and then it has that

taste that it gives like if you boil it

so there is tendency for the taste to

reduce why you fry okay so you still how

to fry if it's not just put and then put

it down okay yes so you have to keep

fine okay so I'm just going to and then

for your pepper and so majors do you

have to use tomatoes or just a pair is

you just preparing is Tomatoes katashi

yeah okay alright so just in case you're

just joining us guys this morning we are

making cutting egg sauce I know right

hmm is this I would even know when the

rain comes in on your scone your screen

right they are the England's the rest of

this recipe is pretty easy is very very

affordable Susan what do you say egg is

not oh it's not do I have to look are

you serious tiny here it looks like you

want to defund to block that today I am

going to make a necklace on the ship

which is all nice written ice and well

this is quite an affordable meal

actually because yes I mean that is a

very very very cheap - yes very cheap

it's not for this it's not Hardy and

very healthy as well yeah and then we

have our referencing there which is

another you know healthy meal okay great

so oh shoot sorry about that you know

this actually looks like like

making a phallus - yes with a green

pepper yes instead of oh well let's keep

making use of garden egg all right so

maybe right now what we should do

because we would like all our viewers

you know to make sure they are a part of

every process we are making here in the

kitchen so I think I'll just move this

over here and then we can get our sauce

ready right

okay okay some different you want to use

this pan okay so I'm just gonna walk

away all right great stuff happening

here and wake up Nigeria if you're just

joining us in the kitchen this morning

we are making that an egg sauce with

balled yam and unripe plants hey as you

can see here our yam and representing is

boiling already it's gonna come it's

gonna get really soft in a bit yeah

yeah okay and so we are going to heat up

a pan but like I said earlier on we

actually want you to you know be a part

of everything we will make like the

entire process of what we are making in

the kitchen this morning but you have to

go on a quick break people when we

return there's more on the she'll stay

with us



welcome back so over the past few weeks

we'll be talking about different parts

of the body and the kind of pains we

might experience and the reasons why

last week we'll talk about your feet

your ankles and the previous week we

talked about something else

shoulder pain and different things like

that today we're going to be talking

about the hips sometimes maybe I should

grow older you could have pains in the

hips for others it could be because of

their size or maybe during pregnancy so

different things like that we have dr.

Lawson joining us to give us the lowdown

of hip pain and thank you very much for

what you've been doing for us over the

past few weeks and talking about

different parts of the body and

lifestyle changes that people might need

to make it depends on the case now this

week it's about the hips and usually

people attribute this a lot to women of

a certain age or maybe women that have

had children and maybe there was an

issue while they're having kids so what

doctor was in general about hip pain and

the things would we should focus on this

week okay good morning thank you for

having me hip pain cuts across all age

ranges from kids to adults to the

elderly so everybody can have hip pain

now the first thing is not every cause

of hip pain is something very severe or

worrisome like after whitus or maybe

having had a road traffic accident or

trauma to that sometimes like we

mentioned earlier in previous episodes

overuse if you run you don't proper

technique you don't exercise properly

you could actually stress the muscles

around the hip so for a lot of people

that is usually what happens but then

the various subsets of complaints around

the hip that will go with different ages

so for kids generally what we see in

kids tend to be when kids tend to be

very big Beast

and that can actually lead to a

condition in the hip that can be severe

know that sometimes they may need some

some surgery for it for even for kids

yes it work it's usually between the

ages of nine and fifteen so watching

your weight and if you've noticed

there's a recent upsurge in kids being

overweight and obese so it does have an

implication for the helping kids so it

should so what you're saying is that

being heavier and the upper part of the

body then affects the lower part of the

body where the hips yeah for kids for

kids because they are still green so

there's a particular portion around the

hips as a bit beak so it's more like too

much weight stresses that particular

pattern can lead to a complaint in the

hip mmm for the others for I mean

pregnant women may have probably because

of their weight and the baby more strain

on on the hips and they also have some

conditions also as a consequence of

pregnancy that affects how the blood

supply to the hip comes a comes about

yeah so it's easy to see how you can

deal with the one for kids so maybe try

to get the kids to change a diet and you

probably have surgery in some in some

extreme cases but for pregnant women

what are the things that they should

look out for and the things I should do

to even reduce the pain well exercise

move around more frequently given

everyone is painful yes

active rest is good okay so in fact if

you becoming active it tends to make it

worse Oh muscles just get comfortable

and then where you now want to now move

them they're a bit reluctant to move so

the pain will not be as a result of

attempting to initiate movements and not

because it is now movement induced right

but if you keep moving it improves blood

supply we're not saying go and run the

math or not jogging National Stadium but

then at least

regular activity move around and that

would help okay now one other group is


they also tend to have a lot tend to

have hip pain because as a consequence

of the red cells not being able to take

oxygen properly they have a clog in the

blood supply and can have issues with

their heavy hips and then of course they

say the hips don't lie or sometimes hip

pain could also be referred pain from

some other parts of the body from the

back lower back what people would say

your waist so people come with pain it

actually be your lower back that hurts

in sometimes is referred to the hip so

for every hip complaint you should bear

the back of your mind that there's a

possibility it could be from the lower

back now so a lot of these things love

the ones you've mentioned now are some

of some things that require lifestyle

changes and things like of course for

cichlids this is a condition that they

have to deal with probably for the rest

of their lives

but are there specific hip pains that

are the cause of disease mmm not really

way to look at it is more food are not

pain is a symptom of something that's

really going on in the background but

like I said earlier it's not every time

that is it there's a disease problem

going on usually may just be a

tendinitis the muscles are you know

overused over stretched more stressed or

just because you're not exercising

enough I decided I okay you're going to

be a weekend warrior today I'm gonna

click with everybody yeah you've not

gone to be feel for like a month I mean

you know go so you'll be so afterwards

and I can't give you some pain let's

talk about the older generation so of

course when people get older maybe their

late 50s into the 60s into the 70s you

usually hear a lot of complaints about

hips so what do other people do to just

ensure that the maintain proper for lack

of a better word hip health okay okay

let's dodge ageism mmm-hmm I don't

believe in getting old but the reality

is as you age changes happen in the body

now your bones get weaker your muscles

are not as strong which that even makes

it more pertinent for you to be active

the older you get it goes as the only

way you can get your muscles to be

firmer you're born out to be to be get

better yeah because the more the muscles


the bones have to be stronger to

accommodate that right now of course

vitamin D becomes very important as in

exposure to sunlight and vitamin D

supplements but I mean D regulates your

calcium metabolism which is essential

for bone so if you're taking your

vitamin D regularly eating appropriately

you get enough calcium into your system

makes your bones stronger and can

forestall a lot of hip related or more

related issues as you get older I think

the challenge has been that as one gets

older yours it also coincides with the

time that you also probably are more

successful at work so you're not doing

as much physically as previously just a

bit more sedentary you don't move around

yeah exactly so and that also takes its

toll on the body so the the motor should

be the older you get the more you should

move around dance have fun live life Wow

yeah lifestyle feel so that would be a

good recommendation to to other people

just make sure that you're moving and it

doesn't have to be even you know really

vigorous activity just you know just be

on the move be on the move be consistent

about it persistent and enjoy yourself

do something you enjoy doing all right

so let's talk about surgery whether it's

for the older generation because we hear

a lot about hip replacement surgeries

and all of that not for children though

which you mentioned earlier if there if

there's a need for for surgery will it

be this kind of intrusive surgery or is

it something else it's something that is

a bit more simple okay well for hip pain

and the condition I mentioned earlier

buffle that knot is not something

believes or something major okay okay

it's not something major so more moths

you don't really would need to make a

big scar just a little thing

wiring just to ensure that it stays in

positionally shoots all right however

hip replacement would be a surgery that

is done for people that have intractable

pain hmm

as a consequence of a pathology in the

hip so and the emphasis is intractable

pain whatever you do the pain doesn't go

it affects our quality of life so you

need to intervene so that I able to live

life again you know be able to sleep

without bothering about sleep without

worrying about pain move around go to

church see friends without really going

like oh I cannot work this one without

being in pain yeah now one things that

you spoke about earlier is the fact that

you some people doesn't booth I can have

a hip condition as a result of an

accident yeah and some people have to

live through this process even after

maybe they can walk and you know they

just find out that okay there's this

steady pain that they have what

lifestyle changes will they need to make

let's say I want to avoid surgery or

anything like that because it's too

expensive or it's too intrusive we'll

have to travel or whatever how do I then

manage to ensure that consistently and

free of pain at least I can mitigated to

a greater measure and not rely too much

on painkillers

okay usually the first step would be for

you to be properly assessed by your

doctor to tell you when and if you

absolutely need surgery if it can't be

delayed then the advice would be for you

to get some physical rehab so get some

exercises under your belts and do them

regularly get the muscles stronger so

that they can share the load across the

hip joints and if you're not loading the

hip joint as much it would be less


control your weights so weight reduction

also very important because out now you

use the blood across the hip avoid

activities now put a strain on the hip

you know so if you're going to run make

sure you're you've trained you've done

your stretches anything that is going to

put you on the put the hip on that

stream run avoid and that can postpone

the evilly mmm Wow

thank you so much dr. Lawson for

Rosebud's we we did take quite quite a

while to catch all the different age

groups and all of that but I think we've

done justice to it yes really really

good all right


welcome back it's wake up Nigeria and of

course we're here in the kitchen with

Chef of life nice nice all right this

morning we are making getting egg sauce

with ball TM and on my Francine and

yours on your screen right they are the

ingredients people I hope you're paying

attention I hope you have your pen and

paper and a scribbling down those

ingredients okay so chef if you let's

get to where we are right now let's talk

about ingredients roster is not an egg

yeah which we've blended already yes boy

down bleedin yeah there is not smoked

fish boomer tomatoes onions oil and then

this on your Monday and and our crayfish

thoughts is Nick you all right great ok

so right now we are so well basically

I'm sure we all know how to boil young

who doesn't know how to do that right

well just in case you don't know how to

put it in hot water

yeah yeah you know alright so over to

our garden eggs sauce so what we have

done with our palm oil is to bleach it

yeah yes okay so guys if if he is one of

those tops likes onions you the kind of

man those audios many wall like all that

onion flavor in this meal is good right

so nowadays in season just exactly oh

yeah I'm telling you yeah and I really

hope that will sup well just in case you

haven't you know be watching I hope you

are watching now but hey talking about

farming which of course to be showing

later on on the show we have to have

previous episodes where we actually

taught people how to you know you know

found with onions like you know learn

how to cultivate onions in your

it's pretty easy but you could check out

check out our previous episodes for some

of those ones before onions quickly and

then they're so expensive

yes alright so I see that you've added

our crayfish yes alright so bit sick so

that I came in to Puri

alright so quickly before we move over

to the next segment guys actually wanted

to give you some help

info on garden eggs so garden eggs are

like very very very very very healthy

guys so it helps you it helps with your

eye vision it helps with your bro if you

have bronchitis it actually helps with


it also has anti-cancer agents in them

also and very high in vitamin K which

helps to you know prevent blood clotting

it also helps prevent liver disorder so

guys I know it's not in season but hey

when email econ stuck like this just

Roshan Americans when their hats and go

I'm by your garden again yes very good

for the hearts as well yes so we are

making out an egg sauce our yam and a

ripe plantain is ready but we have to

move over right now for some

relationship talk with TT and diamond

Lola on what we will hey guys

yes indeed now this particular topic has

been hot online offline in the studio

we're always talking about it we have

damn Lola eluate when were back for a

relationship discussion now he's an

author relationship expert and so much

more topic right now is getting into a

relationship a new relationship

especially after recent breakup so we

have been talking a lot about breakups

when it's right to when you figured out

it's right for you to break up yeah the

art of the break-up yeah I'm good on

moving on after the breakup and so this

is when you've gone past that and you

want to get into another relationship

absolutely so ask dummy how do we is

beyond exciting series

and people are giving loads of very good

feedback because it's very practical

right so I think the very first thing is

you know I'm out of the relationship

I've admitted it I'm not living in


now the Nexen is not for me to have a

rebound okay

revenge or a reactionary relationship

because what happens is people are

failing or many times people feel a part

of me is gone okay so I need to fill it

up at all costs okay and that's where

people end up getting involved with

people with other people that they would

never have looked at if things were

still going well with them so you need

that time and that space to heal to

rediscover who you are in terms of your

esteem in terms of your identity you

know all of a sudden you're no longer

shall as girlfriend or Gus's boyfriend

or and that became an identity for them

yes yeah it does social media as well I

can help us in those pictures that thing

it becomes an identity so who are you


now now requires time that requires

space and it varies for different people

so there's no rule like okay should be

over this by now it's been three months

cyber needs six months to heal so I open

in two years to heal but no matter the

degree of the amount of time take that

time to find yourself so everyone has a

question okay should I look for somebody

or should somebody look for me I think

just wait for you to get to you first

okay right come back to yourself and

then you can begin a building you so you

find yourself yes

so I guess once you find yourself you

yourself will probably look more

attractive definitely because confidence

is were attractive you know confidence

is from the lots and with faith as I'm

confident Oh with faith and that means

that you have an outlook of health of

wholesomeness for the future you no

longer dinner without fragmented so

where you're just all over the place

trying to find some kind of support and

that is very attractive in of itself

because now there is bonuses confidence

and as those say the confidence is the

best makeup so there is that anxiety I

wish I use the word fear yeah or getting


relationship or even finding someone

else as good as the person that you in

quote left yes or lost you know and all

the person that lost you

and then if for instance you feel or

ever felt like something you did was

wrong how do you now react when this

part this new partner comes along

alright so one of the first things I

like to tell people is that they're 7.2

billion people on earth here so I think

it's very limiting for you to feel I've

lost the best man ever

you thought it was the best person based

on the number of people you were exposed

to based on the context in which you

operate and you know how they say that

every fact everybody's father's house is

the biggest until they travel your so

the first time you travel in left your

country there was a new level of

awareness and expansion so have the

faith that there is somebody else

somewhere who has those qualities or

maybe similar qualities or even a better

presentation on the whole now the other

thing is for you to say to yourself how

can I be the best for myself and whoever

I'm gonna end up with okay yeah you

can't control everybody but you can

control yourself your habits your

appetites your arches your disposition

your outlook you can invest in yourself

so make yourself a project where you're

constantly investing in and then believe

that eventually when you see that person

is going to be value up on value but

then I've invested so much in building

myself maybe I started a business with

all that negative energy I decided oh

you know what I'm gonna go into a

business I'm going to be on fleek I'm

gonna always look as a result of the

bridge as a result of the break-up yeah

and then you meet someone who probably

is not even really interested in your

business doesn't really care I know but

the person ticks all the boxes yeah you

know so am i in quote diminishing myself

for this person now if the person is no

support of your business then I'm not

sure we can say the person ticks all the

boxes okay because you might have to

choose between what you believe is your

business your vocation and the value

placed on that relationship and that's

where compromise comes in am I willing

to let go of this business or am I gonna

say well let me just with a bit longer

until the person who can support my

business comes in but then it's

oftentimes a trait of as well because

you have

okay who do you do that if we were 35

and you really wanted to get married so

compromise comes into the picture but I

think number one finding your selfie

identity and then your purpose now the

business could be a vehicle to fulfill

your purpose but it could also be the

purpose in and of itself so sometimes we

get attached to vehicles in the name of

them being the destination if it's just

the vehicle then it possibly means that

he's doing something else that you can

partner with him on or her on as the

case may be and eventually what you're

trying to get through the business you

still get exactly yes so that's

compromise okay then there are some you

know people that when they meet someone

in and they want to start a relationship

maybe they had education goals maybe

they had plans for a certain number of

kids yeah that kind of thing so

differences yes they seem different to

you now because of what happened in the

last relationship maybe the reason why

you had to leave that person is because

the person they don't want children and

you want a thousand you know a thousand

is a big word but you know somewhere I'm

going as possible how do we address that

all right so you need to one of the

things that and I've said of them this

just so many times communication is kids

the lifeblood of relationships and the

fact that somebody is saying you know

right now I don't want children doesn't

mean there were never one children again

why because many of our decisions are

rooted in our time of life in the season

of life so a lady at 21 thinks

differently from when she's 35 or things

differently by times instead of five man

at twenty-seven who think differently

when is 45 so can you revisit the

condition again try to find out why you

saying don't want children did you have

a bad experience or maybe your brother

sees that and nasty experience with

childbirth or put childbirth

complications then once you found out

what that issue is find out is there

something that we can do to change this


we always talk is he a cul-de-sac all

right so there's so many different

issues we can address when it comes to

starting a relationship after breakup

hopefully you can share with us what

your experience was like please talk to

us on social media use our hashtag wake


Nigeria thank you so much

hashtag asked them you hashtag week of

Nigeria please send us a message as soon

as you can we have to wrap this up here

but I know you'll be back next week

we'll be continuing and wrapping up this

particular topic hopefully when it comes

to breakups we have



hello once again and we're still here

mm-hmm but they're nothing but ensuring

that we give you everything yeah yes and

if you just got out of a relationship go

back to church that's my advice to you


God reports yourself oh wow okay anyway

and I just deserve nothing but the best

I wake up Nigeria is the only show that

can give you very best my name is Yomi

amazing I did go back to church off this

only bigger I did and it helped me yeah

that's all you need

it did mmm is laughing we need to we

need to tell you something to give you

some education we we had we have Express

that come in to help deal with these

issues and hopefully cami will be back

next week to talk about that more but

we're streaming live TV continental TV

on or Facebook live at TVC connects

please stay right there

you have to go somewhere take a handheld

device with you download that app yes

indeed both on the Google Play Store and

Apple I store you can watch us anywhere

in the world now something is happening

in the kitchen I'm liking that garden


I like Garden egg sauce so mm I knew mmm

and chef Fe yummy you do yes I do

okay I'll tell you a secret later on oh

okay yeah about what God an egg can do

for your health already hard like you

know yeah he does a few so I'd like the

garden egg itself as like a fruit as a

snack but in the sauce lamb made

properly you would love it it's very

very much so that's always expensive

some years ago Joe's got an egg now I'm

like wow yes sir yeah but it's one of

those things you need to take note of

but we also want you to

learn something about making an extra

stream of income yeah indeed and pigeon

farming is something that you should

look into Lulu is gonna be you're

joining us to talk to us about how to

take on this venture pigeon farming yes

then after that we have a musical

performance coming your way

Nicolo now nutrition this morning is

focused on staying nourished throughout

the Ramadan period and Suzanne a g-body

of splash greens we'll be highlighting

some of the food options that are best

for the if that especially during the

season of fasting for Muslims for

deliverance half years in a very very

serious relationship I practice so my

roommates in uni like then actually also

had a serious breakup at the same time

thank you so we're bunkmates and every

night we get up are we great together

aye sir then after crying for BA let's

see three four days we started praying

together I serious yeah trying to get

over the relationship breakup was really

serious I was dating someone for six

plus years and you know it ended really

abruptly and mine was two and a half

years and I was feeling like I knew how

I was feeling not to talk of her so at

the points so let's say happen on a

Wednesday Sunday we're in church man

yeah we were in church that's what you

need that's so we're doing a lot of

praying together and it actually helped

but I had a companion in it you know so

I've someone that was feeling my pain I

was feeling her pain and we would pray

so I had a companion so I didn't go

through it alone which is you know maybe

God's Way of saying look girl there's so

much you can achieve in this life you

still have friends you still have family

behind for deliverance yeah pray for me

I just

scientifically proven mmm that having

faith in something yeah it's off

situation scientifically science Shirley

Jo yes they might not necessarily you

know be outspokenly interwoven yeah but

it has been scientifically proven very

true having faith in something

especially in a higher beam or years or

believing in something past our body

like later this is like three months

later and so it was just the

companionship the prayer I was like

meditation I'm like those fee I'm one of

those people who do not know how to

dependent people hmm okay yeah so you

wouldn't tell you especially emotionally

okay so yeah I would tell I'll share a

part of me with you but I wouldn't

depend on you to the extent that if you

leave my life


you're welcome again it's still wake up

Nigeria and it's time for us to talk

nutrition and of course I have Suzanne

algae patio splash screens right here

with Helen Mary did morning good morning

how you doing today very well thank you

fantastic now as at last week yeah we

discussed food to eat during Ramadan

yes to it the fastest yeah so today we

are kind of like narrowing it down yeah

the sooner you take when you you're

breaking the fast you know naturally

people get to have issues with prepping

meals you know coming up with timetable

what to eat especially for the family if

you're singer is very easy can decide to

eat in at night or not but then

particularly for this period there's

some food that I have written down here

that could help you to plan you know it

will I do meal and they're very very

healthy so like I mentioned last week

about dates I talked about dates for

breaking your fast and water you could

also have that with milk till as well

then some idea is fruits we showed

people some samples of fruit salad I

know last week so your fruits is still

very intact decided things you can eat

you can create a timetable with taste

and I have their soup and when I say

soup I don't mean your normal food

Nigerian soups but like pepper soup

broccoli soup carrot soup something that

he can click with your spoon or

something yeah and the very popular one

that we have here Nigeria pepper soup

everybody knows whatever form of yes

good yes for iftar may be before your

proper meal you can have this soup if

you are too hungry you can have it

alongside with them but this bread this

or this small bread or echo IBD you know

yes you can you can do that for your

eternal that idea that I have yes okay

I'd like to mention something about I

said it last week that people should

stay away from fried foods and foods

with lots of sugar if you do that during

after you might not even have that


cup for your sewer the next morning you

know so you have to stay away as much as

you can for foods that afraid he can

indulge in some probably in between five

days or something another food that you

can take his Mama and Papa D popular one

my amp app then young Portage they are

foods that are very very good and highly

nutritious for you yes it's very good

doesn't move think okay you see all

about fruits vegetable for your each

time new yes return no always saying is

your mail should be as balanced as as

possible have your greens of your

pretend your carbohydrates you know very

very good and balanced meal yeah yum

Polly then like let's go back to that

you don't have to stay away from your

swallows your swallows are still very

valid they're valid and I need the extra

energy energy I've been working all day

no then you don't have so overshoot your

stomach you know just take the portion

that you think all of these things your

body your body takes what it needs and

the rest is waste that's what I'm

getting blood said it's adding excess

fatty stuff you know it does add some

cash on control Mary cannot even see you

don't understand for me you know I want

to take Iraq yeah but for some people is

standard meal is six rough six how can

they go ahead and have it out how can

your standard maybe six wraps awful if

that's just just like what what works

for you it's don't eat because you want

to eat it because you need it you feel

hungry and you are satisfied that hunger

irrespective of

do not overload yourself with food I


thank you Mary all right let me mention

let me mention the foods of shown a bar

with elastic bar food options and mala

we beg you any wedding it and indulge us

with that then Pernod young we say Gosa

soup - Oh it'll bore no foo-foo with

bitter leaf soup you can have that on

your table for iftar and your family

would love it then I also wrote that the

almighty dull of rice you know I've been

listening to use this like good food yes

grateful if properly garnished maybe

alongside with some vegetable salad let

the big grins let it be colorful it's

not the type of thank you so much we'll

definitely continue this all right thank

you Mary

fantastic thank you alright so we are

moving on straight to the garden where

titi is on standby with the pigeon

format teaching us another way to do


okay alright so I was hearing some

pigeon sounds from my left wondering are

there friends calling them no they're

not but they're very active in this case

yes it's time for our farming segment

and I have Lulu here who is a farmer and

she is the CEO of Lulu farms now Lulu

Farms is in Eva am i right yes of course

it is

alright welcome to the show so pigeon

farming a lot of people have been asking

throughout today like really pigeons

they found pigeons so can you tell us

how it all started well actually it all

started as a passion white growing up we

do have these Lucas chicken shall I say

so you had look or chicken yes yes we do

trend and look how she came and I was so

passionate about it always care for

their make sure they are well fed give

them medication okay

wasn't your parents that was it your

parents yes of course yeah no it was not

there but I just have a special Paschal

4:14 yes I have to say I'm really

impressed with what you've achieved I've

actually read up on you I know being a

fan for a while and she's brought some

of her pigeons here today and you tell

us about these pigeons what do you have


oh these RPGs what type of things these

pigeons are called feral pigeons feral

pigeons yes see there's one that looks

very white here there's these white and

black pigeons but in pure white pigeons

are caught the a domestic pigeon okay so

let's uh pure white pigeon yes no no no

isn't the fam I didn't bring them along

okay can you tell me the type of people

that buy pigeons like Oh mostly people

do buy them for aspect some prayer homes

do use it okay and some families to do

best for home consumption family yes

first some individuals or families

it was the restaurant to bite based on

special email from the customer based on

the benefit of pretty meats even the

bones deliver yes I've heard about

pigeon livers before yes a lot of so

some people sell it like hundred at it

good yes it scares me that a hundred

pigeons are to die for all those okay so

now a lot of people have probably not

thought of this before

how many did you start with when you

started actually when I started to do

farming I started with just five five

five bits okay yes okay but what about


I demand and I was like wow I can't meet

up with no other PT farmers

okay buy from them and I did you stop

like so when I see that wow there's

business in these days I demand okay out

alike establish a bigger home yes after

though you started with five pigeons

yeah and now how many do you have how

about 1,000 feedings a thousand pigeons

yes of course

so that the pigeon coop

okay I know it's a chicken coop yes

Coop's is a quarter ku press so is it

the same as what a chicken coop would

look like of course at the same type of

cage yes yes yes but the food that they

eat is different from what chickens eat

right yeah of course

okay so I can see your whole day this is

an example of what pigeon to eat this is

called this the spinach spinach yes what

I eat of course but you have to show up

there okay yeah all right so once you

chop the spinach the birds who eat it so

if I leave that I'll leave that right

there on top so just ordinary spinach

that you see in the market yeah but then

you did you give me this earlier there's

some sort of seeds can you tell me what

sort of seeds diesel oh these are grains

we have the corn the mill let's do it

okay yes but pigeons love greens mom

okay yes and they do it instead instead

here so of course they do

what sort of insects like ants yes and

but not as much as they do with Grace

and veggies okay all right so now with a

thousand Birds

you are you looking to expand even more

or are you okay with your 1,000 for a

special okay it's fun yes okay and it

won't cost a lot of money to do that how

much is one bird one bed you stood for

700 Wow yes but it domestic best my

expensive okay yeah today's purpose no

you search for like 1000 okay so now

based on that that means you have quite

a lot of birds that could get you quite

a lot of money but then when it comes to

laying of eggs how many eggs do they lay

in like a day or a week yeah wasn't

about pigeon GI just like human beings

they don't live like denominator is the

maximum that it can lays truth or in a

week or in the world in general yeah

overall just just of just Li just to egg

and converted yes and ashes after eating

took 19 days you know what you've been

amazing Lulu I'm so proud of you I've

watched you grow

and hopefully people will be looking out

for you as well at Lulu farms and if you

ever looking for pigeons

this is them right there I've seen them

firsthand and they look very healthy and

really beautiful as well we have to rush

back into the studio now wake-up Nigeria



now we give you the very best of music

on week of Nigeria you know that already

Nicolo is German based Nigerian artist

who started this year with the release

of his single Arawa and ginger me and

I'm away which were both released last

year I also saw some considerable

success and it's joining us on the show

today this guy right here he's he's

talented and you know he's a big deal in

Germany and we love him in Nigeria

because you know he's very very

connected to his roots because thank you

so much for joining us on the show this

morning good to see you

nice one here oh nice one I love this

leather jacket that you have good now

music in Europe by comparison to music

in in Nigeria we're just talking now and

you said that what you have noticed and

some of your other colleagues in Europe

have noticed is that Afrobeat is gaining

a lot of traction in Europe so talk to

us about that yeah

Oh every beat is really like walking

really far right now you're like do you

open people they only know like that the

kind of music they know it's only this

techno music you know right now they're

hearing a beat similar to techno

switching from techno to but not a

different thing they don't know and a

sweet voice coming out of it yeah and it

makes the people like what time song is

it and right now they all know

everywhere like I forbid either is

that's the afrobeat song and we're just

pushing it really hard keeping it real

they're making it happen

they're all seeing this they see every

night you're in hot seats on the TV

station and we coming out there and

they're saying it like doesn't mean

every night you can all you do like you

say I like it all again yeah it's a gift

and I like your story when that you

talked to us about when you said you

you've always had music in you but you

never really have the confidence come

out and do it until your friends just

told you look you have to do this thing

so it's also was about that story it was

a funny situation

and I could say that they all started

like I get to my record studio in my

room and I just make music make the

beats myself then I tried everything and

I was like okay I listen to it I was

like whatever I did I believe if

somebody don't hear with me

it's not even okay so I was like no it's

not okay I have to contact somebody who

know a producer who lived in my room

based here nine years and it was like

okay bro what do you want I said I think

I got to I'm talented me but I want some

beats from you and he had to send me a

lot of bit and I had to go through

everything and I picked one the one I

like and I send the rest back say I want

this one it's like are you sure it's a

year and I kept singing singing singing

in the boom finished said back to him he

produced him and everything was like to

what I was I said okay and a friend of

mine came to my house and sit down and I

was like cooking something in the

kitchen yeah I just played the song and

for him in the living room and you were

slain yeah he was playing PlayStation

and I make this song hard and he was

like are you broke that's a cool song

can you play back yeah I was like really

so yeah I went back and played back I

went to the kitchen I never cooked

I was just and you never told him that I

never told him it was me I was just

looking anyways like taking a strong

like looking for the name looking good

he said April the name is Nicola I never

see it outside

I said yeah the problem is it's you it's


and of course that that's where you

started from and you know lots of people

started getting a little traction from

your music and it's been absolutely


and the responses have been great now

you're gonna do something for us today

okay obviously and after that I want to

take you to the kitchen where we have

some Nigerian food not jule styne so are

you ready for us

of course all right let's do it let's be

colonies learn German



yes we all did that mean because a chef

if he has put us in the endorsement that

would exist

all right so guys this morning we make

adding egg sauce with Baldy arms and on

ripe plantains and trust me guys this on

this garden exos welcome to the kitchen

Michael oh well yeah so this is chef

Fifi and this morning she's made that an

expose yam and on ripe plantain

you see what we did there have you ever

had that egg sauce before no I never

so it's your first time so you could

tweet about it and say oh I had my first

gut egg sauce here on so please have a

taste while chef if he tells us how she

came about this yum some will come about

the blender boy done blended oil onion

and blended tomato pepper and I am

katashi more cow skin and then smoked

fish fish I'm very sorry I cannot

continue chopping like thinking the rest

here I wanted to go little thing private

cuz this is like

this is all sort of it yeah so come down

to the African way to to get you like I

like the words bring it out so you know

you say well I was about I want to go on

top of the mule yeah yeah big thank you

to only Angie for the kitchen

accessories and fala yes so out for last

please welcome and I appreciate you and

everybody that's been on the show today

we're pleased yeah it's been fun it's

been real good Thursday edition is

coming your way

well done Sofia have a great day