4 Tips to know if he wants a serious relationship with you

four tips to know if he wants a serious

relationship with you when you start a

relationship it is impossible to know if

it will last for years or only a few

months together according to the

couple's specialist of mash come

Valerius chay-ara when you start you

know where you start from even if you do

not have the slightest idea where to go

the reality indicates that people tend

to get confused about the real

intentions of the other says the

specialist do you want a serious

relationship this question is asked by

most women and nowadays by many men

given the feminine advances in

initiating the conquest there are no

closed or definitive answers since

sometimes what seems like a passion at

night can be transformed into the love

of a life however there are some

indications that may indicate the path

taken by the relationship you have

started such as the following one he

confesses the first step is the most

direct a man or woman who wants to have

a partner seriously will have no problem

in confessing it maybe you are not the

person that he chooses for that purpose

but surely he tell you about his desire

to find a life partner to live as a

couple and even the dream of having

children whoever wants commitment

usually tells it to takes care of the

manners it is likely that whoever is in

search of something transient does not

take too much care of manners a man who

respects a lady and intends to continue

knowing her to build something together

would never do something like send her

in a taxi home or make her go to the

meeting place without offering to pick

her up this type of behavior reflects

not only lack of manners but an absolute

disinterest in the other three he does

not disappear if the person next to you

stays available be it with calls or

visits it is looking for something

serious he does not have behaviors like

appearing and disappearing for days and

he does not play the mystery evasive

behaviors speak of lack of desire or

commitment phobia for there are no

ambiguities someone who wants something

formal with another does not go with

excuses or theories of the type I'm

separating says Valerius shaper maybe

you will never know how it starts and

how something ends but the way you

behave from the beginning in the

relationship will be reflected in the

duration and quality of the connection

between you and your partner and you are


a committed relationship source HTTP

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