How to Start a Mechanic Shop at 24 worth $2.5 Million - Revvd Motors Tour with CEO Martin Bysiewicz

nobody wants to give a 24-year old guy

mortgage for two and a half million

dollars so last time we saw you you said

that you're gonna have a bigger shop

adriaen wondering how I did it right how

did you do this it wasn't this big

there's a lot of wrong mechanic it's

gotta be patient with those ones and try

to make them right you fix the problem

placement I fix cars don't change it

300 horsepower how much is it 18 grand

okay I got some questions for you though

you guys remember a couple months ago I

met Martin from a shop called red motors

we met him and then we gave him a chair

I got this so easy but a mechanic can do

this guy has clearly been a little more

successful and he's moved location so

this is now his brand-new shop he did

say he's gonna have a shop doing are you

getting your next shop you month how big

is it gonna be so this is what it looks

like when you're 24

you have your own

they also sell sea-doos he's got way too

many toys



so if you are in the market for a brand

new see you please contact me so I can

get a commission you've been on us we do

before who are you

just video I attract a lot of money I

turn tomorrow so you owe me so this is

the chair this here my right this is the

chair thank you what's in there

there's two of them huh

bread and you see two little big boxes

Wow but as long as they're selling right

what difference is anything later bro

yeah this is it

so what's your name more tender how do

you get started building a business so I

had this guy who's a really good friend

of mine and he kind of got coached me

through doing it you tell mommy how do

you promote yourself I don't I just do

the best I can and people want me how

did you find new customers after you

change locations the same customers

still come the actually drive all the

way up there I got people coming from

Oslo from London how do you find the

right mechanics there's a lot of wrong

mechanics no I just gotta be patient

with those ones and try to make them

right you fixed the problem in all

places I fix cars don't change it you

can never change but you can exchange


so as owner of the shop what are your

duties every day besides bossing your

your people there I have to sit and eat

my lunch do some invoices pay bills

calculate how much money I may be making

that's the cop it's tough you know which

jet ski you're gonna buy today the

biggest problem is like which jet ski do

I want to take out on the waters they're

gonna be like the yellow orange right

okay so you never dilemma in terms of

marketing you're not really focused on

any social media nor about word of mouth

and how good you are exactly people

advertise me for me I don't do it one

piece of advice you want to gift to

somebody who wants to I do their own

thing you're gonna do repairs focus on

something that breaks a lot BMWs and

make a lot of my what about Porsches

Porsches people with Porsches are

usually older so they like to go to

dealerships and stuff like that what's

gonna happen in the next two years then

they're gonna have a bigger shop after

my lease is done in about two and a half

years I'm planning of buying my own

building why didn't you buy this time

around why did you lease because nobody

wants to give a 24 year old guy mortgage

for a two and a half million dollars but

isn't it true that you had somebody who

wanted to help you you want too much of

my profits but what any better

you bought a building now in two-three

years whatever appreciate already buy a

couple hundred grand is not true so you

technically will made money so a couple

hundred grand now how much do you think

in two three years I'd pay an interest

on one and a half million dollars 67%

and you got to put a 35% down payment on

that seven hundred grand

one hundred and twenty six thousand

dollars a year just in interest because

your mortgage comes out for like

fourteen Pamela so that's Rev motors at

886 Winston Churchill Boulevard good

luck thanks for watching weird motors

comp I should take this out on the water

he's allowed


gosh stranded on the beach called the

freezing we picked up illegals