Inducing labor With Acupressure With Daniel Ryken And Chae Lim

hi I'm Daniel - chiropractor I'm

chairing the acupuncturist ouch and I

always see a lot of pregnant women with

lower back pain or or pregnancy related

issues and she also sees a lot of women

for fertility issues also when today

we're going to show you some acupressure

acupuncture points that your your

partner can do at home to help induce

labor the first point lies on the

topmost part of your head if someone

else is doing this for you get them to

draw a straight line from the tip of

your nose to the top of your head and

finding the most sensitive and tender

points you want to use your fingernails

to massage these areas


another way you can do this on yourself

is by turning your ring to face the

inside or getting another blunt object

and find the point at the top of your

head again draw a line from the tip of

your nose all the way to the top feel

around for the most tender and sensitive

spots and apply pressure to these areas

for the next point locate the knuckle

joint on your first finger draw a line

from there to your wrist the point will

lie on the midpoint on that line find

the depression underneath the bone and

using the thumb of your other hand dig

into that point making sure to find the

tender and sensitive points do this on

both hands

the next point lies approximately for

finger width above the bone that sticks

out on the inner aspect of your ankle

find the depression just behind the shin

bone and using your thumb find the

sensitive points and massage firmly on

both sides to locate the next point you

need to find the area right underneath

your kneecap from there measure

approximately for finger width down and

the point is outside of your shin bone

in the media aspect of your lower leg

using your fingers going up and down

find the sensitive points and massage

firmly on both sides please bear in mind

that these points are to be used only

towards the end of your pregnancy and

also while you're using these points if

you start feeling the contractions stop

for a minute let the contractions pass

and then you can continue using these

points as liberally as you like other

things to bear in mind is that towards

the end of your pregnancy it's very

important for the mothers to be as

relaxed as you can so things like having

a nice relaxing warm baths and listening

to calming music another thing you can

do is using the diffuser and using

essential oils such as Jasmine oil to

help relax the muscles is also

advisable another thing we can do is at

home if you could do gentle breast

massages to induce the release of

oxytocin that could also contribute to

labor induction okay so that's it so if

you want any more information please

feel free to give us a call and thank

you very much for listening