About Acupuncture and Fertility: Acupuncture for Pregnancy


acupuncture and traditional Chinese

medicine have proven to help regulate

hormones and regulate the central

nervous system and those are two of the

most important things when you're going

through preconception care and trying to

get pregnant there's a huge stress

component which it helps to decrease

stress acupuncture acts to help

encourage homeostasis in the body and

more effective function in a system

cellular function and systemic function

so what's nice about it is Western

medicine will measure the blood work and

give us some specific information about

maybe the estrogens to lower there's an

issue with a quality or or something

going on with aligning an acupuncture

can kind of without even really knowing

that stuff help the body make more

estrogen or less estrogen it just brings

it into homeostasis so say someone's

coming in for three or four months of

preconception care and their ovulation

is off they're having really irregular

periods or really painful periods with

sauces cloths or dizziness or like

issues that maybe don't make sense on a

Western levels that for us gives us more

information and as we can make those

periods better and as ovulation stronger

and regulate their system and become

more healthy that's the time for me that

we're doing the right thing and prepping

them for a healthy pregnancy I recommend

it to anybody that has major health

issues or i would say mystery illnesses

or unknowns definitely it's a great

acupuncture is a great thing to do for

people that have any issues related to

fertility whether it's advanced maternal

age and egg quality issues lining issues

uterine factor also male fertility if

the sperm is having issues herbs and

acupuncture in about two to three months

can help regulate that and improve the

chances of not only a pregnancy but not

having a miscarriage and having I think

because of epigenetics having a

healthier and happier baby in the long

run so if it's an egg quality issue if

it's a lining issue if it's an ovule


you if it's a hormonal issue there's

specific foods and strategies that we

can use going over their supplements

there's a lot of new supplements today

that can help but a lot that could hurt

so we need to know what patients are

taking because they might actually be

hurting themselves when it could be

getting pregnant more quickly

preconception care is pretty helpful

it's not just sort of coming in and like

changing your diet for two weeks and

getting acupuncture and jumping into the

process is really taking care of

yourself for getting that egg prepped

and getting your body preps and just

optimizing fertility as much as possible

so that if you do decide to do I have

Yap your chances and your outcomes are

going to be better it's good to get

educated and know the stats and know the

science behind it and then it's good to

I think have cautious optimism that's

the best word for it having a real

realistic perspective and a realistic

expectation but then if you really want

to do it commit to three months of

preconception care and really optimize

everything as much as possible so the

higher chances