still trying to nurse on me

and there's again well now you have the


oh man he's starting to wake up


hey guys okay i wanted to share with you

guys our

little night routine with baby mace um

he's two weeks he made two weeks


so i have kind of like a schedule down

that we've been doing

i would say like consistently for the

last week the first week of bringing a

baby home is just

everything goes out the window you're

just adjusting

healing from birth just at all but right

now he's

on his last nap before i'm gonna get him

ready for bed

so i wanted to just shout my sister out

real quick if you guys go to her

instagram down below

she's actually a sleep consultant and

she has

changed the game um with her son

she has completely got him sleeping

through the night like starting at like

two months old that goes down for a nap

like three times a day religiously

she doesn't have to rock him to bed

nurse him to bed she just

lays him in the crib so she's kind of

taught me her ways

she'll work closely with you i'm helping

get your baby on a schedule

so i'm kind of following what she

recommends and pretty much

for mace is sleep time he sleeps as long

as he wants but when he wakes up

he has to have a window it's called like

your wake hour um your wait time

for 45 minutes so i keep him up for 45


change his diaper and then get him back

down to bed and that's all day

so right now he's sleeping and he's on

his last

time where he needs to be up for 45


and then it's about to be bedtime for

him of course waking up like every hour

or two

because he still does but he will wake

up and

just want to go back to bed i'm gonna

get him something to wear to bed

can i pick it out yeah yeah okay so

we'll do the whales

and then i'm also gonna get an

additional outfit um

because in the middle of the night in

case he leaks

i like to have double this is his

swaddle that we have been using

um it's like the velcro one it's called

ziggy baby and it velcros tight

so you could swaddle him nice and tight

but i also have this one

and i've wanted to try it it's the

swaddle up original

when i first brought him home and i

tried it on him it was a little too

big so i'm gonna see if it will work

tonight because he actually likes his

hands out more

hopefully you like your bath this time


look at my little sky okay

la my first bath with him he

pooped on or peed on me when i carried

him naked

it's warm the wash i use for him it's an

intensive skincare from renew he just

wants to eat

look at how little he gets a very just

gentle bath i always like to keep one


on him and he's just sucking

and that way it's like he can stay warm

hi okay okay okay

so we're gonna put you in your little


one sinner so i'm gonna put a diaper on


and there's some mercury


he's still trying to nurse on me i'm

gonna nurse again

well now you have the hiccups oh man

he totally wanted to nurse again i

made the mistake see you're you're

constantly learning this is baby number


and it's like you're just constantly

learning with everything but

i he woke up and he probably was asleep

for an hour and he wanted to nurse and

then i just stuck him in the bath

so that was my fault i'm so sorry

hi okay he's doing much better we

got him to eat and calm down and burp

and he had three

really big burps so he has about 25 more


of his up time look at him yawning so

we're gonna try

and stretch him for 25 minutes i'm gonna

let him go see the kids and have them

talk to him because he loves that

and clearly he doesn't like being in


yes he's really been like observant of

like his surroundings

oh nothing he's taking it all in this

thing is called a leech if you guys were


he loves it there's like this mesh where

he's sitting on



we did it y'all




he's starting to wake up and i'm not

going to go to bed until like midnight

so it's been about an hour and he's

waking up so what i'll do is i'm gonna

go in there

i have to keep the lights off and like

keep the environment

she's so cute he's just like back to bed

this is the lolly oh

he's waking up oh no he's up

shoots so when this happens when he

wakes up after i just nursed and put him

to bed

i'm gonna actually send keikoua in there

to burp and rock him

again back to bed because with me he

just wants to eat at me

i'm gonna set up my room i need to put

my little reusable pads

what i do is i bring his little changing

table out

and i leave it at the edge of my bed

down here and then i have

his extra swaddle and change of clothes

and then i have all his diapers wipes

and extra nursing pads in case

i fill up in the middle of the night i

like to just have it out with me

and then i have my boppy um

that i use in the middle of the night to

nurse and then

this is where he will sleep i'm just

sharing like what i do

but i'm such a light sleeper like i

trust myself with the world

i wake up to any tiny little

sound i've been like that my entire life

um and so i find it more comforting and


easier for me to sleep with him super


to me as he does the same night times

are my times with my big kids

i like to put them to bed he'll do

most of his sleeping in there until i'm

ready to go to bed when i'm ready to go

to bed or

like the last time he wakes up if it's

like 11 30

then i will do one more diaper change

re-swaddle him and then lay down with


nurse him and we'll both fall asleep

together this is like kind of what i

wear to bed every night these are just

high-waisted shorts oh my god i almost

just spilt my water

and um this is just like a nursing bra

and i don't know where i got it from i

have a few of them

i got it as a gift but i don't know

where they got it from and when i look

at the tag

it's like felina it's like a random


i always think that i spy about canada

we finally got the baby back to bed it


kikwah like five times he's been

sleeping for about an hour now

so the next time he wakes up i'm

officially ready for bed

so i have everything prepped and ready

for the night time and then we'll

officially be off

and then we'll see our night tonight

hopefully it's not

that too crazy um you know

life with the newborn good times

okay okay

okay and this

sleep sack is a game changer

i also have my hakka and a bag

so i'll keep filling that up throughout

the night if you're

nursing mama












okay let's see if he can go back to bed




it's nine o'clock and he just woke up

yeah you just woke up

hi say good morning you see good morning

he didn't went through his outfit at all

last night which i'm

so happy about

that sleep suit was amazing i

am so happy with it and i recommend it

so much because he loves sleeping with

his hands up

and you could just tell he was able to

put his hands up and not get fussy

you could just like as a mom you just

like know

why they're upset and when you strapped

his hands down you could tell he

he just wanted to pull it out but then

at the same time it kept him really warm

and cuddly

and secure and then there was a zipper

that went from the bottom so when i did

diaper changes it didn't mess with the


of his upper half you did so

good last night bubba you did

so good you want to go see your brother

and sister

he got happy when i said that and that

is my night with the newborn we

had like that little fussy point as you

guys saw and then

after that he is golden he just nurses

and goes right back to bed

so i tried to do the binky thing because


liked the binky as you guys saw but

um it's like when he's ready like for a

bed bed and cuddle mom

he wants nothing to do with that binky

my shirt

is soaking wet i must have accidentally

folded my nursing

um pad in and so i have to go and change

my shirt

but the life of a mama i'm always just

so milky and

i love it kind of but that's it for

today's video i hope you guys enjoyed it

and you found it a little helpful life

of the newborn is

so so over ever changing and it's

so fast it goes by

so fast you guys and that is something

that i can promise you

um these moments are so temporary and i

think with aylin law

my big kids i was like this is so

hard i'm so exhausted and with him

it's a little different because you know

how fast it goes you know how temporary

it is so i'm just taking in like every


truly to the max so i love you guys and

i will see you guys in my next video bye