Should I start a real estate team?

what's up everybody Ricky Carruth here

so today I'm literally trying to figure

out and make a decision on if I should

start a real estate team or not I would

love to hear what you think so shoot me

a comment below let me know if you think

I should start a real estate team at

this point my career and why and for

those of you don't know I'm 17 years in

the business I've been selling over a

hundred properties a year as a single

agent since 2014

I have zero buyer's agents I go to every

showing every closing every listing

appointment I do all of this myself I do

have one assistant but I have zero

agents helping me with all of this

business so let me know what you think

I'm gonna let you know what I think here

in a minute but before I get into that I

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we with my youtube videos every single

day now let's finish this discussion

about should Ricki start a real estate

team I really want to know what you guys

think I want to know the reasons behind

it I can't wait to read all your

comments about this but let me just kind

of break it down to you here exactly how

I feel about the situation about seven

years ago I tried to do a team and I

realized in that moment how much I

really loved cells cells are what gets

my blood pumping it's in my soul I'm

just a Salesman

so I actually love being a single agent

to have no desire whatsoever to start a

team to build a team to create a team

and deal with all that I don't want to

manage agents I would rather make

youtube videos Instagram content

podcasts go speak at different places

then build a team I would rather keep my

real estate business as a single agent

and focus completely a hundred percent

of my energy there on my clients instead

of trying to manage agents and then I'll

spend the rest of my time coaching

making YouTube videos and all the other

stuff that I do outside of real estate

sales in the coaching world now the fact

is this I'm making a million dollars a

year as a single agent and I still have

time every single day to answer every

single one of your deals and all of your

questions that you're asking me I still

have time to answer all of them and so

what I have to think about is is what I

rather be less happy and make two

million dollars a year or what I like to

have be at maximum happiness make a

million dollars a year and still have

time to answer every single DM another

thing I have to think about is as I try

to build a team I'm not just gonna go

from 1 million to 2 million it's gonna

be a process and I may even lose a

little bit of money in the process

to get on the other side where I'm

actually making it a profitable

experience a profitable venture so I can

put all that time

and money and energy into trying to

build a team or I can put all that money

time and energy into just helping people

buy and sell property see I think that

what the problem is is that so many

people are trying to build a team so

that they don't have to work anymore

they're trying to build a team so they

can sit back and just kind of let the

Machine make the money while they're you

know just going in vacations and hanging

out sleeping in I don't know what people

want to do but it's not what I want to

do I would rather just step up and do

the work there's many many many cases

that you can find where if someone would

have worked even just a fraction of what

of how they work to try to figure out

how not to work and just worked and did

the work that was in front of them see a

lot of people are too prideful they

don't they don't feel like they should

have to show property or or have to work

at McDonald's and I would gladly work at

McDonald's if everything just went away

and you know I mean I literally went

worked on an oil rig and roofed houses

when the market crashed when the market

crashed I did there was no downtime when

I went straight from real estate the day

I decided to quit the next day I was on

a roof and then when I got the job on

the oil rig it wasn't like there was a

month of downtime where I was just kind

of doing nothing

I worked and nailed shingles all the way

to the day that I went and worked on the

old rig the very next day I was on an

old rig there was never any downtime

between anything that I did I've never

been too prideful to do the work and I

think a lot of people are just trying to

get away from the work part of it

whereas if they would just do the work

part of it they would more than likely

make more money and be happier so I

think it's very interesting to think

about the balance between happiness and

production I'm at a very extremely

over-the-moon happy place in my life

professionally and personally of course

we have the baby on the way and you know

my wife is amazing I love her so much

you know everything couldn't be going


at this point and it's because of all

the work that we've put into that I've

put in a real estate that we've put into

our relationship you have to work for

these things and I think a lot of people

a lot of agents are trying to just find

their way around it

they think they're smarter than the

system they think they're just gonna

create this thing and it's gonna be a

machine and everything is just gonna be

like boom and they're too smart for

their own good but in reality you have

to find the balance between working hard

and working smart a lot of people are

trying to just work smart you know but

they don't want to work hard but if you

combine the two and you work hard and

smart and you're willing to do the

things that most people aren't willing

to do like I still love to go show

property I still love to go to listing

appointments closings inspections

negotiate deals I still love to do those

things I would do them every day I do

them every day so I think the fact that

I'm willing to put that work in is why

I'm gonna continue to succeed and my

business is going to continue to grow

when you get to the point where you

don't feel like putting the work in you

don't want to put the work in that's

when your business is gonna start to

suffer and like I said about not having

any downtime between jobs same thing

should apply during market downturns or

seasons when the market slows down

transitions whatever the case may be you

should never have a moment of downtime

if the market slows down okay good that

means I got time to make calls tomorrow

you know or whatever just stay busy so I

think I've just answered my own question

I don't think I'm gonna go after

building a team at this point but I

appreciate you guys and I can't wait to

read your comments about why you think I

should why do you think I should

continue being a single agent whatever

you say I can't wait to read it I'm

gonna respond to every single comment so

please leave me one to let me know what

you think

enjoy the podcast this week when you're

driving working out whatever it is that

you do there's gonna be an incredible

amount of value there and I will be

answering every single DM while I'm out

of town so please keep them DMS up

because that's literally the fuel that

keeps me going

you guys are motive

me and I'm just so glad to be able to

give up just a fraction of it back to

you so as always thank you let me know

what the world I can do for you and

let's go